Kill in Anger

The mirrors cutting through my sanity
Reflect a thousand different faces
All belonging to me

Drag down the cloud
You rest upon
Rub the spit in your eyes
Crooked words walk around me
But itís time now
Itís time now
Push my face into yours
Until you taste my fingernails
Squeeze the tears from your veins
Forbidden to me
This time itís mine
Of my own making
Whether by submission or desire
No line exists anymore

Die to win
But it goes both ways
Satisfying enough to know
Itís only me
Thereís only me

Each face another shade of grey
Sick of the same
Sick of this game
I can make this go away
I can make this go away

Scratching enough to break the skin
But nothing comes out
I hate you
Your faces twist to compare
To my confusion
Disgraceful, distasteful
I hate you

Creatively express thoughtless wonder
Echoes around your soul as if itís nothing at all
As if it weighs nothing at all!
Itís everything to me
And nothing to any of you

My tongue burns from the salt
The sore will never go away
And I will never tire of the taste
Enough to repel
Enough to dispel
Spiraling from inside to out
Another voice to follow
Squelch the desire for peace of mind
For the desperate longing of silence
I can make you go away
Youíre just a shell anyway

One less to burn
One less to cleanse
Figment on a shelf
Same as the one praying on his knees
Hollow decadence  
Fills whatís left
Top the chart, sign the bill
Break the heart, pop the pill
Itís all the same to me

One less to love
One less to buy
Ambiguous is to confusing
As whatís mine is to me
Left for dead, left for another
Doesnít care, doesnít bother
I never liked you anyway

Laughter like cracked, silver bells
The fiends seem more pleasant when they smile
Just this one
Just this one

Shiver to numb, as the cold sweat dries
Cracking knuckles, releasing with a sigh
The shell ceases to writhe
Gently I whisper
Written by Results_May_Vary
Author's Note
In regards to the video: I know I messed up a couple of times. I was tired and had done it about 11 times beforehand. I hope you still liked it.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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