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Poet Introduction

I'm simply here to express myself, grow as a writer and as a person, and learn more about myself and more about the various kinds of people of the world.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Edgar Allan Poe, Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, R.L. Stine, Barbara Park, and many more.

About Me

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Favorite Musician(s): Slipknot, Katy Perry, Baby Metal, Asian-Kung Fu Generation, The Pillows, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, and so many more.

Favorite Food(s): Cereal, Okra, Potatoes, Yogurt, and Seafood.

Hobby: Writing and Reading, Video Games, Networking and Web-surfing, Trading Cards and other table top games, Fandoms, and always dreaming.

Favorite Book(s): The Book Without Words, Drawing The Ocean, The Magician's Apprentice, How-To-Guides, and endless comics and manga.

I would describe my writing style as a mix of the macabre, imaginary, and childish.
I draw big writing influence from emotions, experience, observation, and other art forms.
"A mind is terrible thing to waste", a spirit is also, but I even experiment with the supernatural and spirituality in my writing as well.

If you want to collaborate with me, or simply just chat, feel free to message me, and we'll try working together.

Have it easy!

My Reading List

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Don't Understand by catvlinx
Retractions Not Orgasms   by Lookawaynow (Rose)
Circle of Fools by CarrionCrow44
The Gates of Erebus by HadesRising
Swift the Hand to Deceiving the Eye by Lookawaynow (Rose)
Rebirth 2 by XXcrazychickXX (Kiy)

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