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Who do you think you are?

poet Anonymous

Agreed Contradiction

Your absolute arrogance  
eclipsed by illogical certainty
Think you solved my mystery?
Come closer, look once more

I'm the juxtaposition of known universes
hidden discovery of uncharted constellations.    
A shooting star eternally illuminating
never-ending darkness.    
Harmoniously dissonant    
emotionally logical    
lyrically silent    
serenely violent    
inhumanely compassionate  
divinely mortal  
nonviolent mercenary    
dominantly submissive    
compliantly defiant    
eternally fleeting    
madly lucid    
religiously profane    
hypothetical actuality    
impeccably imperfect    
I am the intersection    
explicit collision course    
polar opposites residing    
in positively negative space    
Try to label me, I dare you    
It’ll be your last act    
before you’re history.
poet Anonymous


of    central    psychological
and   processes            
alchemy  like   mixing  of
numinous  invisible  
unconscious   conscious          
One’s  Self,      
Inward  outward,          
feeling  thinking  making  
contact   inward  outward         
the rational conscious  
genuine  value  what  
 becomes  exercise  self-
to know shine  searchlight  
bypass  conventional  
abundance  symbolic            
understood    unconcealed            
understanding words        
          within    without            
Instinct  as          
 aspect    of          
play  decisive  symbolic           
theme  parts          
cosmologies numinous          
knowledge, rebirth,  
poet Anonymous

Deep breath

the intermission
between moments
of boredom
when being
forces oneself
to examine
each fleeting second
beneath the microscope
of existential time

what is this?

why am I me
rather than you?

where am I going?

while the angst
pushes against
my soul
and all reality
turns toxic
with lungs plunged
into the void
of infinity


give me oxygen


Harry Rout 2019
poet Anonymous

These Dark Clouds, Colored Luna Grey

silky words
seep slowly
my crowded head,  
each one    
vibrant colors  
the atmosphere  
~and they sing~  
images flutter,  
landing softly  
these dark clouds,  
colored luna grey    
with the melancholy  
of existing  
in skin    
that doesn’t fit;  
each stolen    
from memory,  
my insatiable    
it’s hard to tell  
~they all sing~  
rotund bass notes  
skin to skin  
the upwards lilt  
that finishes    
your voice    
like a fine wine    
paired perfectly,    
and my ears  
are an empty glass,  
poet Anonymous


poet Anonymous

This is ME

Kind, fun, caring, smart
Imagination drawn in beautiful art.  
Grace given without  debt
Instantly decide the hurt to forget.  
Surrounded by positivity, gratitude and joy
Speaking words to enrich and never destroy
Conscious of nature in all its glory  
Proud to live my individual story
Not deterred by establishments rule,  
Kind to animals, never cruel.  
Welcome, adventure knocking at the door.
Embrace any chance to explore
Forging a unique path
Glass always full, never half  
Practising unconditional love  
Believing in the force living above
Steadfast in my beliefs,  
Comforting others in moments in of grief.  
What is wealth if friendships are hollow?  
Give me connections and money borrowed
In years to come and my light fades
Peace I'll enjoy knowing, from my path I never swayed.
poet Anonymous

Who Will I Be?

Some say I came into the world with fire
In my veins and the truth in my heart.
If one stands close enough they can see
And feel the emotions, including desire
I wear on my sleeve every day. I start
From scratch because it is who I will be,

And become. They see that fire turns into
Water, something calm below the surface.
To them I am God because they think I have
That much power, but I am only like the blue
And calm sky. I am the raindrops they trace
With their silky fingertips and as they halve

Their love they are born with I am there as
A reminder to be gentle, yet free. Kind yet
Brave. Smart yet balanced. Happy yet elated.
Because I know the fire and I know the topaz
Flames. I know pain. I know the burnt cigarette
And I certainly know how much the world waited.
poet Anonymous

Tears Of A Broken Soul

My heart ache as you break me away
You walk out on me
Left without having any words to say

My love had expire
Sour like apples
In my feelings
I felt like i'm going to be sick

Tears falling down my face
My heart is broken
This hate I cannot erase
Without even having any words to be spoken

Tears of a broken soul
This pain doesn't seem to subside
With the true emotions you always try to hide
There is nothing left to do
But die from the tears of a broken soul

I thought love suppose to be true
This was all a lie
I thought this was meant to be
Everytime I look in the mirror I see me
poet Anonymous

Live a little more

I don’t feel alive
Sitting on the couch
No one calling
Nothing on tv

Focus on my breathing
Decide who’s deceiving
Disguise who I’m being
Dream who I could be again

Describe how I’m feeling
Prescribed to feel again
Only to stare at the ceiling
Blank face in my mirror begs

If I’m already dead
I should start living
Stop caring while
I can be me again

Until then
I crawl out my grave
And try
A little harder than before
I’ll live
Live a little more

Might Fall on my knees
Beg god please
But I’ll Breathe in the new

I don’t want to feel
possessed by this feeling
Wanna do what’s next
while I’m stealing air breathing

I don’t know where
I’m going to stay
when all this goes away
No memories or thoughts
So I’m going to start living a little more
poet Anonymous


