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Hello. My name is Edward. i am from New Orleans.

🩸i drive a red subaru.

i take estrogen and testosterone-blockers. it's good. i m the upside down monkey in my profile picture.


Well it looks like they think they're Jesus. Since the Tết on Chewbacchus, after Mary Queen Of Peace. Thank you for reminding me what you said ~ Not that you're entirely liable ever to read this, but, you never know ~

Don't worry though, It's been thee forever, and since the estrogen now, most of it is become 'cause she's remembered she's that. He.

This all here is mostly just a thing. A lot of my interests are magicalspiritualallegorical
i m not always too much concerned with making perfect sense, or even any sense at all – though i do like my writing to be as "perfect-est" as i can get it, so i m liable to make twenty-teen to a zillionth of edits to a piece after
i ve posted it. i guess
i m self-obsessed, too.  

Like a diary too, explaining as if to the what's-going-on where ed himself have been and upcoming ere with instructions to all to be more like he. It contains other things as well.

ed always wanted a diary, but he couldn't until he learned to write it out here,

@deepundergroundpoetry .

i spent a lot of the last two years alone, falling apart and figuring out how to put me back together

the nervous system.
Ghosts Up,
all the way down.
The reaction system,
deep pause,
give us just one moment,  please –

Escape momentum I  create magical fracture

023 is the number denoting the interconnectedness of all things, and of reading richard scarry books while pretending to be friendly animal people.

I write most things as a cut-up – Sometimes I run it back and forth through a translation engine too – It's legit. It's a form of self-communication using randomized disassembly and recombination – It's magick – It's fun.

the other profiles on here call themselves Cloven_Zonkle, and Emily.

Edward will tell you that he's a girl, really, and that he has a girl's name.

~ Magick thought goes like this ~

Everything is fractured

Everything is whole

Everything is imagination

Everything is real

Heal Your Self, Physician