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Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Settling back in the capacity of my professional duties... where did the time go..

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1244


Blessed be unto the caress of the gentle wind            
Close my eyes, traveling to a land long before the creation of sin            
I hear the hooves of chariots as man stand in God’s image            
Oh, greatness of thou Pyramids, Pharaohs calling within another dimension              
The Nile, I bathed the heritage of my melanin in the bosom of its depth              
The Ankh, my amulet adorned proudly around my ancestor’s neck              
I breathed the air, so laden of roses, frankincense, myrrh and sweet-smelling Jasmine              
Goddesses bowing unto their God’s Psalms, the spillage of blood as history begins              
Hieroglyphics, my beautiful language sings of yesterday’s glory              
Lineage, the legacy, mummified buried of greatness, hidden from books telling of its rich stories            
The melanin content giving credence to my lineage flavored skin          
Life barriers of mythical properties once you take it all in              
Tells of my centuries, history of young and old              
What shall be first, shall be last, shall be first again according to my ancestral sacred scrolls              
Bow unto my Deity the greater investor of my soul              
African dances, spiritual ceremonies, the rite of passage as time once beautifully foretold          
The salutations reaping from my mouth I humbly console        
As my mind relieve you from earthly dismiss as wickedness blindly patrols            
Hushed whispers, sailed in the blanket of night              
Sweat from dusk to dawn, with no relief in sight              
For a taste of salvation, equality, freedom shall be phrased in its beautiful echoing songs              
I hear the voices, the cries from the Motherland, see your tired feet, Oh God, I hear the bemoans              
Footsteps dancing with the coatings of hope heard in the soft resonate of the wind, intellectual reparations we now commend              
Unity sang unto the North star all night long, faith, courage as it silently blends            
Goddess of the spiritual prophecy, who governs me              
Gives me the blessings to lavish my creed              
Rules the beat of my timeless heart              
I curtsy unto your grace, bless my temple, honor unto my Chi, my sacred parts              
Shh.. inhaling the land’s inheritance from where I once roamed              
Opening my eyes, the Motherland, my soul shall return with open arms of its enriching home        
I bow my head in the chasm of humanity as my mind, body, and the crux of my spirit in benediction atone

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1244

The Flame (Svadhisthana Chakra-Orange Candle)

Come and dine at the offering bestowed from my table.      
Sweet words softly given sweeter than the taste of maple soothing elements to the mind ordained from birth past the first steps of the cradle
The offering unto your palate from centuries ago told      
Close your eyes as my incantations from the seventh dimension of time have spiritually caressed and physically consoled        
Dwelling in the dominion in the hues of midnight          
Baring the burdensome credence of me, myself and I, walking the naked journey as you give authority to the worth of your steadfast plight            
You are you, and I am me, no need to compete with the path of your own feet              
Implementing its mendacity discernment of consolation            
Only the distorted revelations of self, dims the accountability, acceptability of the path of one’s cognizant vibrations            
Insights of the soul conveying into the darkness of its Heavenly meditation            
Resting in state of awareness, closing your eyes to veil the world’s calamities            
Evading the realm of the fifth dimension, asunder of mind, body, and soul in celestial influence, elevation of all things is possible subconsciously in the ninth          
Seconds and minutes, brings no blessings upon the awakening of its guarantees                      
Intellect neuron transmitters thriving at the peak of dawn before the alliance of body and soul remerge            
Heart palpitations faint as the body christens itself as it emotionally purge          
Dream state to lands before the Ying and Yang of time            
A visage of nostalgia once you open the portal of that third eye            
Evolution in its purest refraction            
Embryonic kindred from the womb’s elapsed Deja vu with each uterine contraction            
Pushed out the warmth of divine amniotic fluid in the Creator’s name            
The commencement of your fate, is yours, unto destiny to ordain sympathy, morality, or shame                    
The wonderous of that traveling energy of our aura upon respirations we will always posses              
Astral projection in the synagogue of another sphere, unlocking the meaning of life, breathless in the shadows of death            
Ascertain to the awareness of self this is the only beginning of our wealth            
No such definition of failing the simplistic of humanity’s test            
Begging your conscious to put an end to it all            
Rebirth in the realm of Karma, your principle of living is the noose of Hell tenfold worse than the first fall                      
In the cathedral of reality and virtuality when the presence stands in the sun            
Ideals, notions, success, no spiritualism to sustain, a fruitless gallop while on the run            
The only departure you will reap is being looked down upon and read of our deeds from off a eulogized piece of paper            
Beautiful flowers of baby breath, with white roses and entwined Heather            
Heads bowed in a ceremonial cremation or carried away in a beautiful pine box            
Barren supine vessel, spiritual ascending of an earthly gift to now spiritual unlock            
Life is to live, love, with laughter, and give receptive cheer            
And cleanse the soul with fallen tears            
So many people come to lay their burdens on altars and then raise up            
Communion to erase debauchery by sips of salvation from an ordained cup            
Hemispheres of the brain kissing the enlightenment of the subconscious            
Sublime in quantum bearing the fortitude of our essence            
and all its beautiful receptions whence            
Melatonin coated in the perception of the three wise men is where the presence of true intellectual stand            
Fortified and found in the hypothalamus, pituitary, and the pineal gland            
being one with self is the universal’s blueprint            
Reopening of eyes and surviving this facet is measured upon how we circumvent      
Mind, heart, and soul the trinity of mankind where life, death, and rebirth is the true manifestation in the divine order of life to repent      
Assalamu Alaykum

The flame is the visible light and heat produced by the burning wax vapor.

