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Anger Poems

Poetry about angst, activism and hate

This category is for powerful, angry poems which aim to make their point heard, including hostile poetry caused by distress, angst or facing ignorance. Anger poems cover topics like hate, mistrust, alienation and social exclusion, and include poetry about activism and social change. Using the power of words to challenge behaviour and opinions, poems here deal with anger and discontent towards people, ideology and society.
Published on 3rd July 2015 12:53pm
Written by WhatAboutMe
What about all our feelings taut?

What about the danger fraught?

What about the pain inside?

Where to run? Where to hide?

What about a shout so loud?

Never heard within a crowd.

Solitary within the rest,

The whole is full of emptiness.

What about our feelings true?

Full of colour, but mainly blue.

What about the darkest night?

A pit of hell without a light.
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anger poem

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Published on 3rd July 2015 6:20am
Written by WhatAboutMe
What of pain?
And what of love?
What of push?
And what of shove?
Check that watch youíre running late!
The Queen of hearts will not wait!
A fairy tale is but grim
Itís life thatís really dark and dim.
Lifeís a hole that leads nowhere
A Cheshire Cat thatís full of air!
Escapism needs mind-bending
A feast of mushrooms thatís unending.
Your head of voices starts to natter
Your secret soul a dark Mad Hatter.
But what of Love?
Is it just all malice?
Yeah; Stuff the Rabbit!
And Screw you, Alice!!!
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anger poem

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Published on 3rd July 2015 2:29am
Written by Cheyanne Chey
Knock. Knock.
That knock will haunt me forever.
"Keep your mouth shut."
That phrase still plays in my head.
Your voice.
That voice I will always recognize.
Your smirk.
That smirk I will always see before bed.
Your smell.
That smell I will always know to stay away from.
Your laugh.
That laugh I could pick out in a crowd.
Your body.
That body I will recognize because of the shortness.
Your whisper.
That whisper I will know how it sounds forever.
Your face.
That face I will always see when opening the door.
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anger poem

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Published on 2nd July 2015 6:50pm
Written by lostsoul9712
He's suppose to hold your heart
especially when your world is falling apart
Hold your hand in time of need
be there with a towel when she cuts her arms and bleeds
Tell her its ok when she knows its not
help her try to end the screams in the back of her head even when she knows its never going to stop.
How much longer must she pretend
that barely knowing you is tearing her apart on the other end.
Dad, is that what shes suppose to call you?
even though you were never there for her.. you have no clue.
Remember you told her...
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anger poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 9:04pm
Written by LibraSoul96

††Black is the vivid picture I paint of life. Red is the blood I shed through every slit. Purple is what I turn when I†
suffocate myself in sorrow. Blue is the water I pretend to drown myself in. Gray is my grave where I will lay peacefully. Yellow is the sun that burns through my skin with its death defying rays. Brown is the hand I use to strangle myself tightly with. Green is how lucky I get to have thoughts of death. White is what I turn when I feel every scar of hatred.††† †
†† †Fantasies that run through my mind of all these colors painting their marks on my...
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anger poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 4:42pm
Written by DEMONLOVE
Anger inherits my mind, body, and soul.
On the tip of my tongue, I wish to let words flow.
So I shall let them, within control.
You have hurt me for the last time.
Thy heart darkens as my mind goes blind.
All I have left is to remember good times.
When we all went on vacation and to the mall.
When I tickled you to the floor.
MW3 for she and I to play.
Occasional painting and talked the days away.
Our talks in the car before and after our days of pain.
This love/hate phenomenon I'm sure won't last.
I guess though our friendship is in the past....
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anger poem

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Published on 1st July 2015 2:57am
Written by vampiregurl646
You make me sick by the way you would clean
By everything
You say that you were jealous of me
Well sweetie
Just let us be!
You were never meant to be here
So leave me alone my dear
Youre a manipulative bitch
That wanted to get closer
and closer
to him
Are you that fucked up in the head?
And the thought that I wished you were dead
Thats enough said
Please dear
Let us live our lives
Instead of being criticized
Oh no
You wouldn't let us be
So I kicked you out on the street
Now I gotta pick myself back up on my own...
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anger poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 11:28pm
Written by DrunkOnRoseWater
Iím so tired of this.
Delicate words of sorrow and care.
Does this only matter when itís your mind on the line?
What about mine?
My heartís not a fairytaleó it really exists.
And recently the bruises
Have your finger prints.
I laid myself bare, I offered my thoughts.
They shattered one by one in your hands,
And now all thatís left is the sadness and pain.

