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Red High Heels
Tonight...I feel like
Letting my alter ego free
A Goddis in a Leather Bodice
Is who she be...
I like to call her Sugar..
cause her lovin is so sweet
and when I let her out
she likes Red High Heels
on her feet...
With legs shaved and toned
Sugar can carry her own
She can make a grown man cry
and a old man forget his name
and though many have tried..
Sugar just cant be tamed
inside her velvet purse
she keeps whipps and chains
Or a cat of nine tails
dependin on how she feels
But she's just not complete
Unless upon her feet
Are her 6 inch Red High Heels
I've tried to keep  her locked
Deep inside but she demands to be free
She's willing and she wild...
She's a firey woman child...
and I think she's the Sassy side
To me.

Written by Firebyrd   View profile Firebyrd
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Published 4th April 2012 8:38pm  
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