Sucide Note

I want to love
I want to hold you
I truly do

You are my everything
It is that fact that your near
that keeps away this ugly tear

Its all you
Your, love me too
Your, I truly do

You said so many things
Like that all you said was true
But how can I believe those lies too?

When you speak
A little piece of me dies
With every twist of your lies

You are the cause
Of all these tears
And all of my fears

I continue to think
How can I trust
When my hearts going to bust

And every night
I wish I was never born
Then I'd never be so torn

Its all the fault of this fate
Thats full of awful twists
That cause the cuts on my wrists

This is surely hell already
Because every where i look i see your face
Hell is most definatly this place

I cant handle all of this
I have made so many spills
By the way the drain is clogged with pills

This is my life
A broken vase
Cant stand the chase

I am tired
Of the falling tears
The increasing fears

I know I'm almost gone
With every lie
I know I'm going to die

This is what it takes
To achieve my goal
To get rid of this soul

Maybe its all to late
The thing I was using to kill
Was that deadly pill

Why cant I be
One of the dead
Thats the path I have lead

If only I could
Just drop
And go plop

Maybe that would end
I'm tired of buffering
I need to end this suffering

The question keeps coming
Why was I born?
That is the thought like thorn

Why cant I escape
I want no delays
Destroy the rainbow of greys

Why god? Why?
I know Im not clever
So why wont you let me sleep forever?

It is I
That I want to use as the sacrafice
I know this is the price

This Life
Is like a spinning top

I cant get what I want
This life I never bought
I will end it with a shot

To me
I wish nothing more
to be in the morge

Why cant I be dead
With the lies I have been feed

There is
Such a high sky
That after this I will fly

I try to ignore it
But I know what you think
But I dont care, I'm at my brink

Do you know what this is?
This is the world I hate
This is worst than hell's gate

This is the end
This is the final kill
Ended with a pill

This is the final
Its been such a long while
Since I had such a pure smile

One last word
I did try
I didnt just cry

But my efforts were futile
I never stood a chance
In this world's evil dance

This world is more than you think
It is far more cruel
It has you spun on a spool

Say good bye for me
Maybe someone will finaly see
Not just what I couldnt be

This is the thing
That when I sink this will float
This is my Sucide Note
Written by FishCake
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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