A narrative sown in history                          
Has branches growing back                          
Some several thousand years                          
As humans started keeping track,      
And a wise man once said                          
“You better learn or else you’re doomed,                          
"Repeating ancient history                          
"Kinda like my Moody Blues.”      
So here we are,                 
It’s the current year;        
Another catastrophe happens.        
It ain’t happenstance  
But an attack on class
As the wealthy pay lower in taxes. 
America’s greatest tale is one                          
Of goodwill going ill,                          
God-willing blatant hate                          
Instilled by policies and bills.                          
It’s a hard pill to swallow,                          
And a fix’ll take some time,                          
So just chill a bit and 'Netflix',                          
Trust the bureaucrats designs.                          
But you can't,                
Regardless of tone or complexion it pales when                          
Comparing yourself to the king,                          
An’ isinnit funny how the ‘d’ an’ an ‘n’                          
is what separates money from sin? —                        
I digress.                  
They legislate new dollar bills                      
As the blood drips from their fingers,                      
Hot off the press their cooking books        
While paying off world leader.                      
In the end, after what's said and done,                      
But there's nothing left to show,                      
There can only be one meaning left,                      
That the worldwide criminal enterprise perpetrating human suffering on a regular basis in our lives                
Has always              
Written by fiveamtuesday
Published | Edited 15th May 2021
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