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Sensual Nights....

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Poetry Contest

Pandy doesn't keep her favorite subject to write or read about a secret......love beneath the moon & stars!

NOTICE: I've added another week to the deadline!!

I'm in a funk, so entertain me ..... Paint me a picture of love or lust unfolding beneath Luna & her sea of stars.

The night sky inspires me, so take a moment to glance up & put your dreamscapes into play. Be descriptive, make us feel like we're there; use all the senses...I love details! Create a piece while using the simplistic words below:


- The content of this erotica is to exist under the scene of a night sky
- New writes
- Collaborations welcome
- Prose or poetry
- No vulgarities (I always make an exception for the pretty word fuck though)
- Must be sensual
- Three week deadline
- One entry limit
-  All entries must be linked to your page

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In Throes of Wantonness

She’s breathless without a word,
As my gaze ablaze peers into her core,  
Even more rhapsodic when her melodic erotic whimpering is answering my whispering,
Suffering under the tutelage of my fingering,
Only to hear her dulcet sighs implore for more.
She’s unfettered on her own accord,
Legs spread out for me like a little whore,
As my digits slither and slide lithe between her thighs while she delightfully writhes,
Her constant moans are a consonance of groans,
In throes of wantonness ready to explore some more.
She licks her lips closing her eyes,
Imagining gossamer and welkin night skies,  
Coming to full and utter repletion draining her of all purpose, logic and reason,
When her scent is redolent on my skin,
Like original sin now that I’ve tasted her paradise.
Written by wallyroo92
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Deep In The Night

Deep In The Night
Gossamer, dream-like, your fingers dance, lithe and feathery as a cloud, across the humming harp strings of my body. With the sacrament of your touch, my spirit sighs. My desire forms my response in the shape of my hand arcing gently down your spine. How I long to breathe your redolent perfume, like the aroma of bloody red wine, to linger wrapped in your silent embrace, until the stars overhead wax rhapsodic echoed by our duet of dulcet warbles until we find a sort of freedom, in which love can grow, only to hear your soft whisper echoing across the chambers of my soul, words without form, but unfettered, like a summer breeze, or a crimson sunset, the delicious taste of your mouth, savored like sweet red wine, so fleeting, yet so complete as to be our repletion, as in an endless dream of God, to mark the millennia, occurring in every second, the eternity of bliss possible in every touch. We coalesce into the consonance of Perseus and Andromeda who are together forever in the night welkin. The glittering jewels reflected in your eyes, beckon me with tender life, so vulnerable, yet so enduring. I find my greatest hope springing from the fathomless well of your passion. Come, let us walk the pathless groves, with no need of time, regret, or sorrow, only to be and become, to drink when thirsty, to love, to feel, to enter into that heated melting of flesh and melding of souls which brings us closer to paradise than we ever imagined possible.
Written by goldenmyst
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moon-kissed bliss

moonlight slants through swaying branches
gossamer lacing
‘neath welkin expanse
highlighting the body of their naked longing
as they move in harmony
two wild beings among the trees
starlight dancing
lithe upon restless water
dulcet whispers
speaking love into the night
this is the soundtrack
setting the mood for their groove
their breath a language all its own
rhapsodic & hypnotic
understood only by nature
as inhalations pull inward
raw & gasping
silken night redolent
with throaty moans & shuddering sighs
the perfection of his pressure fills her to overflowing
feeding her most vulnerable need
and she surrenders unfettered
to the call of his breathtaking greed
he creates tempests within her sheltering walls
and they weep
at the divinity of him pouring himself into her deep
clutched within his welcome grip
his breath hot on the side of her neck
words brushing curve of sensitive ear
as he surges whole-heartedly deeper
seeking the apex of their connection
beyond words or definition
the sacred space
pure consonance
collapsing in tandem
in utter repletion
full-bodied conversation
spoken only in the tongue of love

Written by FromTheAsh
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@ goldenmyst...

Omgoodness, this is good & I have lots to say! Do you mind linking it to your profile, therefore I & others can leave commentary or possibly add to RL from there. I'm sorry that I forgot to add that detail in my rules.


Dangerous Mind
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Just occurred to me how to link it. So tis done my friend.

Strange Creature
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Incredible piece.

Strange Creature
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On my lap

Calculative of yours steps you reach my orbit

Breeze into my body space graceouly

A slow enticing grin plastered on mouth yours,

Without words passed between us,

You reach and rob me of my robe,

As robe hits ground so does the towel covering thee,

Prompted by hand mine aching one touch,

Soft ass cheeks find solace on lap mine,

Your legs wobbly have sold u to me,

And collected payment in futures,

Face to face we come,

And nectar u feed me by ur mouth,

The press of tongue urs
On teeth mine,

Sets fire on me whole,


Not to be resisted.

