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Luna Wolf In London (Loosely Based On The Movie)
London, England        
Full Moon          

This Is A News Break            
A Luna Wolf has been spotted in the London area do not attempt to overtake            
Please do not approach              
This wolf is considered extremely dangerous when encroached              
The nerve of those peasants calling me a… a…wolf on the prowl.. wow            
Oo… those humans and misperceptions for me, I live for the now            
My cutie paws gracing under the illumination of the stars            
Whiffing for the Alpha male who would take my mind, my body past Jupiter as we blend our essences together on Mars            
To the scent of a primate to feel the mighty roar of his plummeting girth            
Begging for the pain as he’s thrusting in and out… ssss… in and out, then pounding for the hurt            
Legs wrapped around the sacredness of his temple, our entwined bodies kissed by the skies on the bed of Mother Earth            
I’m just a girl who likes a little flesh and blood by the moonlight’s alluring calling            
I’ll show those Neanderthals just what I like when their body is in the dark walking while I’m stalking            
Unto the wind I am the Queen of the pack            
My preys I sip from with royalty lineage upon the honeyed attack            
My canines sinking deep and turning them to crave the warmth of Luna, then submitting to serve me just like that            
In my silken bed              
Submitted, hypnotic between the living and the dead            
Draining me for immortality            
To walk the earth and hunt for the compassion of blood by night, a gift of its duality            
The King’s bed I shall roam under his window tonight            
In my black stilettoes, black thong, lacy black garter, enticing him out of his knickers then the seductive pillow talk            
He’s mine once he falls under my enchanting spell when he least suspect it, knowing he’s already been caught            
Letting his hands seductively trace all over my curvaceous and supple skin            
Mm... don’t mind him tasting me once his fingers has slipped in the haven of my carnal sin            
Pulling my head down, my body following on my knees to please            
The yearning found between the cradle of his thighs            
Stroking his flaccid lust... spit on the lagging skin, each kiss, he’s capturing my bedroom eyes            
Mm… between the mounds of my compressed breasts, bracing the width, sandwiching to make his nature rise            
A quick kiss as it slips up and down to my lips            
Oh, sweet mercy faster, licking over the dome shaped tip            
I hear the she wolves in the distance wind              
Passion among the pack is shared after the Luna has sipped the desire to blend            
Standing up, turning around, touching my toes            
His hands dividing my cheeks wide, oh my, where this feeling goes only his tongue knows            
Mm… closing my eyes, feeling the sniff, his mouth teasing the opening of my sweeten cove with his nose            
Yes… smacking my buttocks            
Fetish beads handing from his fingers, inserting them, pleasure of bondage on lock            
The horse collar snuggled around my neck the more novelties used the more I get wet            
Mmm... the warm honey to the crack of my ass softly felt            
His mouth catching the drips before the streams passed            
A dildo stretched for the overcast            
Backward and forward moving my hips like an ouroboros snake            
The hunger tingling my skin… for us to mate            
Pushing me down to my knees            
The appetite to feast is consuming me by ninety degrees            
Heat consuming... oh no... eyes closing... not now, he has not even used the paddle to tease            
Trying to hold on for the drops of passion a little longer            
Metamorphosis for the craving for flesh and blood is much stronger            
Hairs seeping through my delicate pores            
Mmm… he’s licking my earlope from behind            
The feast of him will soon be mine            
Oh no.. no.. this is not the time            
His eyes in shock... widening in surprise            
What stands before him is a sexy and seductive Luna Wolf in this state of existence until sunrise            

Running across the bedroom, twisting the handle of the door            
Tsk.. tsk.. now on all fours            
Hunching up to him sniffing over his manly scent            
The faint reminisces of his aroma embedded in the tender coat of my fur telling me to relent            
Retreating and running to the window looking back for the denial of a naked midnight snack            
In this lifetime we shall again meet              
When the casting rays of the sunshine is embracing our backs and twined at our feet          
The alluring gravitation of the moon          
Out the window, and into the night, hear my howling croons          
One bite of passion, immortality now looms, unto me consumed  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
One of my Halloween time favorites as well

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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