Image for the poem Babysitter - Part 1... This is going to be really easy

Babysitter - Part 1... This is going to be really easy

I had only just started babysitting and I need the money. My family struggles to make ends meet so I know I have to do something. I received the first call and he sounds nice enough, with a young child. So although I have some social anxiety about meeting him when I take this assignment, I know I need to get over my fears. So on the night indicated I go to the address. I get dressed in some shorts and a T-shirt and looking in the mirror I think I am pretty sexy. So I show up at the residence to be met by an attractive man so I deliberately stick out my chest instinctively. I want him to notice me but I am still shy. He invites me in touching my shoulder. I don't know why he did but it sends tingles rippling down and I think how I will masturbate to that while he is out. He tells me he is a single parent and I respect that as he takes me to show me the little tyke who is already asleep. This is going to be really easy I think.

I said "have a great night sir" and he looks me up and down, taking everything in. And that makes me tingle even more like I am his prey and he wants to devour me. Suddenly after a pause, he says "you know I have decided I will stay in tonight after all" I immediately thought damn because I know I won't get paid I guess and I will just have to go home. He sees the expression on my face and says "don't worry hun, I still need you tonight". Taken aback I don't know how to take that but it's so exciting anyway. I just say "Okay" and smile. "Lets sit on the sofa and I can put on a movie. Okay, that sounds 'innocent' enough right? So I go and sit down and he comes with some drinks and sits next to me. "You okay with alcohol?" Not really sure but why not. I take the drink and start to sip it slowly, my lips caressing the glass slowly and my tongue touching it as well. I cannot help but want to lick something.

The movie is really getting steamy making me even more wet and uneasy about my state. He keeps touching my knee as his hand starts to work it's way slowly to my thighs. I gasp a little and he almost laughs but I do not resist. I don't say a word, not sure I can say a word. I just keep getting hornier, this is his game I guess to ignite my passionate fire. To watch me struggle and burn. I can tell he is having fun with me. I kind of shift a little towards him causing his hand to move further on my thighs and blowing my mind. I think he will feel my wetness soon if he doesn't stop. I still don't protest, how could I? This is the best feeling in the world. "You okay?" he asks and say "Um" and that's all I say. "Let me see your tits" he whispers. I just look at him with a scared look. I have started to feel buzzed from the alcohol. He starts to lift my shirt, and skillfully reaches behind me to unfasten my bra. "But" I start to say but his hand on my back feels so good. He takes my shirt off and then removes my bra. My nipples are erect and he leans in taking one in his mouth. He starts to skillfully suck deep sending powerful sensations between my legs. I am certain he can make me cum by this alone.
Written by xinaskirt
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Part 1 of 5. Kx
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