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Into The Deep II

Somewhere Below The Sea † † † † † † †
Waterloo Kingdom †
† †  
† †
As the King of his monarch †  
You will respect your sequestering and my loyal subjects, you are teasing my Knights with tongues that have been parched †  
I knew when I glanced deep into your eyes †  
The mysteries of the deep your mouth speaks, † †
Spiritual artifacts allocated from the mind that radiates from a land before time †  
You soft skin, I inhale like morning dew right before the rays of a sunrise †  
† †
I am a Queen unto a noble King of old †  
It was sanctioned by the divine many moons ago †  
He is the embodiment of my shadow he succors my energy it was foretold †  
As the oceans, rivers, brooks, and streams steadily flows †  
We blend beyond the stars, the moon, the footprints our penumbra is ordained from the skies † †
A universal meaning of our hieroglyphs inscribed in the sub-dermal of our lineage †  
As answers given to the riddles of your whys †  
This Fifth Dimension Queen make miracles rains †  
My King, the sizzler and the inferno dancing in the flickering flames † †
Moon to Sun †  
Ying and Yang †  
Loyalty with my last breath †  
Avenge the honor until thy death †  
† †
Then where is the epitome of this absent King who makes the beautiful fair maidenís heart melt †  
You fate is in the Waterloo, and my ruling is what matters, no matter the outcome, it will be swiftly dealt †  
He caressed my cheek, you are very intriguing, capturing my eyes, and this King has never breathed in the soft confinements of a woman, infusing my emotions in her aura. He loosened the imprisoned of my wrists †  
The Kingís voice dropped to whisper, to make me feel what has never been felt †  
† †
My King knows the compass of the stars † †
The rain, the winds, he obits the constellation, † †
I am his Venus, and the echoes resonates past Orion Belt, as he serenades me from Mars † †
Does the King not have a name for my lips to confess †  
And he was so handsome, someone you want to undress † †
† †
I am, King Safon, the ruler of this underworld †  
† †
If you must know, King Safon † †
Repeat my name once again, how she sated tuned him on †  
King Safon, Mother Naturalís wraith, is now upon the land † †  
The deterioration chemicals, manmade toxins it sinks †  
If only your colonization would only think †  
The water that circulates must be put to lips to drink †  
† †
In the deep you cannot become a causality with the devilish inventions of man †  
Blinding my his own plight of wars, famine, whore monger ideology not to understand †  
† †
My Queen, no matter where your feet rest, this is not the salvation unto the sea by the Creatorsí hand †  
† †
A regal fair maiden with lust in her eyes within my Kingdom †  
I demand to know what are your intentions and where do you come from †  
You have my royal subjects howling for you in the deep †  
I will never allow a mermaid or a becoming Queen to alter my ecological creed †  
Yet, no King has claimed your existence, if not, there will come a time †  
He tightened his hold on my hands †  
When my fingers will move beyond the creases of your inner thighs †  
† †  
This King shall wait with much anticipate †  
† †
My Knight, see to it the fair maiden, the Queen gets a seat at my table †  
My LordÖ
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 28th Jun 2023
Author's Note
Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone

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