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The Rise Of The Wolf By Tenderloin (Blending Juices With SweetKittyCat)

A few extra drinks that hadn’t been planned
He’ll be parking the car to foot it on land
He’s cutting it close, just under an hour
The moon’s growing plump and so is its power
She exits the club, and the street is deserted
Hearing footsteps get closer her senses alerted
Mm… what a handsome man
I do hope he is packing a boner in his pants

She turns to assess him and flashing her smile
“Would you mind,” she inquires “Walk with me just a while”
Any other night, he would quickly oblige
But he must be so careful with that moon on the rise
Please, it's rather dark out here
And its Halloween so be a dear

The honest approach is his best course of action
And he admits “I’m a danger, but thank you for asking.”
“But that’s what I need,” her eyes flare at the thrill
“A man like yourself, who can give me a fill”
And do not forget I am the treat
For any naughty trick you may want I can honor in the sheets
“I'm so deeply honored,” his response most polite
“You have got me so tempted, but it’s just the wrong night”
Let me be the judge of that under the covers
I would love you to softy please me as your body over mine hovers
Then with my legs in the air, once on my back
Whispering in my ear, I am sexy kitty cat

She boldly advances, her hand seizing his cock
And it feels so delightful, he doesn't ask her to stop
“I’m really not far, just come for a drink”
She massages and strokes it,
"Well, what do you think?"
“I won’t be the same, and I fear you'll be frightened."

But the more he dissuades her the more his arousal is heightened
I’m a big girl who could handle herself
And it feels like you could really keep me wet
I will keep you satisfied and pleasured
Once I let you sink in and out my wet treasure

“There is no need to worry and I would love to feel your kiss.”
And since my time here is limited I could really use some dick.”
Would you like to see my naked, I tossed in the air
While you are pounding me from behind mm… and pulling my hair
“Now how could I deny that?” he says with a grin.”
“But if I happen to change, you might not get me all in.”

“Now you’re just teasing,” she says with a wink
“My panties are soaked and this cunt’s on the brink.”
“Despite that desire, you might find it scary," His cautions reveal "Awful sounds" and "Quite hairy"
Lifting my skirt
“I would love to feel you make this tight this pussy squirt.”

“Enough of this talk, I'm more than ready to fuck."
Now let's get down to business so I can be your total midnight slut."
“We’re not gonna make it,” the silence breaks with a chime
“We’d better get down this alley, because we’ve run out of time.”
Then hurry handsome and rip my clothes off
Oh yes… drop to your knees, and tease my soft creamy spot
“This night just gets better,” she says with a laugh
“Now get me up against that wall and get those hands on my ass.”

Another ping in the distance and his muscles contract
“Its best if I turn you,” she feels his breath on her back
His cock at her entry pressed tight against the enticement of her anticipate
And when he pushes inside her it starts to elongate
Oh yes my love, pull my butt cheeks apart
Inhaling from the size of his width, takes heart

The inches keep growing, she is stuffed, she is stretched
And the massive hands of a beast roughly handle her breasts
Reaching so deep inside her, hitting spots never touched,
She's already came three times and she continues to gush
Oh sweet mercy… mm... there you go making me climax once again
Darting it even father I love how our juices blend
His voice long abducted by deep, guttural groans
The hair scrapes at her body she hears the cracking of bones
Wait… what.. what are you
I do not want to become animalist carnal food
I thought you were a man not a beast
To give me moans as our bodies in the height of heat sensually greet
Every nerve in her body triggers spasms and shakes
He catches her body before she suddenly faints

With the strut of an animal who has captured its prey
He cradles her limp body to carry it away
His midnight maneuvers through paths and through streets
Lead her to safety in his warm, cotton sheets

He isn't quite certain, if she can survive
But he'll do all you can to try and keep her alive
The recovery is slow but he nurses her back
And what better way to start his own pack

And given the pounding and the pleasures endured
As luck would have it she's been fully cured
And a most willing playmate for days that lie ahead
He's found a kindred spirit to prowl and to bed
And that raging libido now properly paired
Ensures any predilection once snared

Oh yes, we do blend like cream and butter... and thank you baby
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Variety, multiplicity are the two most powerful vehicles of lust.

Marquis de Sade
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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