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Mama, You Sacrificed Your Son To The Beast

The shadows of time chasing the ouroborous of your hellish thoughts at heart † † † †
What, you have no more use for the voices in your head whispered in the dark † † †  
Read your divine scrolls demon † †
You have offered your own flesh by blood in sickness you have curse his loins unto his generation by the rite of passage, his earthly his semen † †  
There is no redemption in death † †  
Ash to ashes where tears shall fall and grieve as Jesus wept † †
Was it worth the enslavement of Luciferís kiss †  
There is never an excuse to enjoy the humiliation of his flaming bliss †  
No matter how much, how many times you call to the Heavens above † †
Deafness upon His ears, you were tossed out with your Hellish father, with no love † †
† †  
Upon your altar whatever you are praying too † †
But it is not the Heavenly Father and upon His grace he still pities fool † †
You stand in contempt by the admission of your own satanic mouth † †
Nothing above to save your worth as you dip farther and farther South † †
Burn baby burn † †
Dust to dust, thy first born shall comfort your Urn † †
† †  
Let me ask this of you once again so I can fully understand † †  
What demon had your mind under duress to enlist such a demand † †
You have admitted you fucked the cross † †  
I pity your spiteful depraved soul, now you are begging the dark because the light you have lost † †
What wicked web you have weaved † †  
Spilling blooded tinged fake mantras even when you write it, you still do not believe † †
What mother in her right mind sacrifices the living soul of her son to the beast † †
Then cast stones in the ceremonial you ask humanity to sit and enjoy your poisoned wicked feast † † † †
Yet attempts to make common sense to sound whole, yet, psychologically a misfit, dim wit †  
To the surrounding of awareness that truly sounds incomplete † † † †
†† † †  
Then trying to step into the warmth of the light, of thy will be done †  
You soul is not even up to bargain, the Devil in your rebirth has already won† † † †
Love with you comes with an immortal curse † †  
Rotten Fangs, Dirty Horns, then a soul trapped in a hellish hearse † †
The pollution of your placenta in the lineage still reaps its poison of your time † † † †
Mental scars from your childhood from a worthless swine † †
Mother with mental deviations to have left a bleeding black rose with bleeding claws behind † † † †
I have nothing but pity and contempt for you † † † †
For societyís medication galloping down your throat controlling your moods, you are the product of its side effects abuse † † † †
†† † †  
I am sitting on the right hand throne of my Creator, witnessing you play such a lost and forsaken childish part † † † †
Royal blood fusing through my veins, I can claim, itís in my DNA and itís a beautiful work of art † † † †
What happen, to the darkness you pledged too † † † †
HumÖ could it be, you got bedazzled to touch divinityís garment, to save your useless soul, unstable in the glory of its light, knowing you are an unstable ruse † † † †
Your footsteps where you stand, cannot get you past your non-spiritual denomination to covet the image of Godís divine man † † † ††† † †  
You looked at an undraped mirror where you now see the true reflection of your own ugly image † † † †
An alien clothed in a sheepís mind who has nothing to give, devoid of spirituality, a black widow to the world, your hatred only self-diminishes † † † †
My vibrancy is too high, you psychotic succubus, I get my mystical codes from beyond the stars, as doors open allowing my aura a pathway to the sky † † † †
My spiritually does not dwell in the pit that can never be raised our ever exhausted † † † †
Itís blasphemy from lips who has been earthbound rejected and airborne tossed † † † † †  
Femininity of honor, faith, gratitude, bestows to the heart for all, an intellect that I attempt to spiritually feed † † † †
You dare to come up against unspoken ancestral rite of powers, non-caring fueling the needs † † † †
The track marks lining your collapsed veins, will be the holocaust of your drug induced greed † † † †
Foolish forgotten cursed spitting your ancestry malice, evilness, envy, jealousy those are the gifts of your demonic creed † † † †
Your lineage in the Caucasus Mountains were made to serve unto the Indigo Sun child † † † †
Withering odorous rotten flowers in your self-medicated garden only grows wild † † †  
† †  
† †
As Above, So Below † †

† †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 1st Dec 2023
Author's Note
Waxing Gibbous 🌔

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