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Poet Introduction

Comedy writer and also write serious stuff from the heart when I'm in the mood. Without humour life has no real balance and we take ourselves too seriously. I use humour as armour against the slings and arrows of outrageous circumstance. ;-)

Favorite Poets/Writers

Wordsworth, Keats

About Me

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Light hearted old scrote, retired and loving every minute of it. A believer in The  Power of Now. I love my SCUBA but won't bore you with it.
An Ex soldier of the British Army (12 years)[/size I like to write humorous verse of the smutty type for my own amusement but will inflict it upon other folk by request.
I have published two books of this genre on Amazon Kindle they rejoice in the titles: The Ballad of Cunning Lingus and Really Rude Rhymes. They are selling quite well.

I also write serious stuff mostly from my experience of life so some of it is a bit dark. I like writing in couplets and bugger fashionable trends. This has sometimes brought criticism from the troll types who read me as an easy target for their ire. BIG mistake!!
So there you are If I win the lottery I'll post it on here and buy you a drink well I'll smile at you anyhow!

Motto:The human mind is like a parachute, until it's opened it's just another burden.

My Reading List

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Poetically Poetry by RainC_Tara (rain1courtel)
Satin Scripture by RainC_Tara (rain1courtel)
Stars Harmonizing~ by RainC_Tara (rain1courtel)
MOIST~ ~ by RainC_Tara (rain1courtel)
Shine Within Shame by RainC_Tara (rain1courtel)

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