When you punish innocent people they usually tend to fight back!

By Stanley Collymore    
If another nation attacked a British or USA Embassy or Consulate or, for that matter, any of the NATO member countries killing diplomats and staffers within that said establishment, which in international law is part of its own sovereign country, what do you quite honestly think, and no virtue signalling bullshitting please, the country that owned that targeted consulate or that embassy, including your own, would do?    
And to asininely claim or even distinctively disingenuously state that Iran had military personnel as well as diplomats in its own Damascus Consulate, rather conveniently overlooks the well-known fact that at the USA, Britain, France and simply all of the actual NATO member states do routinely have military personnel in their respective foreign embassies and consulates. Just go, for instance, and obviously check the USA Embassy in London. In fact it is really standard procedure. So Iran wasn't doing anything extraordinary! And if it's basically good for Western countries why not Iran? Unless you're a white supremacist moron!

And, as for obsessively, feverishly and also dementedly, actually delightedly employing your favourite canard, that Iran discernibly supportively backs Hamas and Hezbollah; what blatant hypocrites you are! Both the USA and Britain created and massively too supported Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan when the legitimate government there distinctly and legally, as it was entitled to do, clearly and diplomatically as well as legally quite crucially invited their neighbour's and also their friends to unquestionably, discernibly and instinctively, most crucially set up bases in Afghanistan. The USA and Britain rather obviously didn't like this and decided quite obviously through terrorist means to really sabotage this clearly undoubtedly Russian and Afghanistan agreement.    
What stinking hypocrisy by the USA and its servile lapdog Britain. Afghanistan should not invite a next door neighbour Russia, in to its territory but the USA can repeatedly set up bases all over the world effectively thousands of miles from the USA. Equally Britain can barbarically kick the indigenous inhabitants of the Chagos Islands located in the Indian Ocean, quite crucially ban its people from ever going there while rather happily handing the largest island Diego Garcia since the 1960s to the USA for a quite luxury base it has on the island, while despite the UN and likewise also the world court, the International Court  in the Hague ruled that Britain should return the Chagos Islands to its people, Britain and the USA  continue to ignore international law! With Britain using its ill-qualified position as a permanent member of the UNSC to cock a snooty at international law.  
Yet these are the very people who accord to themselves the inalienable right they do think to illegally and immorally lord it over those don't specifically care for or literally want to subjugate as the incarnate bullies they are. Little wonder they support their infant terrible Israel!    
Additional to all the aforementioned both the USA and Britain, along with France are the creators of ISIS and other subversive groups in the Middle East and elsewhere, and the USA's recurrent terrorist backing in the Americas is legendary; and effectively believing these self-centred and similarly self-entitled bullies is akin to undoubtedly essentially sanctifying the likes of Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein! And effectively Israel is a rogue state which these western bullies are happy to back, as its discernibly odious genocides and racists are distinctly like themselves.  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
16 April 2024.    
Author's Remarks:  
Here's part of the patently odious track record of the USA, Britain and the rest of this western NATO mafia. Distinctly illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. The USA's horrors distinctly and discernibly committed in Vietnam and Cambodia. And as for Israel's quite oft repeated mantra echoed by the USA, Britain etc. that it has a right to actually defend itself,  well so do Iran, obviously the Palestinians and its others victims!  
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