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Poetry Contest

let the music carry you away
be inspired by the music

let it carry you away to far away lands and times

new writes only

one entry per person

here are some links to get you started though you may choose your own..

list the link to the song that inspired your write

The Gael

Highland Dance

Wolf Blood

The Voice




again you may choose your own Celtic song

dig deep and be inspired

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incense curls
up smoky trails
painting a haze
of mystery
in my darkened room
music hovers
in lavender evening air
wrapping me
in a sultry mood
flickers dance
on tiny feet
as candles
set a serpent's beat
tips to limbs
move as fluid
beneath the waters
of my soul
what begins within
becomes extension
to the song
that dwells inside
as cedars sing
their voices deep
a sigh upon the wind
nothing between
the moon and me
just as it should be
secret devotion
to sacred emotion
these moments
are wholly mine
as silver tresses
brush hips and thighs
firelight sways
and caresses
the forest
within my eyes
ancient melody
holds and enchants me
and I'd have it no other way


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thank you lovely Willow for starting the comp. off in an enchanting way..

poet Anonymous

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thank you lovely Amelia which song was your inspiration dear one?

jade tiger
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The Morrigan

A swath in fires' smoke, the raven's call
As thunder's drum, the last of daylight fades.

The ancient songs drown rush of women's skirts
Their hems whirl, billowing with strobes of dance.

The moon eclipsed, the blood is risen o'er
Upon the hearts this summer solstice eve.

Melodic dirge of cauldron stirred by all
With strike of dulcimer & fidd'ler's bow.

The bright bravado quickness of their feet
Step bare upon long, broad & wooden planks.

Black-wing'ed ravens fly o'er village roofs,
Their cries of strife to warriors in the hills

Who forge their swords & bathe the blades anew
In falls cascading down to emerald glen

Where dragons circle low anticipate
A feast the Goddess brings to them to-night.

Her starlit eyes stare down upon the flight
Of villagers who race across the valle,

And manifests her messengers of birds
Where wizards wait & hold the dark at bay.

O Morrigan, your fertile sorcery
Should battle be your wish upon the land,

Then draw the fates your furies to us now,
Devour all but let our children live.

And they will dance for you as we have done,
In time, your thunder, to the beat of drums.

Copyright © 2017 Jade Pandora.. All Rights Reserved


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Into mists of Albion where the land grieves
Tribes composed of the earth, sky, and sea
Cernunnos whispers concern through the leaves
As the Ninth Legion rapes and spreads its misery

Cold warriors garbed in iron trudge the mire
And pave the golden fields with dead stone
The frozen chariot wheels now ignite with fire
The painted tribes no longer stand alone

“The rape of royal blood cannot stand
Tell your legions we are not your whore
They rape the blood and rape the land
Now we crush the fools that won’t withdraw”

Boudicca flies into battle on a chariot of rust
And though her rebellion ends in poisonous dismay
She united the Celtic tribes and gained their trust
Hail the Celts, her memory will never decay

“So, to the Christgod with all the demands”
The last druids dying breath talks of the stones
“We are Celt folk bound to these lands,
this land will survive beyond golden thrones”


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thank you Jade and composedWithrazors wonderful entries..

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Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen, keeper of memories,
take mine away through gentle sleep.
Here next to your mound in woods deep,
I'll hope to retreat to your gentle reach.

Send your daughters to my side,
to witness my vigil in forest glen.
Where are you royalty fae?
I need your aid in my deep despair.

You exist in a realm far from here,
portals of dream are entry there.
I bring my burdens to your doorstep,
to lie down as your eyes gaze at me.

Your eyes follow me as I stride
across phantom fields in my mind.
Twisting paths lead me astray,
but still I press on to your side.

Monsters of mind threaten me,
creations of fear and dread.
Chasing me through hidden groves,
as I strive to pierce your veil.

Deeper into dream, struggling on,
your minions flank at my sides.
I draw nearer to your high castle
my burdens lessen with each step.

Finally I reach your threshold,
Fairy Queen, keeper of memories,
I lay them down at your feet,
trial of my journey put to peace.

I was released from memories,
you took them in hand.
My shadow fades from the mound,
as my body leaves earthly realm.

I lay by the mound in woods deep,
but no longer look for me there.
I've found the way to my true place,
free to live life in the land of dreams.

poet Anonymous



Wings spread and stretch
propelling me towards
a darkened sky nestling
multi faceted diamonds
its thick threads

Gliding along
and in between
the southern
and westerly currents
I soar to travel
vast distances
under this
magnificent canopy

Empowered by love
and protected by
I venture in my
nightly rounds
visiting the souls which
I've come to cherish
to settle any signs
of discontent or unrest

My committed embrace
seeks to rid the monsters
which claw and torment;
to reshape rosebuds
allowing them to
rather curl from a grimace
creating the outlines
of a peaceful
crescent moon

Hovering above
the Beautiful
the Precious
the Sissy
the Sultry
the Lovely
a light breeze
cascades gently across
exposed flesh
while I kiss lids
to then whisper
into unsuspecting ears
the words of
"I love you..."
before pressing
my affections softly
upon each and every tip

Dust is blown
to bring about dreams
once glistening
has settled and adhered
to their nightmares
found wrestling
while trapped
which haunt now ever present

Hieroglyphic`d digits
stroke the symbol
of infinity
to the center of tightened chests
penetrating to entangle
and lift
any worry or pain
tucking it closely
within folds
to instead
be carried away
with me

Feel its release
as I delicately land
high above all
to take these burdens
I've stolen
while casting towards
Gaia with a prayer
to gift their souls
as she takes hold
to bear
and forever
absorb them

Copyright © 2017 Schiitaryn McKenna. All Rights Reserved


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thank you Poetryaccident and Taryn for magical entries..

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Wolf-men Army

(Wolf Blood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06H_6oI4EK4)

In great hoards
Them came rushing down
From the highlands
Ready to do battle
The full moon reflecting
Off their matted fur
Battle axes and long swords
Through the villages they marched
Gathering brethren as they went
A sea of colorful kilts dancing
In the shadows
All Clans coming together
In mutual hatred for the invaders and
To protect their lands and kin
Their jagged smiles shown wide
Sharp fanged teeth
Proclaiming their eagerness and lust
For the blood they must spill
Wide eyed wolf-men rustled from their slumber
Their musicians behind
Masterfully playing their war songs
Building momentum for the ever growing army
Gathering for the dawn
The night air fresh with the smell of
Excitement And Determination
It fills every home and heart
Towards the sea
They marched
In silence and conviction
Banners waving in the air
The clamor of their weapons
Dying down as the distance
They cover becomes greater
Tonight brothers will gather
For tomorrow
The slaughter will begin

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thank you Xmar love your warrior song..

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please be patient with me my wifi is down and i'm currently at a local cafe using their wifi.. let me consult with my co-judge and we will have a winner in the next few days

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