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Valentine Crushing Time

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Poet's Crush On A Poet Crush

Iím not the type to let my guard down so easily,
But when i see your name popup and my update
Shows your last post,
Itís like my heart wants to jump and melt,
in front Of the screen while I read your senses rise so vividly,
The way you make my cheeks upset,
For continuous smiles that your alphabet evoked,
I canít help it but dream of a night filled with scribbled puzzles
Of you and me when we collaborate on a sensual intimacy of rhythmic,
Flow of movement, we danced together on this platform,
The way you make my mind go wild and insanely each time I read you,
Seriously when I sign on,
I immediately check if I see your avatar on display,
Excited to comment and even wait to see your reply that makes me blush,
Donít think Itís an obsession please,
but purely Iím crushed into a continuous crushing
of your intellectual scrutiny of words,
your verses incubate this platonic affection as
it increases seasonal and beyond spaces,
you ignite vigor and make me want to ingest marshmallows,
like we are in a camp blown by fire
if only my pillow, could tell the whispers my lips profess
when your pieces are read aloud late at night,
I fall asleep at the sound of your recital,
And I made
Your stanzas
part of my prayers,
I confess
I crush

I crush

Be my e-Valentine 💖
poet Anonymous


(Written to "Whole" by Young Swedish Prodigy)

Skinny jean diva, sweet demeanour
Please to meet ya
Pray I ain't coming off too eager
White hair, polite stare, a sweetheart
Right there, by the flight of stairs you're leaned up

Lead you to the bench we speak of life's streets we've been up
Fuck a snack you're ice cream and pizza
Smile at your feet when I tease ya
Pearly white teeth, I see hygiene, likely you're a keeper

And I think this shy thing is hiding a deeper,
Need to be a freak when the sheets get creased up
But I'm not, gonna be a creep, I'll be smart
All we got is time, infinity, won't be rushed

Giggling and grinning think I'm winning her over
Shimmering and glittery hair, flicked off her shoulder
Feeling for the energy, it's getting me bolder
Benzy be a gentleman but mentally I'm bending her over

And over I'm taking her clothes off
Back to reality, I'm back to the old Josh
Cheeky little charmer, guess I've balanced my Karma
Wanna send the message that I never could harm her

Well, not unless,
When we undress
She want my hand pressed on her neck
Teeth wedged in her breast tissue
Nipples erect
Getting her wet with a peck and a lick on her legs
Easily forgetting all the stress we collected

You bet I'm invested
She met with the best kid
Fuck a ball and chain, we're like gem and a necklace
Unlike many of my exes where I begged for an exit
My chest is suggesting I'd be upset if it ended

poet Anonymous

Who You Are To Me


I dreamed of hope I wished for chance.
While dwelling on bitter circumstance.
The darkness was replaced with a brighter day.
My troubles were taken when you took me away.
While cradling me you lifted me higher.
You attended my needs and my souls deep desire.
When what I have earned is foolishly lost.
You settled my debts in spite of the cost.
And in all the wasted forgotten years.
It was you who wiped away my tears.
When blind by doubt you've helped me see.
Somehow you've found something in me.
Of all the happiness that I have known.
It's you that's made our house a home.
I can never thank you enough for being my wife.
You're the reason I have such a wonderful life.

poet Anonymous

A Wedding Verse


A whispering heart spoke to the soul,
ďHow beautiful you have become.Ē
Twice as radiant and so complete,
As the two spirits melt into one.
A journey to last only until forever,
With itís first step made on this day.
Carrying one another when one grows weary,
Embracing each other along the way.
Divided by half are the pitfalls of life,
And all itís hidden troubles.
What lies ahead is a blessed future,
And for each there happiness is doubled.
A man and woman they have become,
Gone now always is there childish past.
And with their deep love for each other,
Shall in God eternally last.
Said to the soul back to the heart,
ďIt is two hearts touching I can clearly see.Ē
Softly they beat for one another,
For truly this was always meant to be.
poet Anonymous


I have a crush on you
You have a crush on me
Who ever of the two of us
Is the most courageous
Weíll very well soon see
For who ever tries to kiss first
Is by far the bravest

So, I dare ya!
Come on, I dare ya!
To try and kiss me!
poet Anonymous


My eyes that care with a tender stare
They want to caress your face they dare
Opening lips to kiss you their confess
Embracing you with a love to share
My words that say if they may
How they feel the truth is real
My rush is much I start to blush
Wondering if you don't mind my crush

My crush is for you  
It's all so pink
Please don't turn it sadly blue
I've been dying to know what you think all week
My heart bopping for you to speak
My letter he opened with gentle ease
I'm nervous and freaking so crazily
Lord show me a strong sign if you please
The sun then shine's in a sudden breeze
Finished reading he seems to be
He turns to see me surprisingly
A hint as he smiles amazingly


poet Anonymous

No Body But You

Say your every thought to me that I may find my way.
Talk to me and tell me how it was for you today.
See how much you mean to me Iím yours because you care.
Look into my eyes youíll find how deeply you are there.
Listen to your dream filled breath as I hold you while you sleep.
Hear those words of love you speak thatís mine alone to keep.
Smells of whatís prepared for me as Iím treated like a king.
Taste so pleased with out compare in what your hands may bring.
Feeling like each moment is the first time when we met.
Touch my heart that beats with yours however far we get.
Thinking of you constantly is all I wish to do.
Knowing we are meant to be in this world I love only you.
poet Anonymous

Just A Thought

I thought of you again today.
Some were things I wished to say.
Your heart knows well every word.
Still quiets so my voice is heard.
The sweet and funny things you've said.
Sooths the troubles in my head.
Gentle is your feel and touch.
A velvet grip that holds so much.
Thinking of your soft embrace.
And how your smile adorns your face.
The little things don't seem so small.
Reliving them I've kept them all.
While in my mind you're all I see.
Wishing you were here with me.
Nothing could you ever do.
Would stop the love I have in you.
poet Anonymous

Smug crushers with cards

I hate myself for checking
that no one gives a shit
about this spotty teenage,
gangling git.

