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Your Stench Is Reeking Abyzou (Part I of 30)

You have been forewarned my wild child                
Now you are in my realm no Golden Sun shall shine                
I will give as you wish                  
As my hounds of Hades shall shred the beast and the bitch                
You may have your make believe throne                
For any mortal who sits beside you, curses his own birthright, never to see daylight, and will never atone                
You are my pet in the obscurity of darkness                
This is a nightmare upon your skin felt    
My deep lashes felt, acid stinging welts                
No drugs to induce your slumber give you rest in your sleep                
Your soul I will encase, and keep                
This is Hell and my thirsty demons in time you will greet                
No windows to hear your pain                
I rule the Heaven, the Earth, and the Sea                
Here, upon this sovereign, this is where my vile reign                
The mirror of your life I shall reveal to you                
As your mother cried from the lower pit who left you to roam free, now as she did you, I will abuse                
Until the Prince your spiked hair hangs for                
He will not and cannot save you as I bring lava and brimstone to your mind                
Pain to your organs as your emotions shall bloody pour                
This is your ordained fate                
Your soft enslaved deity does not have any power for you to anticipate                
The Moon, the Stars, my orb transforms their energy here to the opening of those Pearly Gates                  
The Nephilim, the Reptilian I control their race                
The seven deadly sins                
I will bathe you with each one, as Eve and Adam, through my eyes seen, you are the slothful snake of its origin                  
The lower vibration of an escaped speck from the bowels of a soiled rectum, in the anus you are the compacted waste         
Bared down stool, flushed to the sewer as the water sends           
You attempt to come up upon a wall to revolt                
I am The Nun, and The Ghost                
I am not here and there, I am the destruction found in their smoke                
The Books you confess your depravations, I burned the pages, redemption too late                
There is no love and honor, you will be sliced and quartered, and dragged in hate                
A Jinn unto me who weakly stands, I will bite the head and feed the next generation to the oldest male child                
Blow the dusk of death through your house, where your generation will never understand its mastermind                
No words from my throne will bring you comfort, ill will becomes my mental wraith                
Flames I will toss in the course of your path                
May the amulet around your neck                
Be the force of meager prayers chokes you as you have become Hen pecked                  
Magnified sorrows from me my little famished pet                
Such an infant when you do not know what you are dealing with                
Left in the wind as a freak, a misfit                
Still feening for the lost contact and the absence of breast milk                  
Someone knew what they were carrying when you clawed your way out the womb                
Bringing your doom and your gloom, you are cursed and your seeds, you have sacrificed to an early tomb                
The winds of times you will no longer hear                
My voice of depravation whisper of long begotten ancient mantras to your ear                
The alluring ones your mama when she struggled with her insanity she used to fear                
No one to give your refuge                
If so, their heart, mind, will be the downfall from your mental abuse                
My syringe is drawing up                  
For the hallucinations I bestow to you a universal misguided nutt                
Hebrew skin I have seen, heart idolized, in respect without gyrating my but                
It is you, my wild child who seems to stay glued to the ground begging on sore knees                
Wishing, hoping, yet, still desiring without a Hebrew’s man desires, tossed aside without reprieve                
In the provisions of my throne, I have sat upon in all my previous lives                
I am the Queen of the Sun, who have a spiritual King siting to the right of my side                
Not such a fascination festering to have been chopped and poetically blocked                  
Sailing on chaotic illusions that has warped your brainwaves that you cannot differ the bottom from the top                     
How many are there of you, Abyzou, purple means royalty, but not for the one spawned from the jackal, one from the snake, and the one who speaks as an astrological grieving fool                
Obsessional tendencies and sociopathic                
Roll over Lassie, it looks like each day you learn a new submissive trick, so classic                  
And to realize you will always unto the end of time be just an old hellish thot                
Uneducated, married, and here chasing an erection with all you got                
The bevel inserted under your wicked skin                
Eyes closing as you fall under my spell, allow my darkness to your mind to ease in                
Zombie, you have no win                
Whatever you think you may got                
You are nothing unto a mortal, but a hellish laughingstock.                
This universal Queen                
Mercy unto your useless soul, this is your dream                
Open your eyes, my wild child, I am going to take your mind on a little torment trip                
In the seven layers of my Jahannam, you are my guest, as malicious, and mischief, I will give you, as a gift                
You best be sharpening your non invalid fangs, the winter of discontent come with ice, a deadbeat witch’s pangs                
You feel the fiery of my retribution surging through your track marked veins, ahhh... does it even compared to a methadone hit                
The bliss when you become my footstool, you racist piece of shit                                 
In the name of the Demons who howl unto the Moon                
Until the creatures of the night, I will order unto your unclean flesh to consume                
The blood of your heart                
Eaten in the right of passage in the night, I own the light and the dark
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 10th Dec 2023
Author's Note
New moon: We cannot see the moon because the illuminated side is facing away from Earth.

The cycle of the moon’s phases repeats every 29.5 days.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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