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Elevate Those Beautiful Chakras (Incantation)

Into the calling of the night †  
Where sacraments burn the candles upon the casting of dim light †  
Defaced divine offering unto mankind †  
No tears to offer when the hunger is not getting fed unto borrowed time †  
By the bell of the finality creed †  
In the window of time hallowed be thy sound †  
Seen the fate of holiness without the sphere of compulsion in the greed † †
The beautiful nakedness in the glory, coveted the offering in the absence of the seed †  
† †
Hopes and dreams cannot be contained by the weeping unto thy moon †  
Lust unto the realms of the dark only abuses self when deafness follows, empty cries heard in the swoon †  
Watch the shadows of the crown to know within womanhood, love must be given unto self first †  
The freedom is in the movement not to allow anyone to box the human spirit and devalue its worth †  
Be the nurturer unto the soul of Mother Nature, her tears are the only ones unto mankind to heal the earth † †
It is disheartened for anyone to view this realm we call life with childlike eyes † †
Raise your pineal gland beyond the offering not found in ecstasy between thy thighs †  
Credibility of the mind and heart, cannot be measured by the whispers for the lunacy of which it seeks †  
Who gives the time upon this hemisphere the door to the psyche of low vibration, whereas upon deaf ears in the illusion speaks of denied reprieve †  
† †
Chasten murmurs beg of meager wishes for the heart only to cry upon the air as a heart on open display only left to emotional bleed †  
A soul cannot live by the scores in the absence of what it truly needs †  
Air to breathe, water to cleanse, fire for warmth, and the wind to know it shall always be †  
The glory of the Id, the Ego, and of the Superego, itís the elements of our twilight personality †  
It is for us curtail and find the path for you to alone †  
What good to have love in the heart, to want it cradled when we become the flogged flesh, then buried like a forgotten bone † †  
In His image, manís soul has survived the truth, his justice, love, compassion, it is the root of his Heavenly stories †  
As a woman, we are the chased rib, yet found in the choice to allow of his purgatory †  
† †
It is the wisdom to uphold the regality of self, however, when lamentation to the gust, no one truly hears the love notes of the heart echoing windsongs †  
Bareness still lingers without the greatest fear of its planetary when our footsteps refuses to atone †  
The sacred pilgrimage to a manís heart is never found in its easy ploy †  
As women we are the divine creation, the bearer to birth mortals, and not to be casted aside as simple gullible mental toys †  
It is propelled by the chase when maintaining thy own heart from sinking in the gallows of the dark †  
I am the way, the light, and my path is a divine mission ordained by the will of Allah, His work of art †  
It is the life I am taught from my footsteps it will always lead †  
No matter how you think you can discern or underestimate the will of my creed †  
† †
Wisdom is what the cavalry of the heart, the mind, and the essence of its characteristics can offer up to the skies †  
A feeling once you align the elements of your purpose you shall become a universal whispered lullaby †  
The oath of your inner intellectual scrolls and what it offers unto society, in which attempting to massacre a divine protocol as a misguided child without direction, the hurt will always hover †
Tears on display as hands are bind, tongue is smiting, yet it propels to ignorance as it softly smothers †  
† †
Evolution the reasons of your presence while you in the now, without fear, since you are here † †
Give it wings to ascend, sit back, relax, and accept the gifts from the stratosphere †  
I have so much indoctrinated fortitude unto humanityís mind I must still share in this lifespan, mental charities I must give its just due †  
In the window of cosmic time, it does not consist of entertaining the slothful in thought, or give the greater of my goodwill intellect, to the blinded without a cause, or befallen to the egotistical wraith of the naysayer, or fool †  
Bow your head then elevate your worth †  
Life is about living, showing compassion to the ill, the mentally abused, and the ones whose silence keeps them wrapped in the blanket of their own hurt †  
Lift your head, and tell the weary how to remain faithful, advise them the secrets to the soul is found in their rebirth †  
† †
If not found true of thee †  
Or the chimes of those ethos, pathos, and logos that keeps us sane we must balance naturally embedded in you and me †  
The Seven Chakras, let them astral plane to kiss the Heavens, bless the Earth, and purify the Sea, in each dominion I will tenderly commence †  
Ancient of time from way back when †  
† †
It's a part of my templeís emancipation †  
My soulful dedication †  
The sultry undertones of my poetic liberations †  
As I humbly bow to you in divine salutations † †
† †
With much respect, sit down, step down, or move aside, please †  
And allow the warmth of the Sun to shine at ninety degrees †  
As the saying goes, one head shall always keep the eyes on the sparrow to give love and direction to the baby and civilizationís carriage †  
The other shall keep the head buried in the sand only to feel oneís own provoked ill will, rooted in Cainís narcissisms, in hell shall be the marriage †  
† †
Assalam Alaikum †  

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 24th Dec 2023
Author's Note
My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Maya Angelou

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