So hand me a knife,
Give me a gun,
Draft me a poison,
And hope to God that you run.
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anger poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 9:55pm
Written by FadeToRed
I mindlessly scroll through Facebook and there I see it; MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU SAY, ďI DOĒ TO TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE. My heart sinks for a moment in disappointment. And so I let my fingers type as I respond in the comments, ďBut what about a man and a man, or a woman and a woman? Do I even have to mention the other genders and non-genders as well? Traditional marriage is great, but that isnít the ONLY marriage.Ē Moments later I see someone has responded and I read to my discontent, ďSome people just donít know what a positive post is when they see one, I...
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anger poem

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Published on 30th June 2015 5:04pm
Written by DEMONLOVE
To a few individuals...
I could carve digs, I could sprain pains.
I could make Hell, if I wish it to rain.
I did not call names, I did not threaten.
Instead that was you, from the very beginning.
You were jealous of nothing.
Your fears were misplaced.
Life is uncomfortable because of your tastes.
Only your sanity was being replaced.
You complain quite frequent,
but it's always the same.
You put your foot in your mouth
And I'm to blame...
Not anymore
Not to be used
Not to be trash
Or another abuse.
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anger poem

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DU Poetry : Hate and Anger Poems

Published on 29th June 2015 8:45pm
Written by mcjay
An apocryphal story
A spurious story
No doubt about it.

The proletariat is the laboring class-
very malleable.
Total insane
With a perfect case.
ignominy of losing
an idiosyncrasy of murders.

Last page of anger
Divided chapter
We kill the best possible reason.
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anger poem

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Published on 29th June 2015 4:48am
Written by Miss Indie Indie
Watch the video
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anger poem

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Published on 29th June 2015 00:50am
Written by alon aLion drivelicious13
If there aint holes †
all the way †
through soles †
than ya havent walked †
in my shoes long †
enough to talk †
shit bout choices †
dont dare fill voices †
with judgements †
deeming my †
trek cross pavement †
some kind of enslavement †
while holding †
what you require †
Higher †
your decisions †
brighter †
altogether superior †
to my limping trudge †
through mire †
much of your forsaking †
impedes my blue-collar raking †
you speed ahead snaking †
yet Im content †
to shed † ...
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anger poem

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Published on 28th June 2015 9:25pm
Written by DrunkOnRoseWater
What is there here for me
Amongst all these black and white sighted people?
What is there here for me behind these locked doors that I cannot escape?
Iím shut up in my mind but laid bare, in front of all these prying eyes
And tearing fingers that make me bleed,
Oh, so much more than I ever did.
Itís a four letter word.
Oh, itís so much worse.
Tossed around so casually
Donít you know the damage it does?
Donít say you love me.
Donít say you care.
Itís just an excuse to
Watch me scream as you rip my thoughts...
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anger poem

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Published on 28th June 2015 3:05pm
Written by Sabrina Monroe sabrina-monroe
My souls is empty,
A bottomless pit.
I feel nothing,
Not even fear.
My heart weeps,
My anger rages,
The tears in your eyes,
I can smell your fear.
I want to rip you apart,
Tear you to pieces,
I hate you!
And your ungrateful mind too.
Your fear encases your brain,
Your heart stops,
My hand steals your heart,
I rip it from your chest.
You fall to the ground,
Your eyes grow cold,
Your fingers twitch,
I feel glory.
My life is at peace,
You lie at my feet,
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anger poem

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Published on 28th June 2015 7:46am
Written by oskar
Charleston Dance
In white America there is a fear of black people the slaves
that dared answer back it has its heart in the idea of
white supremacies. Sometimes I think to be black in USA
is like being Jewish in Nazi Germany, killings and arbitrary
arresting of people who look different.
A TV program: heavily armed police descend down a black
district, they look like an invading force it is easy stop people
and since most of them have marijuana in their pockets and
cars, the handcuffs come out and guns are drawn for what is ...
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anger poem

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Published on 27th June 2015 5:27pm
Written by forever_young
"Good things come to those †that wait".
" SANTA is making a list".
"The boogie man will get ya"!
"stop that or you'll go blind"!

He was patient
On Santa's good list
But the boogie man came
Life stopped

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anger poem

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Published on 27th June 2015 2:46pm
Written by mcjay
Headed for oblivion
was oblivious

So languid
Zero laudable act

Kinetic personality
Was sorry

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anger poem

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Published on 27th June 2015 4:08am
Written by shadowsfallsoftly

adult poems
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anger poem

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Published on 26th June 2015 11:20pm
Written by alcedoathis
The stars have fallen
From the skies,
Someone shook the night too hard.
The stars they smashed
Upon the ground,
What will the dreamers
Gaze at now?
And roses now
Only cut my skin,
And my once thick blood
Now runs thin,
And itís cold and old
Like my black heart,
Someone shook the night too hard.
I tried for shelter
Under the moons soft face
But for a man like me
Thereís no hiding place,
Someone pushed the night
They pushed with all their might
And the stars...
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anger poem

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