. ..Winter dream in Mid-July ($20 and a cigarette)

First thing I recall, I was sitting in my room, staring at the wall and I heard a knock at the door. So I got up and answered it. Turned out to my friend, Caleb, a junkie in his mid-thirties who just happens to share my taste in music. Anyways, here's the first strange twist : he got arrested a few weeks ago for a clandestine meth lab (I don't judge) and is facing 2 to 10, and here he is, standing at my door. I let him in, and we get to talking, about nothing in particular. I ask him for a cigarette, and he says he only has one. Then he starts talking about this girl who spoke to him earlier about me, asking where I lived, and whatnot, talking about how she wanted to come see. I asked her name, and what she looked like, didn't sound familiar. So now I'm thinking "who is this girl? How does she know me? What would she possibly want with me?" The description he gave me of a short, 20-something with short blonde hair and blue eyes still doesn't sound familiar, so I ask him a bunch of questions. Turns out she lives right nearby, basically my neighbor. I tell him to go and tell this "mystery woman" that I want to talk to her, he takes off walking. A few minutes later, someone shows up on a four wheeler. I look outside, and notice that there's about a foot of snow on the ground, so I grab a jacket, and walk on out to see what they want. It's a short figure wearing a big fuzzy jacket with the hood pulled up over their face, which I automatically assume is the girl Caleb was telling me about. She looks at me for a second, and tells me to hop on, which I do, without any sort of hesitation and she takes me to a big brick house with a deck built around the front of it, parks, dismounts, and leads me inside by the hand, to a big, leather sofa where she sits. I sit down beside her and place my hand on her knee, almost instinctively. I look into her eyes for the first time, and find myself at a loss for words. She looks up at me, smiles, I smile back, and she wraps her arms around my waist and buries her head in my chest. So now I have a complete stranger cuddling up really close to me, and I have no idea where I am, but I decide to just go with it, and wrap my arms around her waist. Needless to say, with the body heat and whatnot, something happens. I end up with an awkward erection. Not sure what to do at this point, I sit there for a minute or so as she gets up and heads into the kitchen. She comes back in a couple minutes, with two cups of coffee, and a pack of cigarettes, which she places on the table and sits on my lap. She hands me a cup, gets two cigarettes, lights them, and hands me one. Then she starts talking, about nothing in particular and I politely nod and sip my coffee, not really paying attention to what she's talking about. After what seems like forever, we kiss, which last for aboit a minute or so, then she gets up, takes my hand, and leads me into her bedroom. Next I recall it's morning. She brings me a cup of coffee, I get dressed, and she takes me back home. When we pull up in my driveway, I hop off, and tell her I'm going to miss her. She laughs in my face and hands me $20, then leaves. And I'm left standing in my driveway with a twenty in my hand, snow coming down, scratching my head, and wondering what just happened... Then I woke up
Written by LordCreepy (Colten_Sorrells)
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