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Poet Introduction

I write erotic poetry and when someone tells me to go screw myself, I fuck Gemini.

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Hemi, Vee, Panama, Brandy, Gemini, Crimsin

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My name is Holly. I have lived most of my life in California. I was born and raised in San Francisco. Now I live in the Los Angeles vicinity. I am a twenty-something single woman with no children. In addition to poetry, I write flash fiction, short stories, and am just starting a novel. I am an active member of two other wonderful poetry websites where my erotic poetry would not be accepted with the same open attitude that it has been accepted with here.  I chose to keep the two worlds segregated due to my reputaion on the other sites. I want to thank all of you who have been supportive of my poetry since my arrival here. You are all a wonderful addition to the portion of my life that I spend online.

I have a Bachelor's Degree with my major in psychology and I work as a therapist. I work part time with minors, mostly teens, who have suffered from sexual abuse. It can be difficult because I see myself in many of these children and my professionalism prohibits me from passing along some of my own unique and unconventional coping mechanisms that have helped me to find peace on my own journey. Sexual abuse victims usually go to one of two extremes. They either clam up at the thought of sex and become sexual recluses or they become very promiscuous. It was the latter for me which leads to my second occupation and my poetry here.

I moonlight as an exotic dancer a couple of nights a week. I'm not going to tell you where or give you my stage name. I have already been asked both of these questions by a few men here. I dance for three reasons. 1. I love it. I love everything about it. The club. The clients. The girls. The atmosphere. 2. It is theraputic for me. 3. I earn more money in one night than I do in one month as a therapist. I guess there is a forth reason now which is that I have a never ending supply of muses that I can write about here. Please do not judge me for my lifestyle choices and I won't judge you for yours. Thank you.

I do not write with the goal of improving my writing skills on this website. I use my other two poetry site memberships to improve my skill set. If you cannot offer friendly feedback on my poetry then please do not offer any feedback at all. Please don't hold out if you do have friendly feedback for me. I am a comment whore. My goals here are to entertain you, enlighten you, and show some of you that your extreme fetishes and fantasies are not as unique and shameful as you may think. Any other benefits you may receive from reading me are bonus. The subjects that I write about are extremely taboo in most cases so please avert your eyes from my poetry if you are sexually sensitive to things like rape, incest, bi-sexuality, group sex, etc. As for the rest of you, sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!


My Reading List

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Twin Tongues by Gemini (Geminitalian)
Women by Gemini (Geminitalian)
Love At First Light by ELL30 (Brandy)
The Milf and The Whore by Gemini (Geminitalian)
This is why I write by Gemini (Geminitalian)
The Heroin Epidemic by Gemini (Geminitalian)

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