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Anger Poems

Poetry about angst, activism and hate

This category is for powerful, angry poems which aim to make their point heard, including hostile poetry caused by distress, angst or facing ignorance. Anger poems cover topics like hate, mistrust, alienation and social exclusion, and include poetry about activism and social change. Using the power of words to challenge behaviour and opinions, poems here deal with anger and discontent towards people, ideology and society.
Published on 20th October 2014 3:28pm
Written by Firebyrd
I'm gone tell you
You cant get under my skin
No matter WHAT compells you
Now I know you're on †a mission
and all...
But its srubbs like you...

and not because Im so special
I just know who I am...
and knowing my self
is something YOU would never understand
Knowing my worth
and all my gifts
is what gives me my lift
and makes your
Upper lip stiff
Sorry that you have to pout
because your evil ass cant figure me out
Thats not my fault ......
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anger poem

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Published on 20th October 2014 11:24am
Written by mikimoondancer

adult poems
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anger poem

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Published on 19th October 2014 11:11pm
Written by ScottSF21
Money is the ejaculate of soulless loveless yuppies
the lube of corporate slogans
the barbed wire bukkahi of market research
the cumshot of brand names.
money is the re-writing of history.
money is the bread and buttering of
creeping dread
money is disneyfication of a desert
money is arsenal
money is hopeless dead babies
money is phosphorus,shrapnel and depleted uranium shells
money is blood on their hands.
money is the plasma of profits
money is the strangled...
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anger poem

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Published on 19th October 2014 3:21pm
Written by VoidShadow
Blood is boiling in my veins,
I radiate hatred in my rage.
Donít make me angry, Iíll go berserk
I really, really donít want you to get hurt
Iím want to kill the person facing me
I just need to shoot, the demands arenít steep.
I can destroy with a flick of my wrist,
Or hit them with my iron fists.
I was born a weapon, not even human
Yet, why can I not kill them.
To obliterate, was my sole purpose
Something has changed in me, for the worse
The hatred I have harbored,
I have stowed away,
Itís waiting to explode,
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anger poem

27 reads

New Member
Published on 19th October 2014 1:26pm
Written by Miss Chi Chiyo
After we parted
You proudly pronounced
That youíd never look back
Upon scorched earth
And promised faithfully
To accept my future Ďnoí.
But faithful you arenít
As both we may know.
So, move along, donít ask again.
Donít sell your pride cheap.
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anger poem

42 reads

Published on 19th October 2014 11:55am
Written by Jade887

adult poems
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anger poem

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New Member
Published on 17th October 2014 6:57pm
Written by Sadsmiles
Together for 5 years

Throughout our teenage years

And to know it's your birthday

It disgusts me to remember

Reminds me walking in hurt

Open the door to find you

between two men of my friends

then to wake in a city of solitude

Surrounded with your cheating voice

Then karma took its place

drug overdose suicide try hard...

I should've fukd our neighbor

and believed her over you.


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anger poem

45 reads

Published on 16th October 2014 1:53pm
Written by Spanker
The slow motion farce
It has me by the throat
All those mindless forms
Closed door meetings
Endless ego displays
The silent sounds
Of crushed dignities
The haunted hallways
Change your mind
There's a form for that
Prisoners lunatics
The guards the wardens
The sold souls
Waiting for their super
Hoping for an easy buy back
Three more hoops
To jump through
Before my day is done
Two more attentions
To stand to
Before I can
See the sun
May I skip
To the loo
My darling
Before I come undone
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anger poem

36 reads
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Published on 15th October 2014 11:13pm
Written by AleKsandrovich47
One of my peoms have over 150 reads, but only one comment, seriously? †This websute and its people †can suck a big one and fuck †themselves
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anger poem

