You could be my Billy Jean cause I wanna be starting something. And even though I told you to beat it because you drove me off the wall, I didn't mean it. I swear I love the way you make me feel, the thriller, my dirty Diana, you rock my world and it gives me butterflies inside when I remember the time you became the lady in my life.The one I fought hard for leaving blood on the dance floor like a smooth criminal stealing your affections and proudly proclaiming the girl is mine, yeah they heard what I said, the god damn girl is mine.      
Annie are you okay, are you okay Annie, the scream shook you, we were surrounded, I took care of things, all I thought about was if not me then who's loving you.      
Girl, you know I'm bad, I'm bad, shamone. "I can't help it if I wanted to, I wouldn't help it even if I could." I wanted to burn the disco out saying to myself there is no way she's out of my life, please baby be mine. That feeling, the human nature kind, I wanna rock with you pretty young thing. You're just another part of me, the man in the mirror and I just can't stop loving you, knowing the world out there,  they don't really care about us cause they think we're dangerous. Then I heard my jam pumping through 2000 watts speakers,      
"A B C, Its easy as 1 2 3,      
as simple as Do re mi,      
A B C, 1 2 3    
Baby you and me."  
Speechless, I felt invincible, unbreakable even. Filled with sweet emotions I spun then moon walked like MJ in moonwalker finally stopping in front of you with my left hand raised in the air, cooing  
"You know, I was  
I was wondering, you know  
If you could keep on  
Because the force  
It's got a lot of power  
And it make me feel like, ah  
It make me feel like, ooh  
Lovely is the feelin' now  
Fever, temperatures risin' now  
Power (oh power) is the force, the vow  
That makes it happen, it asks no questions why (ooh)  
So get closer (closer now)  
To my body now  
Just love me  
'Til you don't know how (ooh)  
Keep on, with the force, don't stop  
Don't stop 'til you get enough"  
The world isn't just black or white and I can't let her get away, I just can't stop loving you. I've got to be there, I'll be there and always around. Helping to find a way to heal the world, to make it a better place, to let you know you are not alone. Kicking the heartbreakers to the curb, I'll be loving you forever, the two of us need look no more, finally, we've both found what we've been looking for.
Written by thewatcher33
Published | Edited 12th Aug 2023
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