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 #Shh..We’re Here ...Say What!

Spiritual enlighten from the depth of my melanin context your soul shall receive    
Angel wings of divine intellectual seduction    
The creed of earthly introduction    
Earthbound divinity of perfection    
The law of an unbalanced existence always follows rejection    
In my arms your earthly protection    
This is the story of my relegation    
Leaps and Bounds to earth to research the sinful flesh behind such wicked dedications    
Wings to human a sensual transformation    
Stranded never forsaken    
Please do not twist my mission or get it mistaken    
Here to earthly awaken    
Earthbound divinity to covet aspirations    
Your silent affirmations    
Respecting your private self-meditations    
Administering a dose of erotic medication for animalistic stimulations    
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down    
Clear sweeten elixir, swallowed from my sugary crown    
Warmth with a touch of bodily supplications    
Whispered words of participation    
A wish list of specifications    
Buddha engraved domination of compassion    
Yes, while our bodies are in harmony as we’re thrashing    
Worshipped words of love as pleasure foretold of its rehashing    
Never mistake me as an earthly being to be what you want    
Truthfully, what’s the point    
My fervent words will continue to flow    

I’m not your average Angel as this you may come to know    
As you come unto my faith, my creed, giving you my healing needs, the essence of life steadily flows    
Close your eyes and listen to my ordained truth    
Umm…just an enchanted earthbound Angel with a passionate gift basket just for you    
To give the morality of men their earthly intellectual just due  
The healing prosperities of Honey to keep away the mental blues  
The mystique of me you will never understand  
From Egypt to Macedonia unto King Solomon’s reign, under his sovereign, he had powerful demons he could even reprimand  
My voice rings from the treetops, and dusk in the wind  
The breeze where you will hear my cerebral cortex, non-seasonal, knowledge, pure and spent, unrelent    
If you have not rebirthed your soul in the light of truth, and cast not reflective stones  
Time unto the placenta, gives life and death, the spirit of the soul, always must find ways to atone    
I spread my wings to combat the lonely beings who longs to be free  
Knowledge is power when you plant within a person's cognitive awareness, sacred spiritual seeds  
My God, that beautiful vibe of fusing minds it reaps great deeds  
Look at your future generation and know they will have harvest to provide empty hands appreciative needs  
This is life, you want a soulful intervention, taste of sweet interactions, then gently kneel and pray homage as unto you to please, release, or grieve    
I will fulfill your poetic fantasies, grant your every need with wisdom, wishes for you to adhere, upon my canvas to keep your vitality within the celestial powers to be  
Enwrapping you in positive serotonin to the mind to encourage the divine lineage of self to see your glory, reach for greatness, and allow the intellect to find compassion when it shifts to unfurl  
Do I love to mesmerize with carnal imagery, pleasure of coated words  
Mm… Is a Red Cardinal a beautiful soaring bird    
Lyrics of emotional sentiments are always a grand illusion of the mind    
The harmony of heartbeats, escalates in rapture, as if sipping with me with a glass of vintage wine    
I’m in your bed, in your head, you coming again, from what I just said  
I never allow the voice of a human to deter my destiny, detour, or rule my fate  
Not when the tongue is a two-edge hypocritical oath, conformed in the womb to sin before birth takes place         
What you wish for the portal to darkness is always open wide  
In this day and time, protect your mind, what good is having gains, but relaxed on a couch confessing all your sordid insides  
Mortal man, whisper to my ear the planet alignment is in what Zodiac sign, the meaning of the constellations, my mind dwells beyond Mars  
The vast universe seen through a telescope you realize you are a speak, and to ascend it is mighty far  
Chaos of commitment in the mirage of perfectionism is for the Creator’s eyes when peaking  
Depravity is always in the pasture of self-gratification, when blissful seeking  
Unto the winds  
Who professes out of the mouth, the existence of mankind is without sin  
By the false narrative of its revolting evolution, we are the origin where it all begin  
But then again, love and laugh with all you have, and let the Sunshine in  

Assalamu Alaikum

#The Age Of Aquarian Angels
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Angels exist in other belief systems as well, such as Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, and New Age spirituality.

Their roles and characteristics vary, but they generally represent divine communication and assistance.

The Introduction
(Part I Of Part VII).

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.
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