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I'm a Poet that writes mostly about sex things I've done, things I do, things I would like to do, and things ppl fantasize about I'm s nympho so I write about experiences mostly

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[Invalid Image - URL must end with jpeg, jpg, gif, png or bmp]I'm a Poet regardless on wat anyone saids,
I been writing since the 5th grade it is wat it is,
My poetry has always had rhyme and been descriptive,

Not too many strong metaphors and not to deep,
I like to get right to it so inside my head u don't have to peek,
I can tell u now my poems r mostly sexual I hope that's wat u seek,

Becuz the more u read the more I squeeze
Every single thing I've done want to do or just been part of my fantasy,

Like This:
Turn the music on now turn the volume up,
some slow jams mixed with a strip search,

You half naked yeah just how I pictured you,
lingerie on come and dance boo,

bring it closer I wanna feel your curves,
tonight I'm the master its me you serve,

keep on dancing babe drop it low,
bring it back then drop it slow,

bring it back then shake it fast,
Its after dark time to spank that ass,

now take it all off,
And ride me baby till my dick is soft


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WE DO IT WELL by Butterscotch

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