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Algernon Swinburne visits Twin Peaks.

About Me

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This is the account of Mark Parsons, me.
Most if not all the work I upload here will have been previously published.
I post here for the following reasons:
to promote my work & get it to a wider audience;
to promote the journals and websites that have published my work;
because some of the folks on here might be interested and submitting to these same places that have published my work (I've recognized at least one profile picture);
to look for readers who may be able to help me refine my work and continue to develop as a poet.
I usually never upload unpublished poems, because that limits future opportunities to get the poems in print or in wider circulation.
One exception would be poems that are un-publishable in the current politically correct atmosphere.

Poets I enjoy, The Moderns & Before:
TS Eliot
Ezra Pound
William Carlos Williams
Robinson Jeffers
Stevie Smith
Hart Crane
Wallace Stevens
Joseph Moncure March
Charles Olson
Arthur Rimbaud
Charles Baudelaire
John Milton
Elizabeth Bishop
Constantine Cavafy
Emily Dickinson
Carlos Drummond de Andrade
John Donne

Post 1950:
John Berryman
James Tate
John Ashbery
Fred Seidel
Frank Bidart
Charles Simic
Tomaz Salamun
Vasko Popa
Joseph Brodsky
Charles Bukowski
Ted Berrigan
Adelia Prado
Sylvia Plath