The Svadhisthan Chakra is associated with the color orange. An orange candle can help balance this chakra and promote creativity and harmony. The Svadhisthana Chakra, is located just below your belly button. This chakra is responsible for your sexual and creative energy. It’s also linked to how you relate to your emotions as well as the emotions of others.

My lower level recreational room.


Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1244

Straight Talk Live Reboot (Grand Rising)

“Good Morning/Mourning”
There is never comfort in a good morning

It is a word derived from the translated three Books Of The Dead, I would strongly recommend everyone to read.

In this day and age, we have submitted our temple unto mankind systematically destroying through the media, technology, from the food we eat containing GMO’s, and cancer-causing agents, (Death Merchants) to his manmade pharmaceutical poison we digest for medical elements, to the propaganda spewing from the media that enables our brain cells to think on our own.    
Most able bodies among the world’s vast population here today have concerns about dying when we look forward to spiritual rebirth. We worry about materialist gains in life we can never take to our resting places once our last breath is taken of this earthly life.    
The greater good of humanity’s fortune is always found in the four chambers of the heart. Kindness, Courage, Love, and Spiritual Awareness once those elements are tapped into as the heart takes its circulating oxygenated beats, the dynamics of your aura will be a force to reckon with. In my line of nursing profession, time is always the crucial component to breathe, or the expiration when it no longer ceased to exist.    
In still dismays me, how we find peace within ourselves when we are facing imminent death. The tears of life seeping from our eyes knowing we hated deeply in our hearts, whereas, it should have been a time to foster love, in retrospect, when animosity, loathing, spoke the true words in the absence of peace.    
Incapable of reliving forsaken times, therefore, we cling on to our Bible, the Torah, and yet, we attempt to find the hidden significance of our ancestral rites of greatness in the Holy Quran. We hold tightly to a loved one’s hands as last sacraments are prayed over us, or we kneel at the altar asking why such burden one must carry alone.    
Does it really take much to love and honor each other, uplift one another to our righteous glory? When one is on their deathbed, it should be a time of inner celebration, inner peace shall fill the moment when words cannot convey, or when the pain has surmounted, and the only comfort is closing one’s eyes for rest.    
Unfortunately, today, society has become blinded with the throes of vanity until the point it has become the warmth of our hearts, a mainstream taboo we have physically and spiritually adopted.    
As of late, it appears the only visual touches the human soul can submerge the heart and mind comes in the form of social media; Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok just to name a view.    
Nothing is sacred as of old any longer, at this rate we have surpassed the days of Sodom and Gomorrah; you can get nudity, sodomy, rape, murder, racial, bigotry, peep shows, chat room, webcam masturbation sex, let’s not forget disruptive Karen’s and their fifteen-minute fame of glory by one click, and on your cellphone.    
Are those the only elements life has to offer now?  We are the computer chip what technology has come to reap, whatever happened to molding the younger generation’s minds, preparing them to survive once they graduate and step out into the real world.    
There are so many events that are occurring around the globe, but we are not being advised. We are being blindsided by #WOKE, Donald Trump's legal woes, The Abortion Pill Right Debate, Debate of Gender Pronouns, NASA has reported Alien activity in the skies in India, digital currency, implanted brain chips, and according to the government, America is now at a debt ceiling crisis.  
I am slightly perplexed here; did we just not send over billions of dollars and high-powered equipment to Ukraine in the assistance in their war against Russia. Why we are being blinded by political jargon here. China and Russia have built a stronger alliance, in addition they have incorporated several African continental countries to rebuild a once apartheid country.    
More on this AI (Artificial Intelligence) Did we not see this coming, think back when we were programming our computers under our voice command, our television, our remote controls, then Seri/Alexa came along, the Artificial Intelligence voices of the future, then the installing of the doorbells that greet our visitors, surveillance camera you can see while utilizing your cellphone, your touchtone computer screens, your television apps that operate under voice command.    
We have been under Artificial Intelligence for so long, however, as of late I could only assume the hardware and the purpose to incorporate it more aggressively must be important per the government.  It is embedded on a corporate front very rapidly, I do wonder as time progress and AI becomes the second nature of our life, how does this correlate with employment, are we at the throne where machine replaces humanity, I am just thinking in broad terms here.  
As this evolution of man verses the machine is taking place, and not just in America, please take into consideration, China technology is so far advance. They have made life-like robots. Where is this world heading to, what are we headed into.  
Please make sure you take care of your mind, the world is a lot to process, and as you notice time is moving so fast, it truly is, so enjoy the moment in time before they fade into the past, drink plenty of water it keeps the body hydrated.
May the Creator always bless your forwarding steps.  

Starting sometime next week, I will be attempting to show you how to make healthy smoothies at home that project is in the immediate works.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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