The Fantastic Lore: Uneasy Reunion

..With the sounds of a copter overhead,  Straw, and
his posse was ready for anything. Charlie, whipped
on over to the door to peek outside. Delighted he
turned and yelled, "it's String!" Straw, exuberantly
twisted himself up, then straightened back out to
the way he was. He was overjoyed that finally
he'd reunite with his long- time favorite cuz! As
String rolled inside the room, he was   looking
around for one face only. Once spotted, he tied
himself into a knot and rolled over to his cuz
and homie! He undid himself and wrapped in
an embrace with Straw.They babbled for
awhile about who did what, and the things they saw.

Then String proceeded to greet the rest of the family
in attendance, and once he was done... Straw remarked,
"Ok now let's get down to the business of ending this!"

Straw, told String about a surprise he had. String smiled
widely and said "oh yeah what?" sounding really glad.
Straw swelled up and said , "not what, who", "remember
when I was discarded and left for waste? String
nodded yes, then  said to Straw, "go on..."

"Well, while  I was in the can I formed a pretty tight bond"
"It was with this cat who was used and abused much like
us. He wants to fight for our cause, his name is Con" and
using him is a must! He sticks to whatever he sets his mind
to, and he's a pretty safe bet." String (uncharacteristically)
frowns with disapproval, and says "well I ain't met him yet!"

"Straw, you seem to be willing to stick this dude right in
the mix. What happens if he's not really down, and it's
us he'strying to fix?"

They go back forth with their increasingly heated
discussion. They never become aware of the others
who begin  fussing. Buck-L has begun giving
CA-mhey the third degree. CA-Mhey starts
to seeth, "Buck-L you better back up off me!"

Cup, who came here along with String, upset at what's
transpiring rolls over to the wall braces it and shrieks to
out loudly everyone, "Stop this please!!" (that was
inspiring!) The room falls silent, and everyone
is  taken aback by her worried pleas. Charlie , Straw,
String, and the rest all start sing in unity, "aaww cup!"
"we're  so sorry!"

"Back to the plan now  that we've had our say" speaks
Straw "String  just what about Contact  rubs you the
wrong way?

String just coils up, and reminds Straw that they just
need to be wary. "The way we got the humans on the
run, things can get really hairy!", he says. Buck-L
quietly apologizes to CA-mhey  for making him feel
untrusted. While Charlie stays off to the side observing.
Action is what he craves,  so he's somewhat disgusted.

Suddenly a loud crash is heard from outside the door!
Charlie's adrenaline elevates and sprints out to explore.
"There's  a gang of humans coming this way Straw!",
and apparently they're back for more..!"

Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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