With Love,

The skin on her back is smooth.
I feel her shiver a little at my touch.
Her arms are around me, her perfume
Dances in my nostrils. I put little kisses
On her neck, she moves
And she's kissing me so deeply, I'm lost.
Lost in the wet softness of her mouth.

I slip her out of her dress, lay her
On the bed. Her breathing is short
From anticipation. I notice, that as
She holds me closer, she's shaking.
Just a little. I like it. My shy girl.
I kiss her breasts, then curl my tongue
Around one swollen nipple. She gasps,
I feel her hand on my head, Her eyes
Are shining when I look into them
Before they close as I kiss her.

She's wet when I touch her, and she sighs
When I slide a finger inside her.
She opens her legs and I lick at her cunt,
She jerks upright with surprise and pleasure,
Holding her head to her crotch. My tongue moves
And works her slowly. Her moans are in my ears.
Her clit throbs from my sucking. Her taste
Is sweet on my tongue.

Then I mount her, and she cries out
When my cock enters her. Her legs
Wrap around me, her hands rest on my shoulders
As I move inside her. She's so warm,
Her cries, I can't forget how she sounded.
And she climaxes and moans and begs,
She begs, keep going, keep going.
I'm coming, keep going. Her words
Spur me on, I move faster and faster,
Pressing deeper into her, feeling her
As she pushes her hips up into mine.
I want to be part of her.

It's been building up between us. And
With a burst of liquid, it explodes.
I spill out inside her, my body relaxes
And we lie in sweaty abandon. Eyes close.
Breathing slows. But hearts
Written by The_Student
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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