No more

Darkness in all of us we are lead to believe
what sort of beast will you unleash today
churches talk trash every single damn day
years wasted on the biggest fucking lie

I donít pretend that Iím some sort of saint
We have a brain now we see the light
Iím sick of this deception just admit it
You are the evil one praying on the weak

Yes itís depressing knowing all your tricks
No after life evil seems to live in your heart
Surely if god was real we would all be safe
May all the lieís bite you in the fucking ass

churches have lied for 2 thousand years
You manipulated holly wars blind faith
Many burnt at the stake for the truth
So man more raped in the name of God

Why pretend to be good? Saving souls
Sorry Iím a heretic speaking real truths
You leave people dying begging, pledging
Their ghosts left to haunt us forever

Time, fly set your spirit free do it come on
Run like a wild dog with rabies off its leash
Do you fucking understand, past & future
pain and misery is around us Iím not blind

The true struggles in thees fucking streets
Drugs on ever corner, homeless donít eat
Governments seriously donít give a fuck
God has yet to show his face to us all

We would not need faith the proofís there
Open your damn eyes before itís to late
A caring God? No, No wars? no suffering?
Itís plain to see that faith is for the weak

I asked for help when I was at my lowest
So Iím told itís all a test, God knows all?
I loved with all my heart I was left for dead
Itís all a lie there is no test God knows all?

I was once a fucking huge fool, believing
An even bigger fool for falling for your love
Just abbig a fool for trusting a stupid book
An even a big fool for not letting go of you

Whatís your pilar of salt worth in dollars?
Surely your not tuff like you think you are
Who comforts you when your bleeding?
10 immortal sins of an old world long gone

Yes had enough sick and tired of stress
Pain ravishes my whole body Iím tired
Painkillers donít work on me fucking great
No one seems to notice you let alone me

Fuck it is all youíll here from me ďFuck itĒ
Everyone say being on disability is so easy
Give it a go see how long it fucking takes
Youíll be giving up within a damn week

Yes Iím fed up Iím sick of the lies of course
You say there is a holly light a holly ghost?
Iíve spent years lonely waiting for a sign
There is no brotherhood no sisterhood

Itís all about greed itís all about power
Iíve come close to the edge of an abyss
I see a never ending stream of nothing
Just a blackness of your hearts desires

There is an angle here can you see it
Letís keep you from getting ahead
Are you afraid of what is or what will be?
Use me to better yourself leave me to die

In the early days you used tricks and fear
You sucked them in by dozens what sheep
You want what I have but I have nothing
No souls saved no saving grace on display
Written by EpicUtester69 (Just a simple poet)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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