How to have an adventure. Part 7.

1. You play peace-keeper
between your new friend
and his friends.
He wants to stay and talk
his friends want him
to come inside and dance.
That and one them is so wasted
theyíve been cut off at the bar.

2. You say youíll follow them in
after this cigarette
and even if you donít really want to dance
you stay true to your promise.
The music sucks and you donít
know the words to the song
but you fake it pretty well.
The music has a way
of dragging you in and dancing
isnít something you can hate
though itís so hot pressed up against
people that keep bumping into you
that you escape after a few songs
for more cigarettes and uninterrupted conversation.

3. You end up talking about murder
and effective ways to kill a person.
Youíre not sure how you got here.
Youíre both aware that itís kinda fucked
but you go with it anyway.
Heís as bent as you are.
He works in a kitchen.
You talk about knives and slim sharp objects.
You say that stabbing someone in the heart
is harder than people make it out to be
there is too much bone there
unless you go up and under.
(You blame Buffy the Vampire Slayer
for this useless bit of information.) †
He tells you the sternum, just below
the ribcage is the best place to aim.
You say that makes senseÖ
You tell him about the time
your boss gave a client a blow by blow account
of how she wanted to kill her own mother
before you get interrupted again.

4. This new guy is so drunk he canít stand up straight
and every second word is indecipherable.
Youíre not sure why he choose your ear
to slobber into with stuff you canít understand.
Maybe youíre closer.
Maybe youíre more non-threatening.
Maybe you just happen to be sitting
in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
He doesnít care and shares his theories
on trance music with you anyway.

5. Nature is musicÖ according to

6. You might not like listening
to the majority of this top-100
turned club banger music shit
but youíre pretty sure itís better
than lying in a field
and listening to crickets fuck.

7. You make knowing eyes at your new friend
who is laughing beside you. †
Youíre glad you met him tonight.
A few hours have passed
youíve talked a universe into being.

8. After a few minutes
Mr Nature-Trance loses interest in you.
Perhaps he had to go take a piss.
You donít care. Heís gone.
And a few minutes later so
is your new friend.
He has work in 5 hours.
Itís almost 4am.

9. You feel slightly sad heís gone
though 10 minutes ago you where
trying to work out when the right time
to bail on him would be.
You think that maybe
he little too good
to be true.

© Indie Adams 2014

Part 8 coming soon.
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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