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Argon walks into the Light of Day / Memoirs From The Dark Side

Light of day
Today .......I have to pause briefly, it has been it seems an eternity since I last said that word within that context.
For centuries, I like so many of my vampire brothers and sisters have been cursed to move within the darkness. To hunt , to thrive, to kill.
I the vampire Argon, one of the most vile, and feared predators to walk the earth, have killed thousands. In fact the sweet taste of blood from my most recent kill, still lingers within my mouth. and their screams still echo in my ears.
I pause briefly to reflect back to ......the sensation of the first burst of blood
splashing into my mouth. The heat, texture, taste, and feel of it oozing down my throat, as their life force moved through me. The experience was almost sexual.

Now the thought of being able to hunt in the light of day excites me to no end. During the ceremony last night when the one who made me, brought me over, all I could think of was, what it would be like to kill during the day.

Now I stand before this door, a piece of lumber that separates me from the one thing that all vampires who have yet to reach this level of strength fear, the light of day. John Paul, the one who made me, who also has a flair for the dramatic, grabs the door handle then says to me. Are you ready? Yes I reply.
John Paul snatches the door open. Instinctively I raise my arms to shield myself from the blinding light, but it does not burn my skin it only warms it. I open my eyes slowly to take in the light of day.

The colors are so brilliant and beautiful. They cause me to gasp from the sheer magnificence of it all. The sounds, are so much more louder and busy. So many more heart beats, so many more options, so many more opportunities, so many more new ways to devise how to hunt, so many new victims to kill......In the light of day
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Written by mysticseduction (Mystic Seduction)
Author's Note
This is from a series of short stories from my soon to be released ebook entitled: Memoirs from the Dark Side
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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