Actions of Welcomed Entry ..part 4

SHE--(she's anxious to say her part... :) )

   mmmmmmmm...feeling the radiant heat surge from him along with the stretching sensation as he continues to enter our paradise.  The slowness of his descent is both feeding all my senses but it is also urging a more primal desire to get hands are caressing his face..since I can finally open my eyes and look him in his eyes.  Is it possible to feel like you are in a perpetual state of orgasmic pleasure...well I am here...and I can feel my inner being rotating to its own rhythm....seeking all of this man.  As his strokes begin to pick up slightly he smiles and I can tell he can sense that I want more by the way I am moving.  But he doesn't acquiese me just yet..noooo he teases me..pulling back where he is just resting at my entrance....I begin to purr in a guttural tone...I want him!!!  Then by surprise he takes me and flips me to my stomach.  What, wait,,,oh shit...yeah he made his way back to his marked place..forcefully...ummmmmm...hurts so his hand stroke my hair he is still pulling out and going right back in...shit this feels sooo good...I think I am about to....then he took my hair in his fist and pulled while he ravished my neck and still managed to keep a rhythm that instantly sent me over the edge...ever muscle I have is feeling the clench and the wave...damn, damn, damn.....

HE---(Big smiles..this is about to make her feel...)
   Entering my sanctuary felt perfect.  As I slide in..the tension, friction, and slickness all created an all-consuming feeling.  I paused for a second when I made it in far enough because just by looking and feeling her body begin to move and react to our connection I knew she was riding the brink of goodness again.  Sensing her desire to want it RIGHT now...I had to tease a bit...pulling out and resting at the entry way....we are dead locked in a stare yet holding a conversation with out facial expressions...they way she was purring..that shit was sooo sexy!...So flipping her over to her stomach and just going back in felt so right and so needed...I know I surprised her but her declines to protests..I knew anything I desired she was ready to give..stroking her like it might be might last time I was emotionally overcome and where I was playing in her hair I knew I had it grasped in my hands and pulled her up to get to her neck...that sexy neck...mmmmm..still stroking...shit I can feel that...I can feel her clinching, hear her exasperations, and coming hard...I continue to pull harder and hungrily take her mouth...yeah she is really going to be mine!
Written by niknshell
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