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nutbuster said:you as well


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The Wax (Manipura Chakra-Yellow Candle)

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The illusion of peace

What is peace
Is it the serenity that you find in your surroundings
Is it the comfort that you get from your mentality
Is it your footsteps, is it your goals
Or is it simply your dreams

The serenity of peace
We get from Mother Nature
From her soil
As we implant our hands
To bring her fertilization unto the creation

Is it the trees
That brings us such beautiful oxygen
As we inhale and exhale
Is it the skies
That we look upon to know that we have divine purpose
Upon this earth that we walk

The illusion of peace
Is it your hands
That does good deeds upon mankind
Is it your pulsating heart
That feels, that gives, and love
It is your eyes that see the coming of the divinity within
Is it your, mouth
The dialect that speaks, of wonders, of wisdom, and of truth

What is peace to you
Is it your purpose as you stand
Is it within sickness that you lie
Waiting, but within you must find that inner peace

Inner peace of rebirth
Inner peace of longevity
Inner peace of just simply being

What is peace
Find your peace today
And keep it as a shield of honor
So that when tomorrow comes upon you
You would have known yesterday you have retained your peace
That you may go forward

Have a blessed day, stay faithful, and always please smile

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love the video

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I Just Called To Say I Love You II

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Ladies it is the month of December therefore, please check you breasts for this month this an older video, in lieu of me perfecting my live Smoothie Sensation Clips, but the message does mean the same.

Please check your breasts, and I will revisit with more with an indepth musing, along with some Winter Advice to take to the heart and to be tenderly cherished by the mind.
Stay beautiful as you are and enjoy the sights along your soulful journey.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Good advice ladies listen to what this lady says it for your own good

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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault
A shameful occurrence no matter how hard a woman fought
I loathe a man, the word, NO, has never been academically taught
The mental and physical scars alone
Itís enough to send chills through my bones
The court system stigmatizes not once, but twice
It never seems to matter if the victim is bad or nice
Defenseís castrated and marginalized version of the victimís lies, never the whys
Prosecutor wants jail time, plea, or come to a mutual compromise
Did she inflame his thoughts with her high skirt
Breasts over-spilling her see through shirt
Hi my name is, Kurt
A pretty woman like you to refuse my company, I will be deeply hurt
I saw your sexy smile from across the bar
I live down the street, itís not that far
You downed your fifth glass of wine
He saw you wobble your balance, cat and mouse game now on his time
You should feel safe within a manís hand, comforted by his stance
But what happens when he has other devious plans
Youíre nothing to him, but a physical slam bam and thank you maíam
A hard target seeking gratification from a nightly grand slam
His place as we rest
He seems cool enough, look, heís a New York fan of the Mets
Handsome, heís definitely a sure bet
Would you like something to drink
Mind pondering, Iím already tipsy, if I accept, what would he ever think
Although, he does look good in his black denim jeans
Hard places bulging, if only you knew what I mean
Drink accepted lights turned down real low
Unwanted hands roving under my skirt very slow
Iím sorry not tonightÖweíve just met
Yes, for this you will allow and let
Woman flings hand aside and stands to her feet
Man stands and asks, what did you expect after our greet
Certainty not this as you turn to walk away
Back now gracing the couch cushion, the word, NO is all I continued to say
Closing my eyes, in disbelief as I silently heard myself loudly pray
The remorseful deed has now been done
College Ivy League, a soccer championship his team just won
Heís a good boy with a chance in life
My client will one day become some manís wife
This sadden ordeal has caused her more than what meets the eye
Punish this animal before lightning strikes twice
He has treated a woman as cold as ice
For trusting his word came with a very high price
Guilt ridden for a criminal act, which was uncivilized
Now Iím made to feel
Mental and physically brutalized
And you stand there defending a man with animalistic male cries
Pleading his case to seem legitimized
He didnít know what he has done
Too many drinks he took it upon
Singing in court that same old tired, I canít remember song
She wanted it, she was feeling on me all night long
Your head bowed in shame from the defense lawyerís character assassination third degree
I told him no!... no!Öno!Öbut he just didnít listen to me
Was that with your shirt off as your nipples glistened to tease
I said No! and clothes were still on
What that cruel animal did to me is so very wrong
The day has finally come
To get my mental victory for this total scum
Thank goodness I did not back down, or refuse to run
Today, as I stand a victim, who would finally be free
Whereas, allow the world to see  
Read from the mouth to say, not guilty, not even a plea
Oh, please tell me this just canít be
They never once believed what he did to me
Poll the all male jury before I walk and go
I need to know which male do not understand when a woman says, NO, it means, NO
No satisfaction to soothe my mistrusted mind, rest my leery soul
Emotions now bottled up within a deep black hole
Heart of gold has turned to stone
Will these feelings of self-incriminating ever leave me alone
Hi, my name is Kurt
I saw your sexy smile from across the bar in that nice leather skirt
Join me for dinner and for a glass of wine
You really did not want the company, but his compliment seems so genuine
Investigating cases from the SVU files gave you the mental blues
Night alone, or with company you must choose
I do not live that far from here
Iím known to spread my Bronx good cheer
Reaching behind my skirt to make sure weapon is secured, in tow
As you both stand to go
At his place
With a muscular body and a handsome face
Breaking the ice, now talking with roaming hands
I think Iíll call it a night as you stand
He stands too, how did my shirt get ripped
My knees have been dipped
My back clumsily hits the couch
Biting my lips, ouch
NoÖwhat...what are you doing
My body have not caught up with my mind, all thoughts are still brewing
His hands blanketing my crotch, shredding my panties, fingers are angrily pursing
And just like that
Kurt lies still on his back
The word, No, to a Tomcat has never been a known fact
Was defeated and brought down by a female rat
No! means No!
Itís simple, and it must be heard in tow
A word all men should be taught at an early age to know, so there you go
Therefore, no excuses, when the times arise
Just swallow your male pride, walk ŗway for another day, or it could be your imminent demise
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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I reposted this in regard to my Medical Journey of What Makes A Woman A Virgin and the comment if a woman gets rape is she still considered a virgin.