Here I am a change man due to an situation that became beyond my own control but yet it is that one situation, that changed my life forever as it became a health issue that I didnt even knew exist, for you see lets start from the beginning of that journey 17 years ago for the date was Dec 19 2002.                            
                                                                                                                                          It was in the wee hours of the morning just like another raising of the sun when I awaken to start my day but yet to my own surprise, a shape pain run up my spine grabbing me with an unexplainable hurting pain till it bought tears to my own eyes, leaving me in a fetus position unable to move due to the shapeness of pain that run up my spine.                                        As I laid there waiting to be taken to the hospital all kinds of thoughts were running endlessly through the mere depth of my mind and for the life of me I couldnt figure out why, well after the MIR and CT SCAN I was inform that I would need to be rush to surgery to repair my spine for a spinal infusion as I was inform that I may not ever walk again.                                
                                                                                                                                    As that thought sinked into the vortex of my mind I saw my life through a different set of eyes, even as the tears fell down my face asking WHY is this happening to me but upon my awakening from the surgery, that fact became truth spoken indeed for there I laid unable to move my legs facing a life bound within a wheel chair with therapy awaiting me for my future life cycle. But yet as the reality settle in my mind I was determined to walk again on my own strenght of power, for the me that I was never believed in giving up so on Dec 24 2002 I was sent home for recovery cause I didnt wanted to spend xmas even in the hospital, for I was already feeling the depression setting in my mind as well as my soul.                                          
                                                                                                                                  But through deep determination and the help from the most highest spiritual soul and good kindred souls those 3 years, were the most painful years of my life for you see I was determined to walk again by any means necessary, so through therapy and time to heal I achieved that goal to walk again on my own for its been 17 years since that time and I still am walking now only difference I walk with a cane now as I have been bless to continue to have LIFE.
poet Anonymous

Psyche of the Dark Poet

Sanity is an unsympathetic creature lurking in our blind spots.
If the dusky rays of Gothic art can’t cast out this relentless foe,
Then our gift of imagination and will of expressionism
will ignite its stalking shadow with a vengeance.

I’m proud to be of another psyche.
Without it, would we write
with such metaphorical beauty?
I think not.

In fact,
all these words
would be ordinary.
The hell with ordinary!

I want my head to whirl around without the sense
of what is in front or in back of me.
Can a head spin 360 degrees?
Imagination could.

It can turn this head again and again
until it screws off its spine and lands by my feet.
Even then, I’m not spitting dirt,
I’m chewing what the world has discarded,

Whether it be taboo or the unspeakable,
it belongs to me.
My words, my feelings, my thoughts,
there’s no defined script for imagination.

Latch the hooks into our mouths
with what you think is true
but they will not open for you
or in a way in which you’d perceive.

The distinct silhouette of reality will be within sight,
the metaphor, however;
will have a shadow which blends
into the most potent of light.

Wherever the creature may lie,
its white eyes illuminated in some dark shadow.
Now and again
its claws sting the outer reaches of my body.
poet Anonymous


Time to break  
Not broken
Badly restored    
A temporary fix    
Over and over    
It's not how many    
Times you fall    
But how you    
Get back up    
So with that    
He went    
With an abstract    
Painted plan    
He stepped    
With new    
Second hand  
A polished    
Fresh faced    
Wide eyed    
And ok    
With it all    
You can call me    
Mr optimist  
Not quite a
With found    
Last piece
At peace    
With you    
Where I'm    
From a former    
Curves in the road    
Now learnt    
A tougher hide    
But still sensitive    
For better    
Or for worse    
 And being kind    
To myself    
On new found  
He flew    
A believer    
In what he    
And the world    
 Have to offer    
One another    
A truce.    
poet Anonymous

Peace Acre

Hope filled    
No distractions       
Realising a dream  
And driven  
This time  
The storm blowing  
around me      
The external noise      
Unable to penetrate  
The hawthorn      
And the blackthorn      
With the help of      
The hazel  
A barrier      
The oak      
The strength      
For stable
Fruit trees      
Apple, plum  
and pear      
Enough to see  
me through      
A baron winter      
The silver shimmer  
of the birch    
Holly, with it's  
red berries      
A friend at  
winter time      
tough enough      
To lean on      
Both flowers and  
To keep me  
Vegetables growing      
Urging each  
other on      
The lada brimming      
A time of plenty      
Every breakfast  
By their productivity      
Golden yellow      
and white  
A place for every      
Wild creature      
A safe haven      
All friends of  
The earth  
The humble cabin  
As if being  
there For a  
thousand years      
A place for self      
Poetry, art,      
Music and dance      
Family fulfillment      
A land of  
Renewable energies      
Solar, wind
Man and
Woman power      
A place of joy      
At one with nature      
The sky, the earth      
Animal kind      
All at one with  
Not just anywhere  
Home found  

Peace Acre.
poet Anonymous


I'm only writing this
Because i want to
It might be less than
Some people do
They forget
We're all brothers
And sisters
Of course
I'm not going to
Try to speak
In morse
We're all travelling
The same roads
It's just
Some roads
They're more difficult
Than others
All being brothers?........
poet Anonymous


Today I realize    
Angels are here with me            
This city just won't let me be        
The wicked are always at my door            
They keep crying out for more

I'm trapped in the beginning of the end      
I can't see my blessings, Just my sins
Voices echoing in my head      
They say don't look back my friend
Leave here before you're dead
Her memory blows like the salt in the wind

Here on this mountain            
There's no peace within me            
I pray for you to set me free            
Everything I can't remember            
They took from me in disgrace            
In their attempt to save the human race

Find your future from the past
For the salt will forever last
Life is not a compromise
Keep on moving leave it behind
By faith you’ll only realize
Her memory blows like the salt in the wind
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