Go on Faith!

Go on Faith!
Scorched sand sizzled hot with a blister.
Rising heat sucked the air out the day
and the motionless Sun, like an unblinking eye,
poked bones and my brains in its way.
I buckled to my knees from exhaustion
and my face hit the sand full flat.
Without water, each breath was a dry pain hurting
and my blood thickened more from its lack.
A pump handle shimmered in the day’s heat
and I focused crawling to it ‘cross the land.
Hanging there was a sign “Go North five feet.
Dig for water in a box in the sand.”
Scratched eyes searched frantic for its pinpoint.
Charred fingers clawed the sand going deep.
As I dug with a frenzy, then I felt something hard.
Had I liquid for some tears, I would weep.
In the box, I found a bottle full of water.
“Don’t Drink” said the jug’s top sign.
“Pour half, prime the pump then wait five.
Pour the other half in, pump nine.”
I blistered in my madness for the water.
Five minutes more of thirst was too great.
I twisted off the lid and I tilted up the jug
but those words “Don’t Drink” made me wait.
After nine pumps, I fell against the handle.
Liquid sputtered then it spurted from the spout.
I was drenched and wallowed, bathed and swallowed
in water sweet by words I rued to doubt.
And on the bottom of the bottle was a clear sign,
“Fill this bottle for the box, please do,
for the next soul searching for a life raft
who may have to go on Faith like you!”
Written by Namyh
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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