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Anger Poems

Poetry about angst, activism and hate

This category is for powerful, angry poems which aim to make their point heard, including hostile poetry caused by distress, angst or facing ignorance. Anger poems cover topics like hate, mistrust, alienation and social exclusion, and include poetry about activism and social change. Using the power of words to challenge behaviour and opinions, poems here deal with anger and discontent towards people, ideology and society.
Published on 24th October 2014 8:57pm
Written by lolweirdgirl
What can a man do with his dreams lost in terror?
When the good is left behind, and life痴 cruel irony is all that痴 left to savor?
How can we go on?
How else, but than to go on.
When the stars fall, making our world the passion of fire.
When the walls and stones crumble and crack,
do we panic and tire?
No we fight and take our pride and our grace back.
There is no way to live, than to live and rule your own.
In this world we all must reap what we've sown,
so lay down your best
and let fate craft the rest.
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anger poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 6:36pm
Written by Firebyrd
I recieved an anonymous note on my desk at work.
It was rude,and hateful....As I read it I heard snickering from some of them...
So THIS is my response
You couldnt get me if you tried...
I saw your plans shine through your eyes
And Yes, I laughed right in your faces..
Just know..
You can never clip my wings
Cause I'm Destined TO FLY
Now I know some folks are assigned to our lives
To test our resolve
and enforce misery & strife
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anger poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 6:09pm
Written by Aido-Aido FallenAngle
Here we go again
I'm on the ground again
Battered, bruised and broken
the Beast you've awoken
brought about your own destruction.
Now this is not a sob story
This is not for the glory,
It's for every damn kid pushed and shoved
by those that they fucking loved
I'm here now face your fear.
All those words you spewed
well good luck to you cause its you who's screwed
when I rise
You'll meet your demise
I wont let this past
I'll make sure it's you I kill last.
I'm tired of this
I'm sick of being abused
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anger poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 3:01pm
Written by Donovan
I'm not a violent person
But I wanted to hurt you
You have no idea of the hell
You put me through
I know I've made mistakes
I never claimed to be perfect
Every endeavor I made
Each one you would reject
It seemed you were only happy
When you were pushing me around
And stomping my heart
Into the ground
If I stood up for myself
You would grin at the fight
But if I said nothing
You would go to bed angry that night
You're like a double-edged sword
I'll get cut either way
I'm always in the wrong
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anger poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 2:03pm
Written by VoidShadow
I知 neither dead nor alive
On the brink of insanity
Living in this world of lies
I pity poor humanity

I ceased to exist
Ever since I lived
I知 known for malice
My ego, my life

Ignored, discriminated and oppressed
The white dove of hope, was never there
We have unique personalities form the rest
We致e learnt life is always never fair

Now I shall raise the flag of salvation
You who have been abandoned gather
The resentment and rage of our isolation
Shall cause the heroic and just to wither
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anger poem

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Published on 24th October 2014 2:35am
Written by Lokigirlofmischief fieryangelsouljia
I hold your hand to show you we are united
I lift my head so you may know defiance
and like the sun we rise to be the brightest
I'm never backing down
I'm never backing down
The flag waves in the dusky light
glowing in the blood red sun
a whisper in the wind to remind us
that no, we will not run
My fist raises in the air and I scream,
"For life! For freedom! We fight!
Tonight we breach the system
Tonight we reclaim our rights!
Wake up! Wake up and break their hold
turn off the glowing screens
raise your head, let down...
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 8:33pm
Written by Punkpoetdetectives
He sways on his bar stool
props up the bar
Tells me you ain't nothing special son
You won't get far
His life's soaked in whiskey
He's doing his time
Tells me You ain't a real poet son
Real poets don't rhyme
He's an expert on women
But sleeps alone in his bed
An ex hit-man
with two bullets in his head
He's walked around the world
Four times just for fun
Run an marathon in a minute
Showed Forrest gump how to run
He's been a teacher, a marine
An ex MP
Blinded by hatred
A ship lost at sea
His victims every night...
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 6:15pm
Written by BrittanyZedalis
nicknames splattered across the pages
dripping ink and crocodile tears
egocentric induced lack of morality
feigning agony in hopes of compassion
a tragic misfortune self-induced
this twisted script professionally penned
each minute detail crafted precisely
with only a single malfunction
a severe lack of authenticity

~Dead Snakes 2014~
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 5:34pm
Written by Denythelove
There's nothing I like more
than being mistreated.
I love my face being kicked to the Earth,
getting treated like fucking dirt,
just to show me how much I'm worth.
You're fucking crazy and not even the
pills will save you.
Go fucking die, bitch.
I wanna see you cry, bitch.
Stick a needle into your fucking eye, bitch,
and promise me that once you die, you'll stay
dead. Because your memory won't haunt me.
You were supposed to raise me.
To support me.
To be there for me.
All you did was feed me and as long as...
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 5:02pm
Written by lolweirdgirl
More than a problem to solve. More than a smile to see. More than a time to forget. More than a maybe. I知 tired being a choice, tired of loosing my voice. Sick of getting put down, and getting pulled round and around. I知 more than a chance. I知 more than a face. I知 better than a song and dance. I知 better than being stuck in this place. You don稚 know me. I may not be a yes or no, but I知 much more than a maybe.
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anger poem

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DU Poetry : Hate and Anger Poems

Published on 23rd October 2014 4:16pm
Written by ifsheonlyknew
Satisfaction in telling the truth.
The dirty, hard, truth.

