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Don't know how good at poetry I am, but I try.                    

Favorite Poets/Writers

Erin Hanson

About Me

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I am broken but not alone
I write to keep myself sane
I write to help my mind escape the physical pain
Hiding behind an anonymous mask
I dare to hope but don't dare to ask
Spelling out my soul in arial font
For all the world to see
In a pleading hope someone will notice and set me free
From this razor blade prison
Cut and bleeding and oh so alone
A solitary queen confined to her throne
Living for likes, comments, and views
Playing the puppet in hope I'll amuse
A girl too young to be able to write of sadness
A girl to young to shoulder the decades of madness
A girl so broken and shattered
What remained of her heart was long ago scattered

My Reading List

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Secretly by wak1ng_up (Dylan9z)
Keep on fighting by Depressingpoetry
Sleep by wak1ng_up (Dylan9z)
Empty by wak1ng_up (Dylan9z)
Like I was hit by a semi truck by wak1ng_up (Dylan9z)
Hope by wak1ng_up (Dylan9z)

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