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Unto The World We Give (Faith-COTS)

The North we give unto you the Fire † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
The South we give unto you the Sea
The East we give unto the Earth
The West we give unto you Air
To the temple of the Sun that radiates upon humanity of the world
Tell us why humans allow violence from the hearts instead of love from mortal minds to unfurl
Do you not see, can you not comprehend the codes given from the skies
The enigma to longevity is not found in a Holy Book used to place a hand upon and then confess out the mouth concealed lies
A burning cross in the name of salvation yet, unto a race of people hatred in the demise
The trees you inhale of its natural oxygen as you breath without question without whys
Strange fruit have swayed upon the branches by-and-by
In the cause of destruction, manís hands starting fires to steal sacred terrain
The wealthy buying the charred soil before the loss of deep-rooted heritage can mourn the pain
Everything is not what is seem, ask the citizens of Maui where no echoes of its beautiful heritage remains
We see what the eyes cannot tell you it is our ancestral gift
No matter which way the cold winds may drift
The sanctuary of our intellects is the core of your civilization timeless confessions
We feel the four concerns of the world, the expressions upon the shores, coats me in their soft dedications
We bow to the tears we see from what the mind cannot grasp
Is this the thirteen elite familiesí plot that must come to past
Divide and conquer
In the order of anarchy, the powerful and aristocratic escape to the silos and deep underground bunkers
Not so fast, we are moving at a slow pace
One color of blood, one purpose to get to Heaven, one life, one death, then why is there so much discord among each race
The power to love and walk as if you are God or a Goddess, it is your passage to own
It should shower your existence whereas, it should always be the praise of your universal Psalms
Mind altering drugs, man made assassins at the governmentís discretion
Then voices cry out on Capitol Hill to the NRA to denounce and confiscate the Second Amendment to bare the craftsmanship of your deadly weapons
We are the people, not man
You clone the clouds, you embed radiation in virgin soil poisoning your own fertile untilled land
Lies and Spies the beginning of Armageddon you bring upon your shores to cause mayhem on the Creatorí s time
Classified military operation, million dollar deals arranged by heads of states to bring the sound of pre-election war crimes
Look around universal chaos is in front of your eyes
The media brainwashing power to feed the psyche lower vibrations jargon, more potent than eating human organ meat served with your bioengineered burgers and a side order of greasy fries
Look to the mountains feel the acid rain
Live the American dream, cannot enjoy the comforts until you are over sixty, body ridden with cancer, too old to feel the pulsate, memory forgone to relax the hemispheres of the brain
So many lives hang in the balance of life or death † † †
Fame, Money, Gold, it does not matter to their sense of power, poverty, or wealth † † †
People running out of in Chapels, no more your ask for answers or resolutions on your knees † † †
Does it really make you less grand, if your vocabulary does not include a thank you or a please † † †
Grandeur with words that do foster when not appeased † † †
Never throw stones † † †
Lips saying one thing, mentality tends to come on strong † † †
In life, never allow them to see you sweat † † †
Bow in grace, aim your arrow, and let it flow when distress has been met † † †
Live mortals in the day as you were born
Once out the womb it only brings the compassion of hatred, strife, and scorn
The heart is meant to share
Wisdom, you carry upon the strands of your hair
Your feet are your journey in life
Man unto woman to take of his wife
The Golden Rule
Society must kneel, bridge your hands together, chant your mantras, upon standing
Your presence become your surviving tool
Go in peace humans and uphold your touch in faith and peace
Allow your spiritual incantations to guide you, keep you upon your Grand Rising as your path to the sky may it lead
Assalamu Alaikum

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I Fear No Evil, For Thy Ancestors Are With Me

The Children Of The Sun
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