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Who do you think you are?

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Anything goes

Are you a poet, God, or whatever you think you are enter here and lets see your desire and your poetry. What can you offer to the world? lets see if you can trully offer something that can change human destiny, this is a world effort c'mon!! Lets see all you poets dancing with ink and expressing truths of the universal cry within you lets see you move someone in this world and make their day or even their life. Imagine that it is a possibility, lets go and do right for once on this planet! Please

poet Anonymous

I Don't Know
who I think
 i am
but i know
what i try
to be

I'm not wise
with my stupid
and my
embarrassing skeletons
always take the cake
when i throw a party
to shed a tear
for my comfortable
that have left
for an early grave
but their shadows
still remain

I don't know
what i think
i am
but i know
what i try
to be

I don't know
all the words
that i speak
i rely on others
who will disagree
so i can think
through the fog
of ignorance
that's standing
in my way

I don't know
who i think
i am
but i know
who i try
to be


poet Anonymous

We Are Autism

We are human
Of sorts
In mutated form †

A minority †
That is growing †
Finding a voice †

We exist †
Despite attempts †
To change our identity †

The purpose of inclusion †
Is to educate †
Not eradicate †

So with open minds  
Open hands †
We bare our souls everyday †

Itís a hard thing to do  
Explaining how you function †
To everyone you meet †

Constantly jumping through †
Hoops designed †
To normalise us †

Who are we?  
 We are part of new sub culture †
We are †Autism  

We are self aware †
Yet deemed lacking †
Cause we operate differently †

Our focus †
Develops passions †
That colour the world  

Donít dull our brush †
Or the vibrancy †
Will be lost among the grey †

poet Anonymous

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver    
In this life can you make lost souls for once a true believer  
For the ones who have detoured from the righteous way  
Humanity eradicated, thoughts below as they continue to stray †  
Once upon a time society had admiration for the things we say †  
Helping one another in times of need †  
So long ago forgotten, as the land of the brave constantly political bleed †  
Dream Weaver †  
Leave It To Beaver or mental deceiver †  
Homes of such, has been systematically destroyed †  
Troops are still being deployed †  
Kidsí mentality is controlled by a pop of a pill †  
Weapons in their hands for a direct kill †  
Is this the passion of Godís will †  
If so, Hell is going to be mighty full †  
No one down below will have any say, or financial pull †  
† †
Heaven with a vast of spacious room †  
Only if you can forgive the sins of the forefatherís, trickery gloom and doom †  
Rebirth of the internal soul still looms †  
After church service that concept is gone too soon †  
† †
Marches for peace †  
Riots crying out from the streets †  
This country is sowing for political seeds from what it reaps †  
Dues must be paid †  
Talks of ground wars, trade wars, plans have already been laid †  
More violence, increased visions of discrimination †  
Bombs planted set out for packaged elimination †  
Police brutality initiations †  
Male annihilations †  
† †
Will the bloodshed of America ever end †  
Whispered words on the knees is where it all begins †  
The more you pray, justice feels as if itís a dream †  
Political rebuff, back door wicked schemes †  
Where are we heading, no one seems to know †  
As I once told someone, I have an umbrella whichever the pouring rain flows †  
† †
Television, the vision of command †  
Does not caress you, yet it demands †  
Controls the minds of woman, baby, and man †  
What you see are what the eyes are led to believe †  
You must decipher to mentally perceive †  
Working by the press of an alarm clock just to monetary achieve †  
No money in hand, no fast cars to drive, no beautiful homes to stand in, only name read in remembrance others will come to grieve †  
† †
Dream Weaver †  
Eyes have seen, ears have heard, keeping my eye on the sparrow achiever †  
Hail to the Queen †  
Some would question, however, words have never deterred my dream †  
A tale for another day †  
Yes, I would have my say †  
As we speak, too many pressing issues to relate †  
To sink venom, not my creed, Iíll leave that to the snakes †  
I hope to always engage your mind †  
Mind still flowing on cloud nine †  
As I bow before Godís designs †
† †
Life goes on †  
Let the words of these issues be your guiding song †  
I will not be gone for too long †  
Closing my eyes, mind is now sailing †  
Fate, Karma, and Destiny also prevailing †  
Love and Hugs †  
To all my readers who have crossed my path, I give you my kisses and mental rubs †  
This Dream Weaver has ascended †  
Celestial stars my soul has blended †  
Make sure on earth, you always strive to stay in it †  
Atrial plane, up here no pain †  
Feel my echoing words in the midst of your earthly reign †  
poet Anonymous

