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The Sacred Scrolls Of King Solomon (Part III of V)

The Ark Of My Covenant      
As the ruler of my heart may ears listen to a time that once was      
My spiritual laws upon my ascertain is my monarch built on spiritual alliance, trust, respect, and love      
As the King of Israel bequeathed from the succeeding loins of my father will      
My words declared by this day forward, allow weary hearts and troubled minds to seal      
I need the footsteps of my Royal Queen to administer the political necessities of this monarch and who could cultivate this Kingdom as herself      
My voice speaks through her to bow and kneel to her King that upon season upon season until the Royal Household she gives respite at best      
From the Golden Seal of my fate      
By the four corners of the world and no to be departed upon our soul at any rate      
My Queen is to balance in the oracle of all my state affairs      
Can articulate the Roman Hebrews laws as any civilian region to secure my success      
She is the Utopia in the absence of my care      
The vessel whom my legacy shall continue to see that Zion becomes sonorous in the thriving accountability that stains the enemy of men tongues      
My Queen, a ruler within her own bloodline by rite, where the power of her soul, I reside, a spiritual force to the hip she sit by my side      
Dignitaries and royal subjects will who kneel upon her grace at the footstep on my throne      
My Queen, she is the intellect reasoning of my second thoughts      
The only Queen above my Seal of Oath that this castle shall be erected as her home      
Our alliance together we rule with fairness, not to be asunder her throne of superior, she is the roots by the beginning and crest of Heaven’s Ankh in the melee when realms have been crossed      
I, King Solomon of Israel, give to you, my Queen      
The key to the sovereign of my heart, she is the barren womb who will come to carry the seed of my royal name      
Not to a bastard to be called upon the universe, he will go to be my successor in the shadows of my reign      
As Your Royal Heavenly Queen, my Sire      
I, Namah, an Ammonite, the daughter of Lamach and Zilla heard the admiration in the elevation for your Queen      
As my ancestral jeweled crown graces proudly on top of my head        
Words of passion, love, spoken desires, a silken odyssey to explore as my Sire rest his thoughts in my Royal bed      
The thirst of my knowledge streaming and beautifully felt in the characteristic silence that I allow his intellect to breath      
I am the roots of his lineage, no matter where the tree stands, by the seal of Allah upon the sacred he is of my creed      
My placement is to oversee in the accession, it is to be written upon fourscore, it has been documented by the spiritual laws of His decree        
A Queen’s Royal Suite where passion and the conception of our first born son shall be Christened from the drawing of life from my womb      
Blessed by the soothing ritual lyrics from a King to his first born, son, His principles instilled, then as a Kings, his, to be indoctrinated to respect the universe from the breath you give to return to a spiritual cocoon        
Rebirthed in the soul of a vessel through the time of evolution let my voice shroud from the vaults of spiritual minds of such long ago resonate past many sidereal Sun rotations and many orbiting moons      
A Hebrew King, his royal ambience, sought from afar      
The non-royal titles, no dowry to offer, under the parliament of pacts, my King must seek beyond the shores of many stars      
It is the noble divine order by the declarative order of my anointed King and his promise to rule before any tyrannical mishandling known by the beast of Man      
With firm stability of his hands, love and honor among the Queen, the political wives, the concubines as he demands      
He is the King of his monarch before he is titled as a simple man      
In the queues of my gentle whispers, entangled bodies dipping in its hunger, my King and I we extol      
Slow teasing sensations felt from head down to his toes      
Inferiority spreads for the darkness found in the fire of the son, as his Queen I must flow with the highest power, enlightment given to and for      
Uplifting a King's mind, mmm… as my presence cajoles      
Softly playing the heart strings of his body, stimulating the chasm of his soul      
The vast universe of my knowledge I lay at the tiller of his feet      
Blending vernaculars, echoing temples engaging upon the Holistic meet      
The Concubine      
I do not think minds will come to understand, I am a beloved of this Israel King, and my treaty is dignified, it's classified      
I faithfully endorse the King’s wishes, where my loyalty does reside      
My position not in the Royal Temple, although not superior of the Queen        
When he is with me no one but us, no hindrance as my universal given and I receive        
My lifeline rooted, not by love, it is the King’s wishes as he decide      
Political gains in the power of our union, admiration with love in my eyes      
I have the finesse when the King hungers for no control      
My bedchamber as the foundation of our union I console      
Harkening unto the pleasures of a fervent need      
My love, to sensually please      
A booming thunder      
Resonates reminisces is the absence of my tenacious asunder      
My thighs lay bare without the succor of your kiss, his touch      
My principles of beliefs mystifying you from the sensations from the dewiness of a heated rush      
My admiration for my Sire has no bounds      
Whispers from my bedchambers unto you on the wind as a scented sound      
The Sacred Queen Orator
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
The First Temple played several roles:
Religious Building: It served as a place of worship for the Israelites.
Royal Palace: Adjacent to the king’s palace, it was considered God’s royal palace.

Ark of the Covenant: Solomon placed the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies, an inner sanctum within the temple.

Entry into this sacred space was strictly restricted, and only the High Priest of Israel could enter, typically on Yom Kippur, carrying the blood of a sacrificial lamb and burning incense (cited 03-26-24-SKC).
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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