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Image for the poem Little gym rat... Part 8 - I am going to cum now

Little gym rat... Part 8 - I am going to cum now

I watch as he enters me at first slowly mesmerized by the size as his cock pushes into me. Suddenly I feel the wrath of his 'anger' at me as he grabs my hips and shoves in so deep and hard. And I let out a scream, it appears to have been the desired response since he looks quite satisfied with my reaction. He plunges deeper as I swing my head around, whipping my hair behind me and muttering 'oh God'. He is still grasping my hips, pushing and pulling as he moves in and out.
My small body absorbs the shock in these strong thrusts as I moan, such an exciting symphony to drive his lust. My legs pushed up against him giving him the ability to go even deeper, and he is going so deep. I just continue to moan, whimper, and try to breath chest heaving from the sensation. Like the fire has consumed all the oxygen.    
"I am going to come" he says trying to pull away but I wrap my legs around him and hold him there feeling that final jerk of his cock inside of me. Anticipating that hot thick flood of cum. "Please" I say in response but he is still pushing me but my legs are strong and hold steady as I pull myself closer. My hips moving him inside, rubbing him and I can see he is right at the moment of climax. He says something incoherent and then I feel his cock start to unload as he lets out a growl. I shut my eyes, feeling the full effect rippling through me. His contractions continue as he shoots his load more and more... My excitement grows with each as I start to orgasm washing his jizz all around inside of me.    
I shake and shudder causing his cock to rub my tense walls even more. And although the assault of his fluids had stopped I can feel it start again, as another load dumps inside of me. I really rock my hips aggressively so it doesn't stop as my orgasm continues to shake every part of my body and mind. He slams into me with one final stream that is already finding it's way out of me around his cock. He pulls out and looks at me shaking moaning, the intensity of my orgasm increased so much from feeling him pour out. He grabs my legs pulling them apart and then my lips as cum just streams out like it will never end. "What the fuck is wrong with you" he says sternly as I finger my clit still feeling the last wave of my orgasm as everything spills out of me.    
But I manage to sit up, his cock is starting to sink but I take it in my mouth and give it a thorough cleaning. He is very annoyed that I made him shoot his load inside me. I suppose that is why he was draining it out of me. He puts back on pants and I grab my panties and shorts. "You really are a great physical trainer" I whisper. "I want you to take me from behind next time, teach me". "Take a shower and make sure you clean inside really good" he says, pretending to ignore what I said. But there is no doubt in my mind he will respond to my call every time. And there are so many more workouts he wants to have with me. I can still feel him inside me. He will be there again, I know that.
Written by xinaskirt
Author's Note
Okay some wanted a final part so here it is because I aim to please. Sorry for the delay, hopefully it is worthy of your time. It's definitely better to read in order if you haven't. Thanks to all...
Okay some wanted a final part so here it is because I aim to please. Sorry for the delay, hopefully it is worthy of your time. It's definitely better to read in order if you haven't. Thanks to all those who followed along with me and shared your thoughts. That really helped so much in regards to knowing if this was something people would like and if to continue posting it/others. <3 Same as before, written very fast without editing so if you do see a mistake or have a suggestion feel free to share it with me in PM or otherwise. Thanks. (guessing I should have proof read it now before posting... but oh well... not the first time)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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