Savor the taste I do,

Pull u closer into body mine,

Sparks as if magnet set

Light us both

Setting us free

Setting us alive
Written by Kingmat01 (Martin2019)
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Thank you for your entry, Kingmat01. However this poem doesn't fit the description or have the required keywords. Feel free to give it a try once more! Thanks, Pandy...

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Hopes and Memories


The dulcet sound of her voice
Body wrapped in a gossamer robe;
Redolent are the memories
Of my burning hope.

To enter her unfettered
Her lithe body receiving mine
Rhapsodic her reception
Our emotions soon align.

Consonance is our rhythm,
Continue to repletion.
The sky a clear welkin;
Our project near completion
Written by gardenlover
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Moonlight dance

Come old fashion notions fill my head
Not be a child of life today  
Look for a time when romance was a sport
A knight come with a troth that he could pledge
To sweep a maiden up  
The gossamer he took, her shy and flattered looks
A veil of evenings dew  
And the heavens welkin moon chasing sun
Lithe shadows through the forest run
Her clouded perfume beckoned  
Like moonlight dances unobscured
And no,no was her plea
Her reddened lips and cleavage heaved
He knew they longed to be unfettered  
His hands to cup a nipples hard areola  
Her dulcet moan as her clothes undone
They fell like comets silent to the ground
As chaperone of stars looked down
His stand so proud its girth and length announced
A virgin so rapsodic her music was her grace
No shame as darkness filled the glade
The yeld that needs repletion
Each kiss that overawed
The night breeze of emotions stirred
And sweet Selene approved of that intention
The magic dust a conconenace of regard
It falls from darken sky
Where dreams and wish all interact
Tastes all treats redolent in a midnight feast
The planets astrology that gazed  beyond
And knew that none could break that bond
Her acquiescence of legs spread wide
And rode her ladyship till dawn chorus played
Written by slipalong
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David Macleod
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20 Dollars for a Fuck?

 She said:
“I love you long time”
My imaginings sublime
“I love you too much”
There was no way she’d go Dutch
“I loving you sucky, fucky”
I wanted to get down and mucky
She asked me “you parry?”
Like a sexual cash and carry
She said “twenty dolla?”
I had to loosen my collar
She didn’t, but I knew
‘I was not too beaucoup’
I thought ‘for that kinda money
You can keep your risky honey’
I’ll masturbate vigorously to my favorite porn
And order a pepperoni pizza ‘hold the sweet corn’
I would still have enough change left over
To get enough vodka for that earned hangover
That would wash away thoughts of regret
But you pays your money and get what you get
An orgasm, a pizza, and lots of vodka tonic
And the use of sexual toys, stimulation electronic
And all for twenty bucks
So I don’t give twenty fucks
About the hooker on offer
I’d rather do the other
More to enjoy, more of a bargain
And I don’t have to listen to Vietnamese jargon
She walked away angry I wouldn’t employ
“You are queer man, you are ladyboy”
Her ass wiggle in the wank bank
I’m going home to give it a yank
Free from worries about my sexual health
I’ll get what I need and party by myself
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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poet Anonymous

^ Funny as fuck. 👍🏻

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......I beg for my forgiveness, considering I forgot about this competetion...my mind has been overwhelmed. It REALLY  was a difficult decision.  I drug myself out of hiding against my will just to to praise you all & finally pay honors. I even read them over several times just to reacquaint myself once again...breaths of fresh air they were!

- slipalong stole my heart with the olden sensuality undertone. I'm a sucker for those, so he gets the ultimate praise of 1st place. I've also found a new poet to follow..yay!

- it was truly hard to decide between goldenmyst & FromTheAsh for runners up..both with such different styles, but excel with such great imagery and word placement. Willow, it came from nowhere, I know and I'm proud of you for coming out of your comfort zone!  You proved an erotic Goddess IS within too.
Goldenmyst,  I specifically asked this of you to begin with because I knew if anyone could pull it off,  it was you!

- Shew to wallyroo92...damn, yours was the most intense..sensual, but brought forth a lot of heat. You now have my full attention for sure...sorry to be overlooking you all this time!

- Huge props to gardenlover who cleverly pulled all of the words into a very compact piece of beautiful thoughts. Less can be more,  and you proved that..that takes epic talent and I'm incredibly jelly....

- David, thank you for your badass entry which brought me many laughs, especially knowing you were being silly in doing such.  It was epic to end with such a naughty parady.  I love that rebel side.;)

- Thank you to Kingmat01 also, for a great entry. It was just lacking the keywords, but please keep writing...you're good at what you do , just didn't meet the criteria. 🙂

Love you guys & thank you, thank you for your efforts. I'm proud of my family. Pandy.💖

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this pushed the boundaries of my style a and inspiration I hope all the competing poets agree A true test comp
regards slip and onwards towards 10

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