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The Cholesterol Murders

The script is pretty basic, quite simple and rather ingenious if I do say so myself.  
Most people are unaware about the different types of cholesterol and how it impacts your health but I won't delve into their differences at this time.  
1. The Set Up.  
There is a person that you admire/like/interested in, and both of you are attractive but everyone has that one thing they like to see in the other person. In her it's eye color other than the most popular brown.  
The delusional and Uber cruel religious agents (this may or may not include the person you're talking to) introduce a third party. This third party member has green, light blue or hazel colored eyes. She/he will begin complementing third party members about their eyes "your eyes are beautiful, gorgeous, unique looking and rare" in your presence every time the third party member appears.  
This goes on for a while before transitioning to he/she walking up to third party members at a distance and in your line of sight. Although you can't hear them speak you notice that she/he looks into it as it is their weakness. A thought appears from out of nowhere "see, she/he likes green, light blue, or hazel colored eyes. Their interactions become more frequent in front of your line of sight. Usually it happens in front of a water fountain.  
2. You can get Her/Him  
This is where the manipulation comes into play. "She/he likes you too but those eyes are a hard thing to overcome. We can help you though." You start to think damnit just when I was this close to see how much I cared and wanted them and they too were reciprocating genuinely (in a lot of cases, not, because they are part of the perpetrators squad) this happens.  
"Ever heard of eye color gene therapy? We can help make you more attractive to Her/him. She/he loves everything about you but he/she has those eyes, they're intoxicating and that is her/his kryptonite.  
3. Trust Us  
Micro manipulations happens once they've gotten your attention and this is where she/he begins to bring back their interactions and attention towards you. She/he looks into your eyes and expresses their fondness for color eyes other than brown even though she/he also has brown eyes. Let us give you blue eyes, why blue eyes though. Well because everyone loves light blue eyes, they're the rarest most beautiful things.  
4. Hook, Line and Simmer: The Dark Gable  
Tall, dark and handsome with incredible looking light blue eyes. 🤭  
The thought lingers in your mind and even though you pay it no mind and discard such trivial nonsense, they know every time you see them together taking and watching her look into his/her eyes you will think of Dark Gable. 🤭  
They are going to help you whether you agree to let them help you or not. They're here to help, to make you look more attractive and desirable.  
And so it begins, they use chemicals, subliminally direct you to eat certain foods like lots of pizza, fast foods, foods high in cholesterol. Remember these is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is what changes the outter rim of your eyes, not your iris. This change is not normal if you're under forty years of age and happens sometimes when you've reach fifty years and older. This is an indication that your cholesterol is at a dangerous level and could lead to severe health issues, such as strokes, heart disease and other cardio vascular problems.  
After some years, a span of five to ten years would have gone by and that person, the one you were interested in and thought was interested in you, well that person would eventually ended up getting married to someone totally not what you'd expect. No pretty colored eyes or avid gym goer, fancy dresser, or whatever it was that they had you thinking was that person kryptonite. That how you can tell that that person was never really interested. They were part of the hit squad.  
And you well, you would have probably had some kind of or several life threatening ailments such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or whatever.  
Subliminally you start receiving messages about you being vain and you're all about the body or you think your too smart, too talented or whatever the religious haters try to say about you to negatively impact how others see you because as we know when they can't attack the facts about your great character and ethics they attack you on a  personal level.  
This is also the time you may start receiving mail for life insurance and burial insurance.

The lingering question tho! Why didn't they just send a few fashion colored contact lenses.?
This is just one teeny weenie aspect of how the religious nuts in positions of power try to and in many cases get away with murdering many many people.
Difference Between Good And Bad Cholesterol And Ways To Control It.
Written by thewatcher33
Published | Edited 18th Sep 2023
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