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Michael S. Love
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 23rd July 2020
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Night Mare

Night Mare

A creature from hell,
blacker than night.
Orbs of fire for eyes, it searches for souls,
pounding the ground with its hooves
as it runs, leaving a trail of fire behind.

In search of the corrupt.
It disturbs their sleep.
They toss and they turn
as they cry out in the night,
fear gripping their hearts,
sweat spilling from every pore.

Faces of the damned twist and contort,
flowing over the body of the beast,
moving like a cloud from hell.
They scream and they moan,
their souls in torment and constant pain.

Hear their cries as the night mare
thunders her way throughout the night
getting closer.
Closing in.

Lock your doors and windows in stupidity,
hoping that it is enough.
That it shall pass.
That is shall leave you be.

Rise from your knees in prayer to a god
that you pretend to know in convenience.

The night mare is coming.
She is charging.
The faces of the souls are screaming.
The fires are burning beneath her hooves.
Tomorrow is a day that you hope
you may live to see.

Written by michaelslove2 (Michael S. Love)
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B. A. Dise
Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 11th June 2022
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The dreams  
Stuck around for weeks
Every night
The same
Accused of witchcraft
Thumbs and toes tied
Pushed overboard
Middle of a lake
I feel the cold
My clothes soak
My lungs burn
And the last thing I see
Is the person
Looking overboard  
Watching me die
A past life?  
Explains why I have a fear
Of drowning and
Deep water
Written by b_a_dise829 (B. A. Dise)
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