Image for the poem The Skin in Pieces

The Skin in Pieces

An oil painting,
made during the Renaissance,
with cracks,
cracked, with cracks;
with deep wrinkles.
A masterpiece
of a painter
who did not accept
the title of painter.

An enigmatic smile,
hypnotic look,
a burning background,
surreal impressions
in the retinas of those who look
that look,
who surrenders to a smile,
who wanted
to be as good a painter as that scientist;

Who reads the cracks
on the surface of the skin, oil,
from the board;
who thinks it's about time
for that smile
to stop by the skin beautifying clinic!!!

By the way, if a guy
who says he is not a painter
paints a picture this way,
imagine if he decides to be a painter...
I think, with my buttons,
that as a scientist he was a great painter.

The guy was a genius,
he managed to sketch
a good part of the machines
that for us are banal
and for his time
they were nothing more
than alchemical hallucinations.

Maybe, without knowing it,
his anatomical studies opened
path to the existence of the Skin Beautifying Clinic.

They say, moreover,
that the frame is a very well engendered
way to trick us
a kind of renaissance “drag queen” self-portrait,
in which the painter, who was not,
makes the meta-language
(20th century invention)
into an expressive form of his own homosexuality.

(Sorry for the term, but there is no other,
If you want, you can interpret the sentence as:
“an author’s fad”.)

And if so, clap for him,
which once again confirmed
his genius as a painter!
Not that it wasn't proven before.
by the “Virgin of the Rocks” or by the “Last Supper”,
where, if we look closely,
Christ has a face like a woman
of the other frame, which in turn
there is that of the scientist who was not a painter,
but he was a genius!!!

What a skin had the artist scientist drag queen,
pity that, with the years,
created its wrinkles out there...

The painting is beautiful, as it is beautiful
the smile, is beautiful the scientist
who lives in the painter's skin,
The work that survives 500 years is beautiful...

Skin beautifying clinic finances up to 5 years...
The skin, the smile
and the wrinkles stayed in time as they cracked.
The skin, the smile and the wrinkles
they cracked over time, they stayed.

And the Japanese standing in front of the work,
with their cameras,
completely unaware of the existence
of The Skin Beautifying Clinic.

Author's Note
Mona Lisa
Italian: Gioconda, Monna Lisa
The Mona Lisa is digitally retouched to reduce the effects of aging. The unretouched image is darker.
Artist   Leonardo da Vinci
Year   c. 1503–1506, perhaps continuing until c. 1517
Medium   Oil on poplar panel
Subject   Lisa Gherardini
Dimensions   77 cm × 53 cm (30 in × 21 in)
Location   Louvre, Paris
The Mona Lisa has survived for more than 500 years, and an international commission convened in 1952 noted that "the picture is in a remarkable state of preservation." It has never been fully restored, so the current condition is partly due to a variety of conservation treatments the painting has undergone. A detailed analysis in 1933 by Madame de Gironde revealed that earlier restorers had "acted with a great deal of restraint."

Wikipedia 11.05.2023 14:33 h
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