time moves so quickly
but so slow when you dont want it to
like you are stuck in forever
but its only been a minute you've gone through

its like everytime i hear your voice screaming at me
i can hear every single word crystal clear
i can feel the vibrations of your movements near
but all i can think about is you shutting up
all i want is for you to leave

you to leave, not for me to go
because this empty shadow
is the only place i have known
its the only time i am willing to say no
so dont waste your breath
and dont waste my time
i would very much like it if you got out of my life
and got your own

no matter what you say
my cap will always hang low
the river of my tears has run dry
so my sorrows, you can drink no more

time moves quickly, i agree that it does
not only moments ago i was less wise and i was young
your words made my heart clench,
to keep my world together
my fist would then clench
i'd feel that buzz, you'd be hurt, i'd be better
then you'd run your mouth
tell anyone not to show me any love

yes that little scratch that i caused by your ear
never once stoped you from hearing what you wanted to hear
people telling me things you told them to say
the things they would do to me night or day
and that little scratch went away
but those memories, in my head, seemed to stay

but as time went on,
i learnt to numb the pain
and as time went on,
the things they did to me
seemed like just another boring day

stop standing in the door of my life
either you go
or you stay
your big ego is taking up all the space
blocking the ones trying to get in
so please move out of the way

i dont know if i will ever change
i seriously dont mind staying the same
i dont know if i will be okay on my own
thinking too much doesnt make me feel normal
until then
i'll keep my cap hung low
listen to the music
and just drown out the noise

even though im not smiling
im feeling better than before
because i know time heals or kills
all lost souls
Written by BloodyDrums (Chipoko)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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