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love this spill my friend

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nutbuster said:love this spill my friend

Thank you, with much sincerity and you gave me idea to repost this musing so thank you on behalf of all women this has unfortunately happen too. And I graciously bow to the #MeToo Movement were women now have a voice to face their accusers and not feel victimized by the court system.

Reach one teach one, always🌻

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Elevate Those Beautiful Chakras (Incantation)

Into the calling of the night †  
Where sacraments burn the candles upon the casting of dim light †  
Defaced divine offering unto mankind †  
No tears to offer when the hunger is not getting fed unto borrowed time †  
By the bell of the finality creed †  
In the window of time hallowed be thy sound †  
Seen the fate of holiness without the sphere of compulsion in the greed † †
The beautiful nakedness in the glory, coveted the offering in the absence of the seed †  
† †
Hopes and dreams cannot be contained by the weeping unto thy moon †  
Lust unto the realms of the dark only abuses self when deafness follows, empty cries heard in the swoon †  
Watch the shadows of the crown to know within womanhood, love must be given unto self first †  
The freedom is in the movement not to allow anyone to box the human spirit and devalue its worth †  
Be the nurturer unto the soul of Mother Nature, her tears are the only ones unto mankind to heal the earth † †
It is disheartened for anyone to view this realm we call life with childlike eyes † †
Raise your pineal gland beyond the offering not found in ecstasy between thy thighs †  
Credibility of the mind and heart, cannot be measured by the whispers for the lunacy of which it seeks †  
Who gives the time upon this hemisphere the door to the psyche of low vibration, whereas upon deaf ears in the illusion speaks of denied reprieve †  
† †
Chasten murmurs beg of meager wishes for the heart only to cry upon the air as a heart on open display only left to emotional bleed †  
A soul cannot live by the scores in the absence of what it truly needs †  
Air to breathe, water to cleanse, fire for warmth, and the wind to know it shall always be †  
The glory of the Id, the Ego, and of the Superego, itís the elements of our twilight personality †  
It is for us curtail and find the path for you to alone †  
What good to have love in the heart, to want it cradled when we become the flogged flesh, then buried like a forgotten bone † †  
In His image, manís soul has survived the truth, his justice, love, compassion, it is the root of his Heavenly stories †  
As a woman, we are the chased rib, yet found in the choice to allow of his purgatory †  
† †
It is the wisdom to uphold the regality of self, however, when lamentation to the gust, no one truly hears the love notes of the heart echoing windsongs †  
Bareness still lingers without the greatest fear of its planetary when our footsteps refuses to atone †  
The sacred pilgrimage to a manís heart is never found in its easy ploy †  
As women we are the divine creation, the bearer to birth mortals, and not to be casted aside as simple gullible mental toys †  
It is propelled by the chase when maintaining thy own heart from sinking in the gallows of the dark †  
I am the way, the light, and my path is a divine mission ordained by the will of Allah, His work of art †  
It is the life I am taught from my footsteps it will always lead †  
No matter how you think you can discern or underestimate the will of my creed †  
† †
Wisdom is what the cavalry of the heart, the mind, and the essence of its characteristics can offer up to the skies †  
A feeling once you align the elements of your purpose you shall become a universal whispered lullaby †  
The oath of your inner intellectual scrolls and what it offers unto society, in which attempting to massacre a divine protocol as a misguided child without direction, the hurt will always hover †
Tears on display as hands are bind, tongue is smiting, yet it propels to ignorance as it softly smothers †  
† †
Evolution the reasons of your presence while you in the now, without fear, since you are here † †
Give it wings to ascend, sit back, relax, and accept the gifts from the stratosphere †  
I have so much indoctrinated fortitude unto humanityís mind I must still share in this lifespan, mental charities I must give its just due †  
In the window of cosmic time, it does not consist of entertaining the slothful in thought, or give the greater of my goodwill intellect, to the blinded without a cause, or befallen to the egotistical wraith of the naysayer, or fool †  
Bow your head then elevate your worth †  
Life is about living, showing compassion to the ill, the mentally abused, and the ones whose silence keeps them wrapped in the blanket of their own hurt †  
Lift your head, and tell the weary how to remain faithful, advise them the secrets to the soul is found in their rebirth †  
† †
If not found true of thee †  
Or the chimes of those ethos, pathos, and logos that keeps us sane we must balance naturally embedded in you and me †  
The Seven Chakras, let them astral plane to kiss the Heavens, bless the Earth, and purify the Sea, in each dominion I will tenderly commence †  
Ancient of time from way back when †  
† †
It's a part of my templeís emancipation †  
My soulful dedication †  
The sultry undertones of my poetic liberations †  
As I humbly bow to you in divine salutations † †
† †
With much respect, sit down, step down, or move aside, please †  
And allow the warmth of the Sun to shine at ninety degrees †  
As the saying goes, one head shall always keep the eyes on the sparrow to give love and direction to the baby and civilizationís carriage †  
The other shall keep the head buried in the sand only to feel oneís own provoked ill will, rooted in Cainís narcissisms, in hell shall be the marriage †  
† †
Assalam Alaikum †  

Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Straight Talk Live (Anger, The Emotion Of The New Dawn)

We are slowly surpassing nationwide protests. The loud outcries of injustice, which has permeated our streets. By trail of error in the year 2020, we, as citizens are mending rifts of the past, to clear a passage for all great occurrences to manifest.    
As we march to pre-select our next Commander in Chief, who will continue to lead this great nation as he sits upon the throne at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. May the appropriate choice be the benediction as we try to resurrect to be the better nation, not to make America great again, but to fix in American what is considered fractured; as I stand that is disparity.    
It really is an immoral disgrace, every nation can come together within its own right to make its nation powerful through the eyes of, technology, trading, commerce, nuclear warfare. Whereas, America is still trying to attempt to catch up; when was the last time you actually have worn attire or have utilized an effective product that is manufactured in American, have driven a reliable vehicle from the Ford Plant, when it needs repair, most parts are readily shipped from aboard as far as Thailand. In addition, please be advised I am not disrespecting anyone who operates a Ford model.    
It is an offense by law to dwell in several countries and have the mentality I am cleverer than you. Most, and not all other political administrationís ruling is censored not to speak of their displeasure or portray by broadcasting its daily grievances.    
In America, we all have access to practice, adopt, or exercise our Free Will by Constitutional Amendments, which is to uplift, inspire as it rings with pride, and the fruits of its goal, others attempt to emulate with unity. We, as USA citizens have somehow forgotten those core values in not extending among each other.  
Here today, we have so much prejudice, a vile crusade led by the discreet' s uproar of indifference to various skin tones, who voice differences in opinions, and to motivate within their own cultures, and ethnic lineage.    
We raise or fist in mockery to a demoralizing system that is the laughingstock of other nationís principles. Why, because we practice, separatism; our ignorance to rely, lean upon other's mentality out of disrespect and mistrust.    
The last time I truly witnessed the blending of this nation was during 2001, the 9/11 fiasco. Lives where lost, tears were sheds, disbelief radiated in the cruelness of oneís acceptance. In those peril times, we all grieved the bearings as a nation, we looked for guidance, however, not just one color, to our Commander in Chief to bring healing upon the nation, but as a whole, we rolled up our sleeves in the cleanup process, we donated blood, no one ever signed a waiver who get the pint(s) of our life-force. We held hands, lower flags in half-staff.    
And in our wavering faith during that turmoil we embraced in each other.    
Fast forward times, we all stand bowing our heads in shame, where one, cries for equality and justice for all, fought hard and won. In as much, others, echoes the sentiments of the long-ago harsh sentiments of the past.    
People, we cannot go backwards, it only negates the progress and hinder our footsteps to go forward.    
It never would come down to what we write about, what we think we know to make others feel inferior, superior.    
When those bombs were bursting in air, did it really give truth to the night that our flag was still there. Yet, the principles of what I am seeing here today, in real time, advises me we have more work to do until this land gives this nation the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.    
This brings me to my next observation as a tax paying citizen, who contributes to the fundamentals of societyís future.    
Why is everyone walking the streets in silent anger. Hiding behind computer screens spewing, hate, rage, discrimination, bigotry, and racism. Are we at the cuspid where emotions, feelings have been hurled in the wind? Not caring what the offensive deeds of our words brings, or who we may hurt in the process when we deliver them.    
I have witnessed in aghast, citizens voicing their displeasure with sharing their presences of this country, most have forgotten, we are all in this realm we call life. Propaganda rings true, by the hands of loathing, militia groups are surging at an alarming rate, the left-wings are in full force to assign and carry out their pure blood, one pure race philosophy.    
Our blinders have been masked into what is the authentic truth.  Depopulation, by the elite, assignation by government mandated vaccinations, organ harvesting, manmade viruses, implanted microchips, and an alien invasion protocol tactical emerging, yes, researched under our very noses.    
In this countryís darkest hours, may the deity whom you pray to or give homage too, grant you mental peace, and instill serenity within your heart to treat accordantly as you deem to be treated.    
I will revisit this narrative, next week, there are still factual accounts that must me explored, mainly with the Strawmanís Theory. If perhaps you are not aware of its concept, I suggest you read, therefore when I post my research, you can comprehend for its accountability.    
Until our souls entwine to embark in embracing the truth, stay safe, stay strong, and please stay vigilant and blessed, I forecast some dark storms ahead my friends.    
And Thatís Straight Talk Live For You