I sent you a card worth two pound fifty,
sealed with a loving kiss
my pimpled arse you bitch,
you'll never know what you'll never miss.

I love you, I love you, I love you almighty
and all them clever rhymes like that,
wishing my pyjamas were next to your nighty,
but since you don't know me thats un-fucking likely.

The classroom Barbies are talking in code,
who's dead fit and who might of sent it,
bring on the sport stars boo haa brigade,
square shoulders and jaws, how you doin babe?

I know my place and to keep out of the way
of parading pricks on their special day.
But what becomes of our ugly lot
the ones whose dicks can't piss in that pot?

We ask each other the same tortured question,
did you get a card from a name we can't mention?
socially excluded our Roses are read
but love is a tissue, stuck to the bed.
poet Anonymous

"That Smile Looks Good On You"

6 years ago, I met you
and to this day,
you're my dumbass of a best friend.
People say I'm crazy,
because I've known you
since third grade.
They say I'm crazy
cause I'm in love with you,
no matter how many times
you say our friendship is more important
than some dumb relationship,
and I agree, it is.
So to ignore those feelings,
I've let so many people
walk into my life,
and break my heart,
but you've been there through
all of it.
I ran to the bathroom crying,
not looking for a pity party,
just going to cry,
and you noticed,
and although i didn't want
anyone to notice,
you did.
You called to see if I was okay,
you told me, "Come back to class,
I've got a good joke,
it'll only be a good joke
if I hear your laugh."
So I returned,
although i didn't want to.
You saw me,
you smiled,
you told your joke,
ad waited for my laughter,
you heard it, and told me,
"That smile looks good on you."
And although 6 years ago,
I realized we were gonna be best friends,
and 2 years ago i realized I had feelings,
that day,
I realized I'm in love with you.
And although its against my better judgement,
I'll never stop loving you,
no matter how many people call me crazy,
and how many girls you tell those 3 words,
because no matter what,
I know I'm the favorite,
because deep down,
you know you love me too.
poet Anonymous

I am Hers

She has an indescribable Poise
A true grace like no other
She is Mine

She defines innocence
A purity so divine
She is Mine

She has selfless devotion
To me and only me
She is Mine

She is sexy
Curves so perfect skin so soft
She is Mine

She is gorgeous
A face and smile of radiant light
She is Mine

She is beautiful
To the depths of her being
She is mine

She is an individual
There could not be another
She is mine

She is selfless
With a true caring soul
She is Mine

She is brave
A fierce warrior Princess
She is Mine

She is angelic
Lighting the day and kind beyond words
She is Mine

She is amazing
Full of surprise and astonishment
She is Mine

She Is everything
My one My only My always My home
I am hers

poet Anonymous

Is It Real?

Is it real?
This thing I feel
Fluttering deep down inside me
Churning, Teasing, Tickling

Could it be?
She Believes in me
Pushing forward into the light
Embracing, Encouraging, Following

Does she feel?
These things so real
This long slow beautiful dance
Embracing, twirling, forward

Is it real?
This thing I feel
Two hearts bound as one
Living, loving, learning

Is it real ?


poet Anonymous

Familiar Language

His was a familiar language,  

one my soul caressed
with a knowing mind.

His mumbling tongue
cursing the house of cards
he had built with Aces in mind...

watching it domino
one piece at a time
to its feat,

was a time my ears
bled the pain he held to his chest

filling two glasses with wine,
cradling his fears

and soothing them with
the caress of my fingertips,

holding his shaking hands
and his thrashing soul
in my arms,

letting all that ales him
cohearse through my veins

leaving me as any drug
would leave the hopelessly addicted.

And I was the hopeless,
the unspoken expectations
pierce his eyes whenever he
rose his face to clash with
the begging blues of my irises.

Hours would be spent
in the hold of our longings,
as our hearts braced ourselves
for a foreseen parting.

He would drown himself
in the breasts of stranger women

as their tongues flicked
in foreign language
and their bodies..

hopelessly attempted
to catch the rhythm
of his stare.

I would be standing there
watching nothing,

but knowing he was somewhere
drinking to forget the sound of
my whispering in his ears.

At the height of things I feared
was the knowledge I'd lose him
at the sound of my own voice
pushing him away....

But oh how my heart broke
and my soul ached for...

parts of him to always stay....
poet Anonymous

Does He Know?

He basks in my fields, waiting to stalk his prey.
Does he know that i bask in his almighty gaze?
I watch him, perfection in all his disarray,
Does he know I wouldn't have him any other way?
He roars in his words of nightly feasts, and tragedies,
Does he know how I purr in his gracefulness, that for him my soul does crave?
He stalks through me, devouring my ability to resist,
Does he know how I long to be his prey, captured upon his deathly lips and him thirsting for me the same?
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