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Musing Obsidian

I gave you grace...a chance to salvage face        
you met me in the midst of my fuckery        
I wanted to love you..ego-tripped over all of your red flags        
spooned fed you liquored pints of transparency...        
a chance to peer beyond my shadows        
boldly hidden in plain sight        
but your presumptuousness overlooked my djinnis       
cuz you wanted what you wanted        
never concerned yourself about my whispers and dreams        
you decided instead to snoop thru my phone        
and create your own narrative        
I gave you access unlike any other        
you used it to run a smear campaign in my name        
tried to isolate me..alienate me from my loved ones        
barbwire my creativity        
self center my Eros around you        
but I was Me long before we became an 'Us'       
you most definitely had me fucked up        
cuz you couldn't possess me like you thought you could        
didn't know i turned my itchy demons into allies        
they warned me about the likes of you        
as my God spoke parables...        
lust and obsession burned a quick flame        
searing truth from skin        
then came that asphyxiating dust...        
leaving us equally choked in        
the nuclear fallout from emotional burnouts        
crashed landed on a honied moon        
shattering mirrors...envisioning exit strategies        
now looking at the proverbial front door        
from a backdoor fabrication that should have never existed    
in the first place between a fabled you and I      
who tried to fuck and find love on a bed of nails..        
doomed to fail        
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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