49 reads

Published on 15th October 2014 10:34pm
Written by mysteriouslady

adult poems
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anger poem

87 reads

DU Poetry : Hate and Anger Poems

Published on 15th October 2014 7:04pm
Written by Cained_Fallen_Angel Nightcore14
I try to forget
I try to write it
I try to forgive
I don't since it always there
My hands shake with blood
My eyes dry with tears
You went back to the Beast:
who hit me
who hit you
who choose lust instead of you.
You say he changed
I say he didn't.
I wish there was someone out there for you;
who won't hurt you or is lustful.
I cut because I can't make you see.
If I try to say something
It will come back and bite me.
You called me:
cum bucket
You made fun of me with words
that could...
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anger poem

90 reads

Published on 15th October 2014 5:45pm
Written by BoFantastic
elusive is my cool my calm
patience rewards us with surprises
but anger satisfies
to destroy the object of my anger
I am filled with flaming butterflies
the power of lightning courses through
my clenched hammered fists
my true might bliss turns to grueling grit
I will not forgive until I forget
and I will not live happy unless
I take justice into
my own hands
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anger poem

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Published on 14th October 2014 4:42am
Written by Paul Summerscales diddi

adult poems
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anger poem

81 reads

Published on 13th October 2014 10:31pm
Written by Easydrops
How I am?
Oh, I am not fine!
But it's not like you want to hear that anyway.
Why not mention it, since you stopped listening anyway.
Attention seeking. Seems like I am good at that.
How else would my soul have so many scars?
But there are also good things...
I don't need to hurt myself,
my mind already does that job.
But if you really wanna know:
Each drop heavy. Each break petty.
Getting used.
Just give and I will take it.
I have done it for a while now.
But a break would be nice...
Maybe hit pause, or just rip the...
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anger poem

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Published on 13th October 2014 1:38am
Written by redblood

adult poems
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anger poem

127 reads

Published on 12th October 2014 12:32pm
Written by Flowolf
Resilience and hope are fighting by my side †† † †
Carving persistence with the edge of trust, † † †
Creating a mold of wisdom labelled victory † †
† †
This battle aspires to a serene outcome † †
† † †
While decisions shift into scepticism, † † †
Reality preys upon outgrown promises † † †
† † †
Confusion rides the mist in my mind, † † †
Clouding all but the survival I long for † † †
† †† † † † † † †
Unguided options weigh heavily on my life † † †
Turmoil lets loose a pack of...
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anger poem

63 reads

Published on 12th October 2014 9:53am
Written by The Marcus De Sade zenithquasar77
Welcome to golden arches
where your arteries
become blocked
by unknown
salt and starches.
where time speeds up
slows down and marches
where your belly
performs summersaults
with uncontrollable farting.
A haven for stoners and chavs
sons and daughters
mums and dads
monsters, demons
in army's and legions
from across the country
parallel universes
and many regions.
Chavs chew fat
there mouths remain flapping
there bowls become loose
with the...
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anger poem

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Published on 11th October 2014 10:05pm
Written by fear

adult poems
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anger poem

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Published on 11th October 2014 11:47am
Written by redblood
sad but true !!
people are just fucking horrible
they live to eat
kids are having kids
respect is a thing of the past
love is a crime
caring is a hanging offence

i want to remember
the time we first kissed
you and i
you closed your eyes and smiled
as our mouths met
i carresed your cheek
as i wept
because i was so happy
you kissed away my tears
banishing my fears
reassuring me all will be ok
i remember your touch
like it was yesterday
why did you have to go away ?
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anger poem

86 reads

Published on 11th October 2014 7:33am
Written by Cheyanne Chey
The pressure from parents
Is to extreme
Parents want the best
For you
But they push it too
They make you do everything
All of the things that
Need to be done
How can I get it all done?
I come home everyday
The first thing is to do
Make dinner,
And still go to a
After school place
How am I suppose to
Get everything done
And still have time
For myself?
The pressure the parents
Put on you is really hard
To deal with
So much stress is
Put on kids
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anger poem

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