Fight for Your Life

You against the world, or is it in your mind?                
You're punching walls for answers, but the feedback isn't kind.                  
And you're used to the sight of blood when your tears are running dry                  
Well, bandage up your fingers kid; it's not your time to die.                  
All the vacant smiles on their privileged faces can't hold a candle to that steely grin                  
that you've practiced and rehearsed since the day you discovered:                  
your own worst enemy's within.                  
Toughen up, power through,                  
show them your best side;                  
It's the fight for your life, and you won't go down crying.                  
Grit your teeth, bite your tongue,                  
don't let them see inside;                  
It's the fight for survival, even if it means you're lying.                  
You against your mind, or is it just the world?                  
Cloudy with a chance of breakdown, but you give it a whirl.                  
And every waking morning is a question of "What if...?"                  
But don't you dare give them an answer, lest you scare the people stiff.                  
All the sunny medications and dispositions can't brighten the dust on that faded grin                  
that you've touched up and glossed over battle scars of a war you cannot win.                  
Build it up, break it down,                  
make another barricade;                  
It's the fight for your life, and you won't let them take you.                  
Fake it now, fake it proud                  
in your game of charades;                  
It's the fight for survival, pray to God that it doesn't make you.                  
When you're done looking for another escape,                  
will there be anything left back home to hold up the false content you ape?                  
When you've found you're at the end of another road:                  
a bruise, a drink, a cut, a kiss,                  
will any of it fix all of this?  
Fix that face, take a breath,    
they say I'm dramatic.
But it's the fight for MY life, and I don't buy that bullshit!                  
Another day with no clear way,                  
pushing through the static                  
It's the fight for survival, and I've got to get through it.
Written by MgAl
Author's Note
A poem-turned-song I wrote during a dark and stressful time in my life. Its current form is much different than when I first wrote it, in that it wasn't nearly as rhyme-y, initially. But one day I found myself reading the poem and singing certain lines that sounded lyrical to me. I changed around and added some words to make it flow better with what I was musically hearing in my head, and it eventually became something that I had to compose into a song myself. After months of working on it (and going through phases of loving and hating it), I finally got the courage to record it and post it on Soundcloud.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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