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Awakening The New You, Take Control Of Your Destiny

It is 2024. Do something caressing for yourself, it's time to pamper your existence. I am a frequent traveler and ruled by the skies to all destinations.

Therefore, I am challenging anyone in the year, 2024, if you do not have a passport, to get you one, it is so damn liberating.

Look at all the benefits at your fingertips. You can use it as an identification. Fly all around the globe, dine in Brazil at their costal patio eateries. Roam in and out of the pastry shops that decorate Paris, bow to Buckingham Palace and the shopping in London.

All this awaits you once you get up and moving to get that passport. If you have small ones, get them one as well.

Make this a priority, what do you have to lose, and time waits for no one, look at all the possibilities when you invest in your future, and not just investing your time or your money here in America or for any country where you reside, this world is vast, with other countries, wouldn't it feel a blessing to have that key to visit, as you please, and if you go on a cruise it is beneficial when the cruise ship pulls into an island port, and dock all day, it is a wise investment to have in your possession if you travel for business or simply for pleasure.

Once you apply, you're done , the wait from what I researched is six weeks but  it could be more due to processing, In addition, about time you know it, you will be running to your mailbox, awaiting your gift to yourself, and then once you have your very own passport, it is nothing like the feeling, you feel privileged, a sense of power once you get that first international stamp.

Make it happen, just do it... open Ďyour own doorsí beyond what you can imagine.

Be safe in your traveling.



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That would be nice.

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nutbuster said:That would be nice.

Yes, it would be, and take into consideration, I do believe everyone should have the proper means to travel, and yes, a passport is needed in some instances when you do not want to limit or hinder your traveling destinations.

Enjoy your day.

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Tenderly Empowering The Spirit Of Your Soul

I just wanted to say Happy February everyone, and ladies, there is twenty-nine days day in this month, and it is Leap Year. I would like you to make the commitment to yourself and check your breasts this month, honor your presence, and always be mindful of others. Love the inner core of yourself, it promotes a healthy outlook for self and displaying that cordial nature which it should already be within.

Inhale, hold it... and exhale slowly, try that again, and you should feel that oxygenated blood circulating, you must learn to positive draw in that feng shui energy that your soul needs to regenerate, to connect with self. Give your mind a boost, free that beautiful mindset its 2024, it's times to uplift the doors of your own mind to greatness.

