Fine Intestines - by professor preston

The following words were an attempt to rewrite a song that will no longer be made so here it is on a site no one will ever find :) Was posted: 07/06/2015  
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If you want the details check out this story.  
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Fine intestines  
Of a mom.  
Playful and crazy, somehow  
So many desire her..  
This is how I didn't at first.  
She shows up at our practice. The whole band they all want her.. So playful.  
Envy and drama tension is high. While I say to Necro: to bang her in the bathroom. she was there for him. I was the only one not into her. Keeping my head on straight.  
She does things to spite me. I stop talking to her and she spites me. And I keep saying the same things over again because she doesn't get it. i don't even want to talk to her.  
The first night. Those fine intestines. Pressured half of volvulust to leave. nothing i could do. The band members got replaced yet again. Before I know it. Idk what to do again. Necros x is into me too.  
She's a part of my life, she is dumb man. It’s not worth it. I think she's just trying to ruin us and spite me. If you do this youll never do it again. Youll regret it Preston and you need to listen to me. I love her; I want you Preston to stop talking to her.  
Was a struggle we are all insane here. my homie is a bit abusive. A hypocrite at times. He can't get his head together and now his x plans to visit my space. they weren't together and he's a cheeter, but he calls me the root of his issues. i did nothing but help him through everything in his last relationship.  but now only after a little talking. Me and this x have more in common then they ever had.  
This beautiful bitch’s kiss I cant comprehend.  Now my best friend takes her, im amazed, im betrayed, I hope they both go to hell.  Satan will punish them both. You’ll both get whats coming to you. you are both fucking psychotic. I'm numb  
Again I'm sorry man. hells not real. but.  
This intelligent psycho is with me now.  
A place where she can be a person.  
As she said get over yourself, lets do this.  
scared of, row boat?  
Then listen, here.  
come closer, you afraid?  
for ever cause avil tri_  
Is part of me.  
Smering blood  
Down the steam  
all music will die one day... listen to some here  
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