Slayage Shit: The Grand Finale

Imma lyrical bastard there ain't no skill
that I ain't mastered.
You masturbated with the beat,  
my flow so vicious that it castrated you to defeat.  
There's a bunch of strange creatures trynna grind my gear ( who are you)  
Well Imma force on my own so fuck having a peer.  
Yeah Imma savage, like a gorilla in the zoo.  
Try me you go missing having Steve searching for Blue's clues.  
These babies crying to me what you need a rattle.  
Ya'll rhymes were sugar coated to say that this is a rap battle.  
Ya'll some leaches sucking off my style like a teething ring.  
Stay trying to piece me together, like a sleuth.  
Trynna mix up the perfect ingredients on how I spit in the booth.  
Imma put ya'll raps in a body bag and zip em up with a zipper.  
Leave em all bloody and decomposed like Jack the ripper.  
This one lame mentioned my name in a battle rap (do I know you).  
With that wack ass repetitive garbage it need to be scrapped.  
You post everyday like damn let the competition breathe.  
Trynna make an invalid message that no one will receive.  
Look I am your father shout out to Darth Vader  
Imma smoke ya'll out this battle bitch come catch these vapors.  
Damn you that desperate to get a name riding off other people's wave, what a damn shame.  
Comparing me to Hannibal Lecter, Imma Silence of the Lamb this motherfucker.  
Hey where's my machete, Imma Friday the 13th these fools shout out to Jason
Ya'll act like ya'll ain't got no religion or no sense of direction.  
The tip of my pen cuts deep with great precision.  
I swear yall need to be in a mental aslyum  
Ya'll hate don't stop my momentum.  
So this has been fun loading up these bullets in my gun  
Shooting down the adversity and the belittlement.  
Put ya'll pens down and go into retirement.  
I been on this slayage shit no one can come close to it.  
Please don't ever put my name next to these peasants.  
No more free promo off my name you getting charged to represent it.  
Imma ghostwriter hey inbox me for a feature.  
I swear my sermons will reach your soul like a preacher.  
I'm the grim reaper, I'm snatching souls.  
Death is eternal, but the sunshine in the afterlife is bountiful.  
I got a librasoul that out weigh the zodiac  
Bitch I'm Solar laflare and I just led ya'll into cardiac 9arrest).
Written by LibraSoul96
Published | Edited 10th Nov 2018
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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