For those in retirement, or of retirement age, there are many opportunities to keep you vital, your cognitive awareness alert, atoned. I am in the medical field; therefore, I would suggest investing the time, only if you are comfortable at such a golden time in your life. Several voluntary positions at hand, which I am sure would be a blessing by you. just, think about it.

Take a class this year, if you do not know how to swim, there is a class for that. My inspirations lay in the creativity of the Arts, so for an Aquarian, such as myself we tend to think outside the normality, due in part, we are critical thinkers. A class for me would be to learn how to Fence my Goddaughter is very great at that defensive art; her mother has invested in her time to bring that craft and her exceptional skill into light.

This is a new year everyone, please incorporate into your day routine, before the rise of the Sunto find a place of solitude, ignite some spiritual incense to cleanse your temple, purify your dwelling to always a flow of spiritual guidance, and universal wisdom.  

That brings me to my next uplifting thought, l've given a soft nudge to at least attempt to get your passport, I will humbly appreciate if you can at least think about learning a new dialect and for great measure to embody the power or yourself, how about a taking a class.

And yes, it can be done. if you have small ones, and due to your circumstances; health related, work, or you just cannot participate now fading aspirations for yourself, then now would be the time/year to invest in them, as life progresses, I am quite everyone wants to sit back as a parent or guardian and admire their generational pride of accomplishment(s).

I have given you positive intellectual stimulation, yes, making those two brain's hemispheres, release those feel good hormones, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, therefore, I beg of you, please do not allow my breast cancer awareness to go by the wayside, and as always, the advice is free, you may take it in stride, or pass it alone earnestly.

Smile through your storms, and sing through your reign,

Picture compliments of the internet

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Let The Purifying Aquarian Water Flow

Swords- Air- East
Wands/Rods -Fire- South
Pentacle/Coins- Earth Ė North
Cups/Chalice Ė Water- West


Water, the epitome of the tranquil, adaptive, and transforming power of nature, is depicted in this card. Representative of oneís ability to gracefully glide around obstacles, the card is one of flow and fluidity, mirroring the essence of its element - water. Much like the way in which a river effortlessly cuts through mighty rocks to continue its onward journey, the Water card is symbolic of our intrinsic power to navigate seamlessly amidst life's turbulence.

The Water card illustrates a woman majestically commanding the swirling liquid around her. The illustration exudes a sense of peace through elemental mastery. A depiction of an elemental force bending at her will, not through force, but through gentle guidance. Her serene countenance encapsulates the tranquility and ease with which she commands the cosmos around her.
Her aura emanates a celestial wisdom, reminiscent of the moonís reverie reflected in still waters. Here is an individual who understands her environment, who adapts fluidly to the waves of change in the sea of existence. Yet, there is also a hint of mystery, a suggestion that her strength is borne not just from understanding the world, but also from understanding herself and the depth of her own emotions.

Her surroundings, much like herself, are fluid and ever-changing. This choice of environment in the card signifies her adaptive nature and her ability to thrive in flux. As the water moves around her, it seems to respond to her needs, creating a circle of protection and empowerment. Here lies a woman who has such a profound connection to water's essence that the waves themselves respect her.

In its essence, the Water card is a whisper from the universe encouraging you to be like water, to flow through life's difficulties with grace and resilience. Just as the moon majestically controls the tides, so, too, does the water maiden control her environment, shifting and adapting to life's many challenges. Her presence implores you to find strength within your own fluidity and adopt a fluid approach to life.

Go With The Flow, Not Against It

When you draw the Water card, youíre being urged to mirror the resilient fluidity of water. Where in your life can you be more adaptive, yielding, and effortless instead of rigid and arduous? To imbibe the essence of the Water card is to acknowledge that change and uncertainty are constants, and the best way to deal with them is to adapt gracefully and maintain our equilibrium amid the cosmic tide. Also, ask yourself: Could you benefit from focusing more on fluid solutions rather than rigid plans? Would a softer and more flexible approach enhance your strength?

Unleashing The Water Within Today

To draw the Water card today serves as a sacred reminder of your innate ability to adapt like water, gracefully and effortlessly, around lifeís challenges. It is an empowering reminder of your flexible and adaptable nature. You may be faced with a situation that seems insurmountable. Remember: just as water can carve its way through stone over time, so too can you navigate your way around any obstacle, smoothing out the rough edges with renewed grace and resilience. Trust your intuition to guide you in correct flow and allow your actions to gracefully harmonize with the world around you.

Reading Compliments of Mooncards, and this is the card I drew upon my Grand Rising

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