My Identity

you want to know
who i am

you want
a nice snapshot
an easily identifiable image
so you know which box to put me in

my job,
skills and abilities
that i apply well
in return
for monetary compensation,
is part of me

but it is not who i am

my sexuality,
the ability
to give and receive pleasure
with another person,
is part of me

but it is not who i am

my spirituality,
in a higher power
and how I connect to it,
is part of me

but it is not who i am

my ego,
the organizing
logical and methodical,
is part of me

but it is not who i am

my subconscious,
the part of me that i canít see or explain,
but that
my irrational fears and superstitions,
is part of me

but it is not who i am

the musician
the artist, sculptor
writer, poet
cheerleader, naysayer

the teacher
the cook
father, son
taxpayer, farmer

the leader
the follower
predator, prey
master, slave

the priest
the sinner
stargazer, scientist
beggar, thief

the winner
the loser
average, exemplary
mediocre. mundane

are part of me

but not who i am

who am i

all of the above
none of the above

i am me

infinitely undefinable


deal with it
poet Anonymous

Only in My Dreams

Only in my dreams am I truly at peace,
The moon is my constant companion;
My sweet Luna brings light to the darkest of nights,
Her soft glow lulls me to sleep.

Only in my dreams am I my true self,
I can be stripped of my dignity and face no persecution;
My body and soul are bared to be seen,
Yet I have no shame.

Only in my dreams am I truly happy,
My imagination reignites and runs wild;
My soul departs my body in search of adventure,
In the blink of an eye the universe is within my grasp.

Only in my dreams am I complete,
Love, peace and wisdom are the Holy Trinity;
Symbols flash before my eyes,
My mind translates their messages effortlessly.

Only in my dreams can I achieve anything,
Self-doubt and fear fade away into nothing;
I can be Superwoman, or I can be a dragon,
Or I could be at peace in your loving arms.
poet Anonymous

tho oft i'm slain

Inner peace doesn't come from getting what we want, but from remembering
who we are.
óMarianne Williamson

caged bird, perhaps
thatís who i am

   † † † † † † † † † † † † †wings without flight
†† † † † † † † † † †an endless plight
†† † † † †shackled by rage
inside my cage

the broken harp
thatís who i am

†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †no strings attached
†† † † † † † † † † †tho i have watched
†† † † † †new melodies
hang from the skies

the broken dream
thatís who i am

†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †night sends no peace
†† † † † † † † † † †for sweet release
†† † † † †when dreams lay dead
upon their bed

poťt of poets
thatís who i am

†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †no ink is theirs
†† † † † † † † † † †without my tears
†† † † † †the heavens know it
i am a poet

child of the King
thatís who i am

†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †caged bird, harp, dreams
†† † † † † † † † † †poet it seems
†† † † † †i rise again
tho oft iím slain

© Copyright 2019 December 05
by Clyve A. Bowen♫
poet Anonymous

No Deception Mine Own Reception

I Am A Particle Yet You Bet I Am A Wave

I Am What I Let Go And I Am What I Save

I Am Nothing And More I Am Everything

Motion Commotion Still In Silence Sings

A Dream In Between What It Is I Mean

Reality Fatality More Than First Seems

Some Say A God In Heaven Does Trod

I Say I Am God And Smile With A Nod !
poet Anonymous


Step into my essence, dance to my own song
unusual quintessence, breath my sweet perfume
waltz my existence, inhale where I belong
hear my adolescence, where sorrow is entombed

Feel my heart beat, understand it's kind and giving
crawl beneath my skin, let empathy abide within
view my world with eyes of wonder, ever dreaming
have a sense of my intentions, understand where I've been

Speak my thoughts, misunderstandings will be erased
know my desire to rid injustice, so mankind may live in peace
walk among those dying daily, appreciate living's grace
tread that mile in my shoes daily, compassion will increase

Above all these there is one thing, wrap yourself entirely
in love and kindness, expect nothing in return
cast aside words spoken meanly, blessings you'll clearly see
feel the depth to which I love, understanding will be born
poet Anonymous

When at Last She Sings

Do you fear the silence?
The dreadfulness of night?
Every beast is sleeping
Waiting for her dawn to break
Listening for the forgotten call

Do you feel the whisper in the air?
Resurgence is on the horizon
A voice will rise from blackened ash
Like smoke you'll smell her there
Like a wildfire you'll be running

Ringing her declaration bells
A fallen angel wakes tonight
Roaring in sinister symphony
Reclaiming her perverted throne

Every repentant knee will bow
The guilty stripped naked at her feet
Those who once molested her
Will hear her damned voice ring

No condemnation for her vengeance
No remorse for those who scream
Do not fear the chimes that sound
Her wind is stirring everything

