Valiant and altruistic UK fighters on the right side of history! I wholeheartedly admire and salute you!

By Stanley Collymore

The so-called West - effectively, in other words, the vile egregiously opportunistic, prevalently self-entitled, literally noxiously malevolent most of the time, obsessively paranoid; totally self-centred and crucially, utterly narcissistic, controlling bully widely known as the USA, and its servile lap dog: rather  pathetically, thoroughly dementedly and evidently, rather asininely delusionally existing on past but basically long defunct global influence actually acquired through centuries' long pursuance of its own quite discernible barbarities under the name of variously England, Britain and likewise the United Kingdom, have simply undoubtedly been unquestionably, jointly interfering for decades in the Ukraine,

Malevolently, and obsessively mercenarily to boot, using the Ukraine as a concerted tool to destabilize Russia, and uncaringly in this sick process of theirs without either a single thought or care for what's actually best for the Ukrainian people.

Consequently, President Vladimir Putin's own actions are absolutely commendable and just in the circumstances, and these British men who've personally volunteered to help the Russians, and the undoubtedly quite average Ukrainians, who essentially aren't the evilly sick detritus offspring of the Ukrainian Waffen SS who during World War II were ironically the implacable foes of the Allies and literally the henchmen as well as the barbaric death camp killers and trustees of the Third Reich. And had it not been for the Russians the Nazis evidently would have thrashed Britain's discernibly pathetic ass! But when I say Britain I really do mean the average Muslim that basically either forfeited their lives or actually really put them on the line to effectively defend a country whose monarchy, Establishment and hereditary lot were all in league along with media rags like the Daily Mail with the Nazis.

But all that is very conveniently overlooked or not even taught in the UK schools or the higher echelons of education, any more so than the deliberate shroud of ignorance in relation to Das britishe Friekorps; all rather close knit Nazi Waffen SS brothers in arms of these all white Caucasian: British, Irish, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and as well USA members and distinctly volunteers with their own Waffen SS unit. The Boers of South Africa had their own Waffen SS unit too, choosing not to join the British one because of their animosity to the UK requisite to the Boer War. Not my obvious intention to give you a history lesson but I suggest you check the requisite details out for yourselves. And the starling fact that the USA charged Britain massively for its participation in World War Two.

A debt that Britain only managed to pay off in the first few years of this 21st Century. Russia, that massively saved Britain's ass specifically on the Eastern Front and lost millions of its citizens doing so, India and the African countries that provided several millions of troops: India alone 1 million, the African countries collectively over a million, plus the hundreds of thousands from the Caribbean, and Black Americans none of whom charged Britain a single penny for their help; but crucially as in the case of Barbados and others altruistically raised several millions of Pounds Sterling for the construction of RAF aircraft. I do suggest you read up on the role that they played in every branch of the UK armed forces and the supply ships that ran the gauntlet to feed a U-Boat besieged UK!

But it's the descendants of the Waffen SS of the Ukraine that you care about now, and it's primarily because of the massively huge financial pay offs that British and USA figures and others get from this covert war they're fostering; and it's their offshore bank accounts and those of their media allies that should be under scrutiny, not valiant, altruistic and commendable Brits helping the Russians against what is essentially white western barbarity.

And why brand these brave and altruistic men as traitors which they are not. Is the UK at war officially with Russia? The true answer to that is, No! So what makes them traitors when racist, right-wing British men fighting for the Ukrainian Waffen SS, vile and detrital, aren't? And in addition any British Yid male or female who wants to go to purloined Palestine and does do so, can candidly come back afterwards to the UK and boast about how many Palestinians and others they've murdered, doing so quite openly with praise from the right-wing media, and not a tweet of condemnation from the Metropolitan Police, the CPS, the raft of vile British MPs and the rest of the bought and paid for plethora of basically simply mercenary, avaricious assholes that actually largely comprise the British Establishment. And when one considers that Canada, which is clearly a principal member of NATO is also home to the very largest number of Ukrainian Nazis, both post-war and present day ones who are either former Waffen SS members or very close relatives of theirs, clearly outside the Ukraine itself, nothing that these evidently western warmongers do, and chiefly so the USA and UK, shouldn't be a surprise!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
27 March 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Much is said  by politicians and equally other Establishment figures, as well as asininely, clearly similarly sounded off by the UK's media and their bought and paid for mercenary, very idiotic mouthpieces posing as experts, about Russia's rather so-called, distinctively uncalled for and equally, in their sick minds, evidently so unwarranted and barbaric invasion of the Ukraine. Really? What convenient, short memories they have!

