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Image for the poem Straight Doping (From The Nun Runner Series Part I)

Straight Doping (From The Nun Runner Series Part I)

Hold the fuck up, you niggas brought me out of retirement for this straight-up bullshit
Look at me mother fucker when I speak, I been on the hush in New York and hopping on some good nightly dick    
Queen, these streets have been brutal and a drought brought on by this Covid-19    
Ain’t nobody else’s dope is worth the cash, if you know what I mean    
Damn, Gee it’s been all like that    
The product still has to be moved… just because you hiding behind that façade of a fake ass kittycat    
There’s still certain buyers who prefers that particular Ghost knack    
Fuck…fuck…fuck… this shit is not even my game anymore    
Cutting pure cane, stealing cash, or transporting guns, and international whores    
Just this one last time    
Then you go back to your concrete jungle, and play the innocent act, while sipping on that Moet or your Chardonnay wine    
We got a potential buyer who is willing to drop some serious zeros      
He just needs someone in the ATL, willing to move the weight of the chronic and his Kilos    
You fucking kidding me, right... that last run... we had that Mr. Charley po-po, who was all over my ass    
Two of my boys had to take the heat for that criminal task    
Don’t worry… we gave some fake names then we took his ass out    
Shh… that shit never should have floated out your fucking mouth    
Ahh… you getting soft on me    
Na’ll Gee… just picking my poison, where I’m a Ghost, and could in, out and quietly flee    
Hum… you said some serious money for me transporting from point A to point B      
It’s a been a while since I gutted anyone with my glock    
I guarantee we sell it to him, then you know how we, roll we, get the money, grams, and then we pop-pop    
No loyalty among thieves    
You best better believe    
Have the crew ready to move out after midnight    
Say what became of that horn man for you to leave your crew behind and then take flight    
That is none of your motherfucking business, stay in your lane Gee    
This ain’t no lifestyle where passion confines me, not if I slice your head off and make your bleed      
That motherfucker dick must be good to you    
Does he really know what you really do    
Hell na’ll! I got his ass bedazzle off this juicy pussy food    
You are one bad wicked bitch    
And can soothe the hell out of a hard dick or lick a clean soft clit    
Just make sure we pull out on time, do not forget the scanner and the night googles, and for the road, my bong    
And Gee, drop that motherfucking cell phone before you even think about tagging along    
No time needed for tracking us over the live wire    
And to do this job, TNT and grenades is required      
And mix that shit with some ammonium nitrate    
Once its set.. no delays, so they will not know what to anticipate    
I do not like those slick fucks in the ATL    
It always comes down to us or them going to hell    
And after the smoke settles I do not want the mortician to be able to tell    
One dick from another or what we took after the sell    
Let’s do this Queen
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 16th Oct 2020
Author's Note
Fuck this part...and fuck you too!

The Nun Runner
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