The hour is near, rapture shall come
The gates of Hell will crumble
What fire she'll rain down with triumph
What cries we'll shout in harmony
When at last she sings
poet Anonymous

who do i think i am?

think? i know:
i am dust and starbrites  
collective consciousness of nanoseconds
a cumulative mass of memories  
responses-past of physical  
and emotional  

i am  
white-water and the sunlit stream  
waves and rain and colder condensations  

i am prism  
pupilled iris and lake's surface  
óway-station of oxygen †
human-manufacturer of other, older gases  

i am the electric spark of life  
the pump and slew of bodily parts  
their flex and calcification  
the untold power of a mind  
that lives beyond parameters of flesh  

i am the hand held out  
the shoulder  
the soft heart and the wise  
bender not breaker  
honed where once blunt  
tempered by trials  

stripped naked  
óthe learner of lessonsó  
i clothe myself in light and shade  
of my own choosing,  
in humility, honesty & understanding  
aware of my own faults  

i am  
celebrant of humanity  
judge of transgressions  
the mouthpiece and the scales  
in balance  
in justice  
in honour and in truth  
for it matters  
to me  
who. i. am  

poet Anonymous

The Royals vs the poet's realm

Of splendid thrones of gold  
or treasures manifold †  
† †
Of jewelled caskets †  
or lavish banquets †  
† †
Of Emirs and rajahs †  
Of Sultan and Shahs †  
† †
Of kings and queens †  
Of rulers and emperors †  
† †
Of sparkling crowns †  
or flowing gowns †  
† †
Of their subservient stewards and obedient pages †  
Of their stalwart squires and servile knaves †  
† †
Of poor humble, docile minions †  
who tended to regal pavilions †  
And obeisantly carried royal palanquins †  
Oh and some were real life harlequins † †
† †
Of castles and palaces †  
of abounding gold and silver †  
in ostentatious regal splendour †  
† †
The sidelined fanning maids in waiting †  
Yet to me only one thing worth noticing †  
The minstrels who came to sing †  
from afar for the queen and king †  
† †
For I'd rather be a poetess for kings †  
so to my tunes swayed a kingdom †  
than I be the king of mere subjects †  
and be filled with regal boredom! †  
† †
So I could join ranks of † †
troubadours †  
and sing for the king † †
some folklores. †  

A passion for poesy  
For magic of literacy [/b]
poet Anonymous

Who am I?

Who am I?
I know my name
I know my date of birth
I even know my place of birth
But who am I?

Some think I'm smart
Some think I'm a retard
Some consider me strong
Some consider me weak

Some say I'm so weak, it would be too unfair to compete
Some say I'm so fast, it's like I have the worlds quickest feet
Some say they can see exactly who I am on the outside
But who am I on the inside?

I love to write, I love to draw
However neither of them i'm good at at all
I love math, I love science
Sure i can rehearse meaningless mathematical principles
But all my scientific "facts" are horrifically biased

Some times I wonder who I am or what I could be
I'm documented and the world claims me as it's own
But who am I to be accredited for?
poet Anonymous


I was born of splitting atoms, way before Eve and Adam,
Fitting of nuclear power rhymes with lines which sang:
ďHere comes the Krackus causing a chaotic cosmic ruckusĒ†
Spitting flames at Ďem I had Ďem taking aim from the Bang.†

I was brought into existence upon natureís ill persistence,†
A mix of super stellar rhythms and intergalactic grooves,†
I was a harmonious fusion of both creation and evolution,†
A movement of hybrid rudiments meant to make you move.†

I was conceived of spirit and will, crafted with artistic skill,†
In light of elements coalesced with force and energy,†
Bringing to life this form from the midst a colossal storm,†
With a passion pulse destined to bring about synergy.†

I was birthed into the universe, with kicks in old skool Converse,†
Ready to flow ire fire in verses versus the glow of red giant suns,†
But it didnít (dark) matter who was the first or who was the latter,†
Because I am the one son whose tongue is measured in megatons.†
poet Anonymous



Where have you gone no answer I hear.
But only a presence that lingers so near.
What seemed to be right always was wrong.
The weakness I see once made me feel strong.
Soul searching discovers my unworthy pride.
Truth breaches the wall thatís kept me inside.
Together held well within boarding frame.
Likeness visional and dreamt hardly the same.
No relief I feel against an icy cold touch.
You are to blame for so little as well as so much.
Desperately hid from judgmental gaze.
Remembering what was in earlier days.
With out you I of course could never be me.
I truly am what I am and all that I see.
Despite all the changes that Iíve been put through.
In the mirrors glass pool itís me and me too.

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