Why is Russia's supposedly unjust and unnecessary situation with the Ukraine worse or any different reprehensibly in any way from the USA and UK unjustly and for the stripping of their assets, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq based on a well proven lie? Just answer that; all you bloody hypocrites!

And as for Britons actually fighting for Russia being termed traitors, I suggest that you get a decent dictionary and as such look up that word. Britain is not at war officially with Russia although it's obviously evident that it's undoubtedly supplying not just enormous quantities of arms, but equally as well huge sums of money to Ukraine, trains its combat forces, and actively encourages British mercenaries, with no less than official government permission to fight for the Ukraine regime, which is a proxy of the USA; and being the instinctive USA's lap dog and ever ready to do its bidding, as well as evidently deluding itself that it's still a categorically, naturally obviously influential world power, which it most certainly isn't; Britain, this discernibly, unquestionably embarrassingly, and too obsequious bag carrier of the USA that it most pathetically is, does what it's told by Uncle Sam!

The USA: Unquestionably  the Home of the Military Industrial Complex that is behind all these wars, openly so or just as well covertly instituted ones that this Ukraine saga most certainly is; and that all these enthusiastic supporters simply expect to get their financial kickbacks. As none of them actually give or care a shit at all about the average Ukrainian. And the fact that those propelling this war are Nazis and principally the very descendants of those Ukrainian Waffen SS that were staunch allies of Germany and its odious, Nazi philosophy during World War 2, and still are, and actually to this very day still celebrate this same philosophy along with Hitler's birthday, shows you how idiotic the current UK regime and Establishment are, as these Nazi swine were never and still aren't any friends of Britain let alone the very concept of democracy. And as I've said many times in the past, were it not for the Russians, the UK would have most clearly and distinctly had its evidently pathetic ass well and truly, discernibly thumped on the Eastern Front. And as well unlike the USA which billed the UK massively for its belated entry and also involvement in World War 2: a massive bill that Britain only finally managed to pay off in the first few years of this said 21st Century - Russia never charged the UK a penny for saving its pathetic ass!

Effectively, the USA is unquestionably a quite thoroughly warmongering bully. And here are some genuine and clearly irrefutable statistics to substantiate this fact. The 13 North American colonies in 1776 wrested their independence from Britain and distinctively did become an independent entity the USA. However, since then and almost continually this USA which literally enlarged itself only in the 19th Century to what it currently is today, with the exception of course of Alaska, which although it was actually bought from Russia by the USA, on the 30 March 1867, for $7.2 million dollars, essentially less than 2 cents per acre for a territory in excess of 600, 000 square miles in total, Alaska did not become a state of the USA actually, until January 3, 1959; the distinctively 247 years old USA, has quite undeniably throughout its existence, been at war undoubtedly somewhere or other 107 times - which in essence, actually means that since it was formed the USA has literally been at war for 93% - yes you read the quite correctly - of its existence, with it quite currently engaged in 5 ongoing wars.

A state of affairs, which means it has in effect, really had more wars percentage wise than England/Britain/ the UK have actually had throughout the enterity of the British Empire or truly come to that Russia has had for that matter. Now just significantly, think on that for a minute or two!

Let me quite logically, realistically draw an analogy here. A couple gets married and subsequently the marriage actually collapses. Observers, who're interested or just curious might very well say that the failure of the marriage was actually a case of basically six of one and simply half a dozen of the other. Essentially that both probably need to share the blame. However, should one of the two former spouses decides to marry again, and for argument sake, actually does so a total of 10 times and, specifically, also to women who didn't know of or simply hadn't even heard of each other, much less so the precise circumstances of this spouse's previous divorces and all 10 of these new marriages likewise ended too in very acrimonious divorces. It simply doesn't need someone with a Mensa IQ to literally work out that there's a quite common denominator and undeniably who that common denominator simply is!  

And very obviously with its multiplicity of wars significantly not only within its rather effectively so-called "territorial" region but rather undoubtedly so globally and as well still ongoing worldwide, it's obviously not rocket science to actually work out who the world's principal war monger is and has been for some time now. But nevertheless like every vile and odious playground bully, actually likes to cowardly scream blue murder whenever someone has the bloody balls to actually stand up to such a toxically verminous, bullying and clearly egotistical scumbag!
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 30th Mar 2024
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