No reason to lie or lead you on.
I'm going to tell you exactly what I think.

I don't care if it makes me sound like an asshole.
You can't take advantage of me.

I am in control the entire time.
Observing in silence.

Waiting until the time is right,
So you won't stand a chance.
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 3:09pm
Written by The Refined Poet therefinedpoet
I have held my piece long enough.
Tired of the drama and stupid stuff!
Silence I thought was the path to peace;
Yet, you continue your discourse with no relief.
Since you fail to come to your senses,
It is my job to help mend fences.
My words will be brief, concise, and true.
Tired of the drama; and at this point, also of you!
If my words fail to bring a truce,
It will not deter me from the truth.
You got it all wrong: this is certain.
But, I'm the only one bearing this burden.
I will free myself from...
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 4:58am
Written by LokiOfLiterati
I can jest a play for rearrangement
Let yesterday have its statement
I pray for my enemies
That Karma doesn't tap me as an Agent.
I was just rudely true so far
You just had to choose me to spar?
Then still choke on my bars?
That's weaker than I took you for
Don't groove with pawns nah
Never welcomed when they're on
Because I don't do the drama
Untethered grows and everyone knows
I'm the original hijo de Santa Ana
Smoking marijuana and dropping bombs
Whenever I wanna
I can balm just as well to calm ya
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anger poem

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Published on 23rd October 2014 2:35am
Written by MsRockyJackson
If only I didn't feel like having to live up your expectations the way you want me to,
If only you cared about how much I've cried,
If only you cared about how much my soul has died,
If only you knew how much pain I've bared.
You have no idea how many nights I would cry myself to sleep in sorrow and I'd have to wipe my own tears away in the promise of another tomorrow.
If only you cared about me,
If only you cared about my need for a better life,
If only you knew how miserable I am.
If you could put yourself in my shoes then you'd know how un sufferable...
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anger poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 5:53pm
Written by AVA456 Britney456
I lied
I did cut myself
I do want to hurt myself
she doesn't need to know
I lied and said I was moving metal
which is somewhat true
I like sliding the blade across my wrist
I like the pain
I like watching the blood run down my wrist
she is worried
my grades are dropping
im failing EVERYTHING
I have lost my friends
my family/home life is horrible
she doesn't know
doesn't need to either
but its her job to "care"
im a friend and I worried and care about you
I was so temped to laugh and ask whet my birthday is ...
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anger poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 1:30pm
Written by Donovan
He looks in the mirror
Disgusted by the sight
Looking at the opponent
Of his internal fight
His mind is the battleground
His soul is the prize
The loser will fade
And the victor will rise
But the body may not
Last much longer
In the past it was
Ten times stronger
This vicious battle
Has taken its toll
On the body and now
It weakens the soul
There might be nothing
Left to be claimed
Morality and desire
I think should be blamed
He wants to do right
But he's so filled with hate
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anger poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 1:27pm
Written by lolweirdgirl
Death to the viper and his cunning pan piper
May his forked toung
Never rake youth
May it never slay young
Once we break his scales
As he shreded our fairy tales
Make lost his eyes
So done our our cries
Now we shatter each fang
To show fury we gain
We rip out his bones
And drag him to land none owns
So he may slither and shake
Lest he stay never to wake
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anger poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 5:01am
Written by WarriorPoet
A symbol dating beyond 10,000 years ago. A glyph long sacred. With origins that remain untold.
Long predating the age of old. Used in Asia and Europe as a symbol to behold.
Until a dark cloud shrouded the message. Tiling it 45 degrees. They make it their own. To give there Reich Credence.
As if Fate itself had bestowed. An Unholy edict against their chosen foes. Further perverting the meaning of what the symbol holds.
25 yrs of misuse, should not undermine it's legacy. Nor should it stop parents from educating their own. Because people today are to...
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anger poem

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Published on 22nd October 2014 2:33am
Written by Eudemonia
Coveting my denial more fiercely than any precious stone

My glittering revolver

Bullets of self-deception

Cloak of threads spun from misconception

Red, black, and white on the underside

You're the air between my thumb and the trigger

Whirling round like the Holy Ghost

Abandoning me, of course

Shoot straight between the "I"

And the eternal me that awakens at midnight

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anger poem

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Published on 21st October 2014 8:00pm
Written by Punkpoetdetectives
Ginger like biscuit
you crumble under my fist
pretentious as Chris martin
energetic as a pubic cyst
You're as Interesting as dog turd
annoying as a dose of thrush
your words are like small pox
deadly to the touch.
Every songs a car crash
In a field of fluffy dreams
Lets blast you off in a rocket ship
Where no one can hear your screams
Strumming your flimsy G string
You're a James Blunt wannabe
I bet you sit down too pee.
Your first album...
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anger poem

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